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  1. I knew i kept seeing it somewhere!!! I was looking for a thead. Im going blind!
  2. Im looking for the link that tells you how to donate to this site. I cant find it. Any idea?
  3. Nice! at least you wont be printing all the court bundles off, now thats a bonus trust me. My money is now in my account. Exactly 1 week before the court date. So roll on 5th september for you then!!! If not sooner. Good luck!!!
  4. WOOHOO!!!!!!!! The money hit my account today!!!!! That looks so nice!!!!
  5. Well if no one has heard of a case where they say there going to pay and wait till the case is withdrawn then dont pay then i think it would be safe for me to just send a notice of disclosure on wednesday unless somebody really thinks i shouldnt do that then thats what i'll do . MY date is 1st august
  6. your nearly there. Iv got my fingers crossed for you.
  7. Your nearly there anne. From what i can gather is once they see that bundle your letters in the post. I know how your feeling. I was up and down at the window looking for the postman like a puppy dog looking for its owner. fingers crossed for you.
  8. nows the tricky bit. They aint left much time for my letter to get to them and for them to put my money in my account before i need to cancel my claim. In the judges orders it states in bold letters The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement befor the hearing. HSBC said that they would inform them for me but i said oh no you dont. I will tell them once the money is in my account. Should i let the court know they have made an offer or just leave it till about wednesday and just send a notice of discontinuance? or is that to risky??? Any thourts
  9. ANOTHER LUCKY WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full offer of 2546.56!!!! They didnt question one penny of it. Even the ones that are now over 6 years. So nice one. Done it!!!Im so chuffed. Iv sent today a letter of acceptance but not agreeing to any of there terms and conditions. And thats it bump bump. Thats bosted the travleing fund some what. A big big thank you to all those that have helped me with all this. i really wouldnt have got this far without your help. All that leaves me to do is pm a mod and get my thread moved and to make a donation to this site so you can continue to help others like me. I will still be about for a bit tho, im still interested in how other peeps are getting on.
  10. Ok here goes!!! Thats it. Not doing any more to it. IT THE POST SHE GOES!!!! (Cant believe iv just kissed and envelope)
  11. Right i think thats it now just gonna number it and print off my contents sheet. I dont think it matters to much about the order. Im sure its going to be moree than they submit!!!! Thanks all for your help.
  12. Postman pat really should work sundays! I hate it when he comes and doesn't bring me anything in the week. I hate even more when i know he's not coming at all and that he's still in bed!!! Part timers, cant get the staff can you.
  13. OK thanks lat. Will have a scout round for settled claims now. Take it thats just case numbers. With any bank or just HSBC? I wont include correspondence iv had from the court. And T and C's, All of it?all 48 pages? Iv printed it all off, just struggling for room in my folder!! Its gonna look like a littlewoods catalog at this rate!!!! LOL
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