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  1. Can anyone help with this please?
  2. do you happen to have an example of the letter you wrote please? practically in the same situation! - thanks
  3. Dear all I received what I thought was "junk mail" from my bank some time ago discussing "Balance Protector" and that it would only cost me £5.78 a month etc etc, I ignored it and put it aside - as you do - thinking - dont need this. Anyway, recently, reevaluating my life, I have discovered that said letter actually stated "to cancel, send back form on bottom of letter", hence I have been charged continuously for about a year without realising. Having said that, the letter detailing the information about this "[problem]" was received on 21/11/09 Is there anything you kind people can do to help me get my money back? Thanks in advance for any help you can give A x
  4. Can anyone help with this please? I want to refuse delivery for her on Tuesday but want to know legally where I stand so I dont cause her any long term issues Thanks a lot for any help
  5. I should add that she is frightened not to accept delivery as this person insisted she has technically purchased and "must" have them, and is also concerned that they could just debit the money now they have her details anyway....
  6. My MIL ordered two x three seater sofas from SCS in February. Two weeks after ordering these, they contacted her to say they had lost her bank details and could she provide them again. She refused and told them to cancel the order. Tonight (12th May), they contact her to say delivery will be on Tuesday. She stated she cancelled the order with the person who rang for her bank details. The woman apparently from Head Office told her that if she did not hand over her bank details, she would have to pay for the order in full on Friday this week instead of being able to take advantage of the 6 month 0% interest option she had initially signed up to. Out of fear of having to pay in full on Friday, and despite arguing, she *stupidly* gave them her details. They said that she had to have the sofas now as it was too late to cancel at this point. As she doesnt understand her right to cancel and worries about her house being "Blacklisted" she gave in and accepted what they were telling her. I just wondered if anyone in the know could give us any advice please as I feel they are operating sharp practice and forcing someone to take something they clearly do not want. Thanks for your help A x
  7. In which case (and I thank you for your response) what do I do now? Not only that the date of issue on the "ticket" is incorrect. "They" wrote 22/11 and it was issued at 4.18 on 21/11 Thanks
  8. Dear Sirs / Madams PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS! I live on a private estate in Kent - Ingress Park - and have been issued with a ticket from OPC. I have to say I am well aware that where I parked was a "turning point" and not a space but in the same instance; I have always adhered to "restirctions" and parked in my space. Last night someone was in my space so I parked in said turning space and at 418 this morning was issued with a 50 rising to 100 pounds if not paid in 14 days parking notice. The issuer could not state the excise license number on the ticket because they were "unable to read" as it states clearly on my ticket but they do have the registration number! Do I have a leg to stand on? - £50 seems a bit extortionate! Thanks and regards A xx
  9. Ok - sorry. anyway - can anyone answer my questions above / tell me how much I should consider asking to be refunded? Thanks
  10. Reidnet Was the post removed one of mine? Thanks Achelois
  11. Morning! Having spoken to you all yesterday I dug out my loan agreement this morning. The original Cash Loan was for £11447 monthly repayment £185.89 over 84 months totalling £15614.76 at apr of 9.7% Loan Protection Insurance was £2774.86, monthly repayment £45.06 over 84 months total £3785.04 also at 9.7% apr. Total Charge for credit for loan was £4167.76 and for LPI Loan £1010.18 at Annual interest rate 9.29% Questions I took the loan (first repayment) on 4th August 2005 - Therefore still have just over 5 years to go. Would I ask for the full refund and continue paying my monthly premiums or alternatively ask for what I have already paid? How much would the same cover have cost with another insurer? What do I do first - ring them or send the Complaint and request for return of ppi insurance plus interest? Where is the "library" mentioned in the previous post? Thanks for all your help Acehlois xxx Will keep you posted - getting excited but dont want to get my hopes up!
  12. Thanks for the advice - Ill keep you posted!
  13. I see what you are saying, only the pink part (which contains the cancellation) apparently, needs to go back with the application as this contains the section about accepting ppi! Getting confused..... Thanks for all your help though!
  14. The address for the cancellation and the loan application are different.... any suggestions welcome!
  15. Help...again! I am applying for a loan with M&S and initially said I would have ppi. I have since decided (they have sent me the paperwork) that I dont want it. It says on the letter "If you have chosen PPI you need to tick the box next to 'I wish to purchase PPI' and sign the box underneath..." I have since receiving this paperwork changed my mind and called M&S to say can I just sign the agreement, send it back and not sign for ppi or do I need fresh paperwork? The lady at the other end told me to sign for everthing, wait until the loan is processed and complete and then cancel. I am not happy with this as 1) I dont agree with signing for things I dont want 2) I only have 30 days to cancel ppi from 13/02/07 and if they muck about at their end - I will be stuck with it 3) I think it's a little "sharp practice" telling people to "just sign and cancel later" What do you think and what should I do? Thanks
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