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  1. At last I have won!! My full amount, just before going to court, I recieved this letter today:- In view of the quantum of your claim, and the cost to Abbey National Plc of arranging its defence and representation at the court,Abbey National Plc has determined,in this instance,and without admission of liability,to settle your claim in full.Payment will be made in the sum of £1245.06. Payment is in full and final settlement of your claim -------.Payment is caculated as follows: £825.00 charges as claimed; £183.00 interest as claimed; £17.06 additionalinterest at the rate of8%p.a from 2 April 2007 to date £220 court fees incurred on the filing of the claim form and allocation questionnaire. Abbey is raising a cheque for the sum of £1245.06 that will be paid into your account (if open) or posted to you. We will now inform the Court that Abbey is settling your matter in full and asking the court to withdraw the claim from the hearing list.Once you have received payment, would you please inform the Court that you withdraw your claim,and provide us with a copy of your letter. I was due in court on Tuesday!! I was dreading going to court, Im so chuffed they coughed up.So everyone, dont give up, keep going, I thought I was going to crack up but all the help and support from people on this site has helped me through.Thank you all.x. :D
  2. J.J.

    Court date! Help!!

    Thanks for that, am still hard work on my bundle will probably need your help again soon:) I just hope my already frazzled brain can absorb all this info!!!!
  3. J.J.

    Court date! Help!!

    Thanks, have tried to cut and paste does not work,I have been on Parliament website but I have found several different bank charge Early day motions. Which one do I need, or is there a link some one can help me with please.
  4. J.J.

    Court date! Help!!

    Thanks for your advice still having trouble with the bundle the link to the early day motion from the houses of parliament dosent work any ideas?
  5. J.J.

    Court date! Help!!

    Hi, no that is all there is on the court order. So do I still get all my bundle together?
  6. Today I have recieved a court date, have had no previous letters from the court .I am worried that I am missing something. The letter today says IT IS ORDERED THAT 1.The matter be listed for preliminary hearing to discuss possible settlement time estimate 5 minutes on 10 July 2007 2. If either party does not attend their statement of case may be struck out and judgement entered against them. Am I missing something,as they have not asked me to provide any documents yet? I am trying to prepare my bundle but am worried about not putting in the right things.Help!! I am reading but so much to take in.
  7. Thanks, will contact court. I just thought I needed to be prepairedwith the bundle.
  8. Thanks, will do just a bit worried now but determined to carry on.
  9. Hi Im new, but have been trying to keep up!! I have now recieved My notice of transfer of proceedings,Abbeys defence attached. It states that the allocation questionnaire should be returned to our local court,am I missing something because there wasnt one in there? I am also very worried as to where to start with my court bundle. I just feel like im going round in circles whilst trying to find the right thread on here. Any help would be greatly apprieciated as panic is soon to set in!
  10. Hi, I am new here and I have been following threads on reclaiming from the Abbey,but I have never posted. I started my claim and felt determined and strong. I am now getting lost as to what to do next,there is so much great info on here, I know, but im having trouble finding what I need,and am begining to feel out of my depth!! I am at the stage of Abbey filing its defence and it has now been moved to our local court. No date yet though? I recieved that letter today,and it says to read accompanying documents and note that the allocation questionnaire should be returned to our local court. There is no allocation questionnaire!!?? I need to also start getting my court bundle sorted,Help Please!!
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