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  1. Yes, I'm using the spreadsheet from the library, the england/credit card/advance.
  2. Hi Slick, First of all thanks for your help. So far I see my thoughts were right, but I'm afraid I didnt express myself well on my last point. I was wondering about Compound CI; in this case do you work the interest over the total of penalties plus interests on penalties, at whatever rate (cash or purchase) and you do it from the beginning ie, from the Prelim letter?
  3. Back again. After being sidetrack for many months because of my landord (he decided to sell the flat, the estate agents didn't inform me and i found out he had been showing the flat when i was away on holidays without giving me any warning, and now is threatening me if i don't co-operate - battle ongoing) I finally have enough time (and will) to get back on track with my claim. I was working my spreadsheet to calculate the contractual interests and i just wanted to check i've done it right. So first I calculate the money owed to me and the interest on that, but do I calculate the interests with the cash or purchase rate? and then, i just calculate the interest in the total amount at the interest rate barclaycard charged me (so instead of asking for an 8% interest if you go to court, you ask for a 20-something from the beginning). I would appreciate if somebody could tell me if I'm right and where I'm going wrong, so I can get on and send my first letter. Thank you!
  4. Ok, will go ahead and read now. I'll give it a try on my own but if I cannot get it working I'll PM you. Thanks for your help, moneyhelp!
  5. Hi all again! I just got all my statements, and my charges come up to £147, which is not much but I still think it's worthy to pursue. I have to start doing the spreadsheet now to calculate interest and everything. I have read a few threats warning against contractual interests now, but I'm not sure if that applies or not for credit cards so could anybody tell me if it's still ok to claim this? Also, back to a question I had asked before, this is if i go for contractual interests, how do i calculate the interest rate if the interest rate has been different at all the times I had been charged? Thanks for your help!
  6. Actually, according to the Contractual Interest thread if I am claiming this I have to do it from the beginning, it's only if you are claiming the 8% that you wait until you file your claim in court. So that's why I need to learn how to work the spreadsheet out soon, though I guess I still have lots of time until I get my statements back from them Anyway, any ideas about the CCA?
  7. Finally I decided to get my own thread! I've been doing research for some months now but still have lots of questions to ask, so I'll take the chance now. I've just moved into my new house and I have found most of my statements packed away in boxes, all but 5, so I'll be sending a S.A.R sometime this week. While checking my old papers I found the leaflet that contained the application form for the card, and it gives details of de Consumer Credit Agreement, is that the CCA a lot of people are talking about? Do I need to ask for this CCA on my S.A.R? Also, I have one charge of "only" £12, can I still claim this one? And finally, I have been trying to work out the spreadsheet with the charges I have, but in all of the statements there seems to be different interest rates (I'm planning on claimimg CI), sometimes 19%, others 21% and the famous 27%, can I change that in the spreadsheet and how do I go about doing it? Any suggestions? Any help will be appreciated, thank you!
  8. I'm sorry to bother you with such silly things DS, but as I told you I'm trying to prepare the best I can. I looked at the Vamps spread****s and there were more than one, and I'm quite confuse about which is the right one (not knowing the difference between compound contractual interest and just contractual interest etc.). Out of them, which is the right one? SIMPLE VERSION - choose to claim all or no bank interest 12 Throughout claim with contractual interest OR 13 Throughout claim with compounded contractual interest ADVANCED VERSION - estimate bank interest charged on penalties 15 Throughout claim with contractual interest OR 16 Throughout claim with compounded contractual interest
  9. Great DS! Well, I haven't started my claim yet. I have been reading the site for about 3 months now, and I will be starting with the process hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I've been moving house and all my things are in boxes so I have been waiting to unpack to see if i have my old statements and that way I can skip the S.A.R. step. But I will gladly let you know when I have my own thread, I will need all the help I can get. Just out of curiosity, what spreadsheet did you use? Trying to get ready as best as I can here!
  10. Hey DS, was this with contractual interests too?
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