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  1. Hi, all I've tried to post this message in the 'successes' section, but apparently I'm not allowed, so it's going here. Claimed £130 (£100 charges + £30 court fees) from LloydsTSB and they gave me £164 back. The money is already in my account (under 'Goodwill Gesture'). Is this a cunning ruse I haven't been warned about, or perhaps merely an oversight? I did not claim for interest, as it was a negligable amount - definitely not £34. Anyway, as long as I'm not missing a trick, then I'm very happy. My advice to anyone still plugging away at their bank: Just hang in there - it can all seem a bit Kafkaesque, but you'll get your money back in the end. So thank you to all at CAG who helped and good luck to everyone else... Cheers, Andy
  2. Cool - thank you, Barty and Curlychic. I'll probably send the 'letter before action' next, but that presupposes an actual penalty charge - which they are claiming not to have charged me. Should I modify the letter to draw their attention to the OFT report?
  3. Hi - I'm new to this forum and am claiming a modest £100 in overdraft excess fees. I sent a letter to Lloyds TSB citing the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 Schedule 2 (e). The letter I sent was based on a template provided by Penalty Charges UK - Fighting your Corner for FREE. I received the following reply: "The fees we charge for dealing with your request to go over your agreed overdraft limit are not default charges because you haven't broken your agreement...". Presumably they are trying to tell me that their fees are not penalty charges; they are service charges (though I can't see how an automated letter can cost this much). As such, my legal recourse fails because it doesn't cover service charges. So now I'm stumped - they have simply re-branded their fees so that they now 'appear' legal. I didn't see that coming. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? If so, is there a specific direction I can now take? I've scanned these fora for similar threads to this, but couldn't find any - so I apologise if I've missed something obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Andy.
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