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  1. VOTE SQUIRREL YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE:lol: :lol: Off to bed working tonight , cheers.
  2. When I told the teller at my local branch in Carmarthen that abbey had paid me and how much she just stared at me as if I'd spoken in Swahelie so nothing surprises me with abbey anymore.........looks like it's mcol for me again if abbey insist on these new charges.......yeah I vote we ask for the squirrels to take over the company.
  3. This might explain why they have dollies in their the branches and you have to use those stupid phones to speak to india if you have a problem even if your in branch. Also the last time I went into Gloucester branch they had a person apologising for the queue instead of putting her on the tills and reducing the queue......... Perhaps the squirrels from their adverts could do a better job higher IQ.....
  4. The evolutionary process obviously missed abbey as the ability to learn from previous mistakes is something they can't do.......
  5. My cheque arrived with a letter stating as promised here's your cheque now please stop the court action I never did get the letter promising me the cheque. I really hope their nights out aren't in a brewery....... :lol:
  6. BOOM BOOM:D :D Abbey has legions of idiots.....I know that much.
  7. Good idea ppman thanks. Abbey don't seem to know they have hands ..... nn
  8. Abbey are up to their old tricks again !!!!!!!!! Today I got a statement with charges from before when I got my payout from them will they never learn...... In the same post I got a letter addressed to my other half not me saying that they would investigate my complaint so not only are they addressing it to the wrong person they obviously don't realise in the complaints department that they have already sent me a big cheque....... DO ABBEY HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING ???????????
  9. Hi Lana Abbey will cave in stick with it I got £18000 back from them which has allowed me to stop existing and get my life back... my post was called "abbey coughed up " if you need some moral support it might help. Take care good luck but you won't need it Us 40's got to stick together mate NN
  10. Just tried to post a reply but i've lost it in cyberspace my excuse just finished work. Thank you all for your support.....take care everyone.......remember you can do it too. The credit and storecards are next it's gonna be quiet in our house without all the nasty creditor calls, might actually get a whole days sleep. THANK YOU ALL
  11. I'm not greedy unlike abbey I claimed the standard 8%. Good luck with your claim adam:D
  12. Hiya abbey hater2 I'm not too sure about the default stuff my credit cards are the next on my list to get the I want my money back treatment I'm still totally gobsmacked that abbey paid up without too much of a fight. Being refused credit began to became a way of life for me so I've decided from now on only get what I save for and hopefully all things being equal will be debt free in 2011. Good luck with your fight. Sorry I'm no help.:?
  13. Hi Zannie, I started early january with the letter requesting old statements 22/1/07 I wrote the first give me my money back letter, 4/2/07 they got the you got 7days letter they credited my overdraught with £2400 I still went to moneyclaim they didn't respond and it went to default and I would have sent the balliffs in 10/04/07 but yesterday they sent me a cheque for a further £15553.09 which includes interest and costs. I'M NOT STOPPING THE COURT ACTION UNTIL THE CHEQUE IS CASHED I DON'T TRUST ABBEY.........hope this helps
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