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  1. Thanks. The reply to question 10 could easily start : "No, ..." eh.
  2. Well that's Miss Halmshaw emailed. Quite a large email. I'm not exactly hopeful for a prompt or meaningful response given my experience of HCC thus far.
  3. FWIW I'll be sending a complaint to the court manager at Halifax CC and probably MCOL too. I suspect it will end up with some boilerplate reply but it'll let me vent. I'll send it along with a notice of discontinuance once the Barclay's refund hits my account (hopefully Monday). First I had MCOL fail to send on the defence, then stay the case (as I hadn't replied to the defence [they hadn't sent]) then Halifax stay it again pending the OFT BANK case. Faxed them something on Thursday and heard nothing since. Muppets.
  4. Result! I've just agreed by phone the following: Payment in full (reclaimed charges + 8% interest [until filing date] + court costs) + 8% interest on the 170 days between today and when I filed my initial claim. I can & will reject the confidentiality clause (by crossing it out & initialling it). I'll issue the court with a notice, but only once I have the cleared funds in my account. (payment by BACS transfer). Spoke to Kate in Barclays Lit. & she was very nice & helpful. To be honest I've almost ended up more infuriated with the courts than BC. Thanks for all your help slick.
  5. Turns out I've had an offer from Barclays (still in the post), but there's a confidentiality clause. Any advice on whether to : a) accept it outright b) accept the offer and decline the confidentiality clause (if possible) c) be cheeky and offer a price for my silence (sure I've seen this mentioned somewhere)
  6. Thanks slick - I plan on phoning the court, but from my own experience I don't expect it to be a fruitful call. My claim is for less than £300 so I might also see if Barclays want to settle in full and save the hassle. I've read the link you posted as well as your post as well as a sample letter on MSE so I may end up faxing & posting that letter to the court if I get nowhere. It's just ludicrous. I was told to fax a letter about the impending job in Australia, which I did immediately. When they requested a fax I stupidly assumed this migh indicate some sense of urgency; How wrong I was.
  7. Thanks - though I'm sure I'll be making a few calls tomorrow. The envelope was postmarked 15/10. The letter 13/10 but the actual order was dated 20/09!
  8. Indeed he was : Before DEPUTY DISTRICT JUDGE ROEBUCK....... ...by Order of the Designated Civil Judge His Honour Judge Hawkesworth Q.C.......
  9. What a nightmare! I filed my claim at the end of April! I claimed online and incorrectly calculated how long to give BC to file a defence (I had a few days where I could've asked for a judgement). BC filed a defence (late). I waited, and waited for this defence to reach me but my mind was also on other things at the time. I kept checking the online status and it remained the same. Eventually after over a month (maybe two) I called MCO to find out what was going on. The case had been stayed. I suspected this was due to Barclays trying it on and pointed out the bank charges case did not have any bearing. Next I'm told the defence must have been lost in the post & I'd have to wait for the court to get Barclays' defence as they didn't have it on file. Some days later I was told that actually Northampton had never sent me the defence in the first place, and as I had not replied to the defence (!?) a stay had automatically been put on the case. Around August 24th the case was sent (electronically) to Halifax CC. I contacted the court as I'd accepted a job offer (12 months contract in Melbourne, Australia) and was eager to get things moving again. I was told to fax in, which I did, but I later found that they do nothing until receiving the paperwork (hard copy) some weeks later. They received this on 12 /14 September and I've been waiting patiently since (post strikes etc.). They quote a 10 working day lead time but are apparently short on judges. Cue this evening when I see a letter from the court. Yipee..... but hang about - it's a bit lightweight. Opened it up to find......yep.... case stayed until Feb 29th 2008 pending decision in the commercial court. I'm livid. The Oz job is now looking like me heading out in mid-Jan which is a "bonus" but is this par for the course or exceptionally bad?
  10. What a nightmare! I'm in the same boat - I've just created my own thread - Pearson vs Barclaycard
  11. Hi all, My first post so be gentle - I've looked for the answers I need but to no avail. I'm claiming against Barclays & NatWest for credit card late fees. Both have been sent an initial letter with schedule of charges (no interest added) and a letter before action. Both have had plenty of time and have only offered less than half of the fees incurred. I recently submitted claims using Money Claim Online however I think I need to send some further documentation to a) the banks and b) the court. Could someone please tell me what I need to send? Is it the shedule of charges (with interest showing now) or is there some other letter / document I should send. Many thanks. - Mark
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