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  1. I had my second baby by c-section at the Leeds general Infirmary last November. As per my first pregnancy my obstetrician was fantastic and helped me through 2 difficult pregnancies. The ward though was sheer hell. I was told to arrive for 8.15am, this i did (in fact i arrived at 8am). A senior midwife shouted at me saying that theater was waiting for me cos I was late and she would not believe me when i told her I was instructed to arrive at 8.15 after handover. After a horrible delivery (long story) i was taken back to the ward -and put in a 6 bed bay. within hours it was full. I was very poorly and could not pick up my baby and once she was handed to me I could not put her back. I heard one midwife say to the other "how are we supposed to deal with her? If she can't tend to her baby then its tough cos we can't". It seems that they only had 2 midwives for 25 ante and post natal women. I was moved into a side room cos I was so poorly and effectively left then for 3 days. My sheets were not changed, and when they removed my wound drain the nurse just left it on the floor with blood all over the place and there it remianed for 2 days until my husband picked it up and took it out to them. I was discharged early cos they needed the bed (an electric one which they put me in cos i could not move but then said i had to give it up) but ended up back in with a wound infection and a severely jaundiced baby within 24 hours. They could not even find any dressings for my wound instead covering it with a sanitary towel for heaven's sake.:o Sorry for the rant but if anyone is having a baby at the LGI......well, just don't. One or 2 midwives were great but the majority were unsympathetic and frankly awful.
  2. Do you have a full citation for this cos I will try and find it on British and Irish Legal Information Institute ?
  3. You're good! Just been having a conversation with Smashedbobo about this and wanted to check the facts. I cannot remember ever receiving a default notice but then since i have had kids I don't remember much at all. Nappy brain.
  4. 2 points - first of all still send off asap for your cca. It will put a halt on the while court thing so long as you fill in your defence i think and send it back in time. Check the time limits and make sure you send it all back in time. If you do not, they will get judgment in default. The time limits are strict. If they cannot produce the cca then they will not get far with the court. Secondly, you did reach an agreement, in writing re the amount to pay? If so, that agreement is binding. They cannot vary it unless you agreed some scope for variation at the time you agreed it. A District Judge in the County Court would not look kindly upon threatening tactics like this. Do not speak to them again. Send them the cca letter and also say you do not acknowledge the debt to them, and tell them all future contact must be in writing. There is a template i think dealing with harassement etc so add that to your letter. send it all guaranteed delivery so it must be signed for. You will pull the rug right out from under this s.o.b's feet. I'm sure there are others here who can point you exactly to where you need to be for templates. Not got that far yet. pm rory32 or odc they will know.
  5. It sounds like a default judgment if you did not send in a defence. Depending on how long ago it was you could try and apply to have it set aside out of time so that the court will be forced to look at it again or wait the 6 years for it to drop off your credit file. I'm not a civil practitioner so i'm not sure of the rules. I'm sure someone else here maybe able to help. You could try a citizns advice bureau or drop into your local law centre (check the phone book) and they have lawyers who volunteer a few hours a week who may be able to advise.
  6. Have you checked that the CCA covers everything it should? Any doubt, scan it in and one of the great people on this site will check it out for you.
  7. I had an account with a well known high street bank. I also had an overdraft facility and a Gold Mastercard that had to be paid in full at the end of each month. In time I could not cope so the bank lumped it all together and converted it all to loan (about 8 years ago now if not more). I was paying loads back and not coping and i got further and further behind. Don't know when exactly i was defaulted but it would have been some time ago. It was sent to debt management within the banks system and I negotiated a smaller monthly payment - still £200 pcm though. Paid it for the most part with the odd month missing. Then had to stop sometime ago again (not deliberately). How do defaults work? Does the bank register the default and the 6 years starts ticking from then? Or if you reach an alternative agreement with the debt section does the default clock start ticking again? and if they sell it on to a DCA can they separately default you? Any help appreciated.
  8. That was my thought. Helps us all i think!! My clicker is still telling porkies. Not much success there. I had a 28 post conversation with Rory going and now i'm down to 2 again!!!! Strange.
  9. I'm fairly new to this site, but i have read many threads where people are clearly becoming disheartened with their financial situation and the day to day fight with the DCA's. This may already have been done, but maybe those with success stories ONLY to tell would consider posting on this thread so that it gives the rest of us more hope and inspiration, and a reason to fight on? I'm not the greatest with computers so I apologise if this has been done before.
  10. One word of warning on that last point. It is a criminal offence to lie on a financial services application so there may be threats to report her for obtaining a service/pecuniary advantage by deception under the Theft Act. in short it's fraud so be careful how you handle that and take proper advice first. Obviously however, the company cannot enter into a contract with a minor. It's a bit double edged so please check first with a citizens Advice Bureau or solicitor. Why has my clicker gone back down to one?????
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