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  1. Had all interest and court costs refunded in to both of my NW accounts today. The end of the road at last - will miss checking my account every ten minutes - NOT- was becoming a compulsive account checker!!! Good luck to all who are still on the journey - sit tight and your bank balances will be looking healthy very soon!! Take care and many thanks to all for the words of encouragement and support - donation on its way. Please will a moderator move my thread to successful claims. Thankyou.
  2. Congratulations - at last!! Was all the interest and court costs refunded in with your payout or was it just the charges this time?
  3. Hi, I am so glad you have now got your money back, did they pay you just the charges? If so, please let me know when you get paid back all the rest. Thanx.
  4. Hi, NW have deposited a correction into my other account at some point today so now fully refunded on charges actually taken unlawfully but still no interest paid back or court costs. Sit tight, yours is on its way!!!
  5. Yipee, all charges have now been refunded to my 2 NW accounts - they have not settled in full yet though as no compensation for interest or court costs - anyone know when these will appear?
  6. Congrats!!! Checked my other account and yipee a correction paid back in there at some time today, again only refund of charges no interest or court costs yet - any idea when they pay them back?
  7. Hi, DAY 39 - just checked my accounts, (I am chasing 2 claims against NW) and I have a correction shown in one, dated today, for the total amount of charges I reclaimed, there is no refund of interest or court costs as of yet but at least something seems to be happening. What about you - how's it going?
  8. Sit tight - DAY 39 - money has finally started to appear back in one of my NW accounts - however, they have only refunded the actual charges taken, - no interest or refund of court costs as yet. I am sure you will get your money back soon - keep checking your account!! (not that you don't do this every ten minutes anyway!!!!) Good Luck - keep us all updated.
  9. Yippee - looks like the money is on its way back to its rightful owner - one of my accounts shows a correction totalling the amount of charges - they still need to refund interest on the amount and the court costs!!! I did say I would be off-line for a week as I am on holiday but cannot resist keep popping in the cyber cafe to check my bank balance and also to touch base with you all!
  10. Hi all, DAY 36 - still no court date, still no money!!! I will be off-line for a week so hopefully by the time I get back I will have some good news to share!! Fingers crossed for all of you who are waiting to get paid - hope your bank balance increases very soon.
  11. Hi all, DAY 34 - still no money, still no court date!! Although I have not yet received a copy of the NW defence sent to MCOL, a very nice lady called Leonie Davies at Eversheds in Cardiff e-mailed me a copy. (If you go back a few posts on this thread you will see what it said). Perhaps for those who are in the same position as me, thelegend, kopstar, sittinpretty, it might be worth giving Leonie a call and asking her what is happening, she will probably tell you that you will be getting paid but it is just a matter of waiting - however, to actually hear the words for yourself can stop the panic setting in. Worth a shot anyway. Will keep you all up to date so watch this space.
  12. Hi Kopstar, I am beginning to feel quite invisible as being totally ignored by NW, still no court date, no money either - although I am still very hopeful that the solicitor at Eversheds was being straight with me when she said I will get my money back. Just a waiting game now!! ( I ride a Buellxb9s - love the grunt of a v-twin engine)
  13. Hi everyone, congrats to all who have been paid - obviously it is difficult to know what to expect next as there seems to be no pattern to the way Nationwide are responding - some get paid out well before 28 days are up and others, like myself and thelegend, are on day 32 now and still no correspondence - no court date, no money!!! Mine is only for a meagre £491 (inc interest & court cost), (nothing to the Nationwide, but a fortune to me!!). Well, will keep you all informed.
  14. Congrats eddiemno - guess 'MONEY'S NO OBJECT' again for a while - have great fun spending it!! Still waiting for mine, (day 32) will check my account again this morning!!
  15. Still waiting....no money yet!
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