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  1. My dad had a bank account with rbs but is now having charges on top of charges that wont stop and are now ending in default notices. I have tried on his behalf a number of times to stop it but they are refusing to deal with me all though he has signed numerous letters signing me over as authority, ther answer..'he must go in and see them' is theis correct or not? as well as this we put in for hardship status but refuse, how can i proceed?
  2. i got in touch with that company for my friend, thank you very much it was alot of help. There helping to get a means test to court, are sending me documents to apply for this means test. so watch this space!
  3. friend called courts, asked for a means test but got know where? is there a particular person you should speak to, was told to go back to marstons even tho she asked marstons to go back to court
  4. ive also noticed that the bailiff isnt listed on the certified bailiff register. how do i found out if the amount that is owed is at an appropriate rate as ther known for puttin on excessive charges
  5. Ok so she was informed by the courts that she would go to court but wasnt given a date, the next letter she recieved was that the case had been to court and the sum was for £120.00. witin in weeks she has received a letter which a baliff has put through door. This states that a L Sweeney attended the address to execute a distress warrent on behalf of the magistrates for a sum of 465.00.that they have been refused entry and under the schedule 4a of the domesric viloence and crime and victims act they are able to enter the proerty by force using locksmiths where required to execute the warrent. It goes on to say that he will returning back with a locksmith within 7 days to conclude this matter and he will have the power to use power wen necessary. she called the baliff herself (and not the company) she said he was not nice on the phone and says she has 2 days left to get the money togever or he will turn up. as i have stated before she is a single mum, pregnant with a mental health state as she is on anti-dipressants. any help?
  6. smoking under a bus shelter, i know i didnt know u cud get a fine for that either
  7. A friend of mine asked for some help on a debt with a company called Marstons. She claimed that the letter stated that the bailiffs will come at her door with a locksmith and are able to use force entry. She queried the letter by phoning up the company and stated she cant afford if (£400) as she has a 1 yr old and is currently pregnant. they stated she had 2 days of the amount being on hold before bailiffs will come to the door with a locksmith and force entry and they can do more then the police. now the debt is from a fine thats escalated to this price and marstons say they have been to court, surely then she should have a ccj? now ive read there is one form of bailiffs that have right to force entry,but i think this is for unpaid court fees? any sugestions on what to do next?
  8. I have been trying to help my dad win a charges claim but it seems like the first thing they do is set you up for a hradhip status askiong for all details and what not, can u still go ahead puttin in a chrges claim without the hardship status?
  9. so wat do u do if you have paid and they are still harassing for money?
  10. yeah thats right, sorry spelling mistake. yes they have already added charges! i just wanted to know if they can add any more charges afterwards. the recent letter said she owed £64 and were willing to except £124 a month. she sent them a cheque for the last £124, they replied saying they hadnt got it and the payment was going up, so she sent another then realised they cashed the first and still tried cashing the second which would have ment she would have paid by £124
  11. okay moorcroft got a cca against my sis and she had to pay of 31 pound a month, it came up to xmas and she couldnt pay that month but paid double the next month and carried on(she wrote a letter explaining this), she then paid of 124 to finish of the rest of the payment. now there still claiming she owes 64 and even though they havent yet claimed its for charges im guessing thats why she owes it. there has been other probs (what they write in letters and so on) with them and so she put forward a complaint to help to stop it. due to the way they are acting she was thinking of going to the oft, but thought it was best to try with a complaint first. now if she needs to go to the oft about this do u think its possible that they would expect her to pay charges?
  12. good to hear, i think i will write a letter of complaint, cos all they do is write these template letters and completly ignore what i have to say time and time again, and after reading up on the oft guidelines theres about 7 i can complain about and hopefully this will shut them up, all payments have been made
  13. its the cheek of moorcroft to send me a template letter , telling me they will take this matter further - they misinterpreted the banks note 'refer to drawer' stating this means insufficient funds when it means to refer back to myself. and can you believe i actually paid 7pound for the cheque to be cancelled and recieve this threatening remark!
  14. Moorcroft have stated in a recent letter which i want to know if its correct or not that ' knowingly issuing a cheque when there is insufficient funds to honour may constitute a criminal offence.' ???? although i sent them to cheques for the same amount and informed them i would have the 2nd one cancelled as this would have left me over paying
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