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    Zooney vs HSBC

    I sent HSBC my Letter Before Action three weeks ago (having previously completed all the other steps) but have not heard a peep from them. In actual fact, they have not responded in any way to any of my letters! In view of all the stuff in the media recently about claims being put on ice, what should I be doing now? Thanks. Zooney
  2. zooney

    Zooney vs HSBC

    Sorry to be a pain but I have a couple more questions... Just got a statement from HSBC for May to June 2007 in which they have notified me that they will deduct an 'Arrangement Fee' of £25 plus Debit interest of £19.88 on 16 July 2007. My agreed overdraft was exceeded by £200 for three days late in June. My question is, should I/can I add this charge to the schedule I have prepared? (I was about to post my prepared schedule with my Preliminary Letter this morning until I received notice of this further charge) Questions... My current schedule covers the period May 2001 to May 2007 - if I add this latest charge to it my claim period will exceed 6 years by a couple of months, does this matter? And, 'technically', they haven't yet debited my account with the latest charge, just advised me that they will be, does this matter? Thankyou. Zooney
  3. zooney

    Zooney vs HSBC

    Many thanks for the advice. No proof so I'll stick with what I am able to prove. Cheers. Zooney
  4. Hi everyone, I have trawled through many hundreds of threads in an effort to find an answer to the following question for myself but failed, any advice would be gratefully received. Here goes...I have received six years worth of statements from HSBC in response to my SAR (which requested everything from the inception of the account - 1987), I am now putting together my claim letter and schedule of charges. My question is, for the years 1987 to 2001, is it reasonable for me to estimate what illegal charges would have been debited from my account for this period and claim that amount, in addition to the amount for which I have evidence (2001 to 2007)? I know that the account (held jointly with my wife) has had charges imposed throughout the period in question - heavier charges than those for 2001 to 2007 due to our 'more challenging' financial situation thru this period - but cannot prove it without the statements which HSBC have not/will not provide. Does a claim for an estimated 1987 to 2001 amount (13 x provable average annual charge 2001 - 07) have any legs? What do you reckon? Thanks in anticipation. Zooney
  5. Same as Mollythemonk, cannot open the spreadsheet link. I have Open Office but when I click the link it does not allow me to connect. Please help.
  6. HSBC replied to my SAR - used the one in the library (a month or so back) which did not quote any timescales, simply requested "a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my banking history with your organisation". Their reply stated, "We note that you did not request copy statements, however, this is the only format in which the bank holds the information you require." About a week ago I received copy statements going back 6 years. Oh, and they returned my £10 fee - they were 'happy' to cover any fees. Now I don't know what to do! My SAR requested everything they had and they have provided me with the aforementioned written confirmation that this 'everything' constitutes only copy statements, of which they have sent the last 6 years. The letter doesn't actually state that HSBCs copy statements record/archive only goes back 6 years but it infers exactly that. If I am to challenge them regarding pre 2001 charges (I went through a tough time 1997 to 2000 and I know they [edit] me blind back then) how am I to go about this? Can anyone offer any advice. Cheers.
  7. Thanks Michael, will keep the site up to date with progress - 1st letter sent today. Cheers Zooney
  8. Finally plucked up the courage to claim from HSBC - they have had plenty of cash off me and my partner over the years, time to get it back! Do have a couple of queries on the Subject Access Request letter, hope someone can advise. 1. My partner and I have held a joint account throughout the last 6 years, do I send this initial letter from us both or just myself (on our behalf). Are they so pedantic as to drag their feet over such a detail? 2. The standard letter refers to 'period' - "Alternatively, a complete set of statements for that period will be acceptable." but it doesn't actually specify what the period is. Will the bank automatically apply 6 years from the date of the letter? Cheers. Zooney
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