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  1. I have filed my MCOL on the 12th April. It was deemed by the courts to have been served on the 17th April. Acknowledgement was on the 20th April and on the 17th May no defence was filed and i asked MCOL for a judgement. Today i get a letter from the Courts saying that "Your request for judgement has been rejected for the following reason: A bar on judgement/enforcement is in place - contact CCBC" Help anyone???? its a saturday and i can't find any further information on their website and have absolutely no idea what is going on. What's going on??????????
  2. received letter from GE offering to pay back all charges but they will not entertain any interest on these charges. Should i go after the interest as it is my money they have had all these years and i should be entitled to the interest shouldn't i?
  3. Yes any valid method of payment should be accepted. Postal order is fine. Good luck!
  4. Bit of a delay in filing the MCOL. I today received a letter from FD offering charges less the interest as per the spreadsheet. I have now had enough messing around and i'm filing tonight! Stupid them as it adds another £1,100.00 to the claim. at least i'll get my additional 8% now as well as the cumulative interest on the charges!!! Fingers crossed.
  5. I sent a letter refusing their offer. Its now been 5 days since the LBA time ran out and after refusing their offer i thought i'd give it a week to see if any correspondence came back. And guess what - nothing has. I'm going to file my MCOL this weekend as i have everything ready to go. Shame that they didn't take the opportunity but now i get to add on my 8% interest!! bumps up the claim somewhat but that's their loss. Do i send FD a letter telling them that i have filed a MCOL or do i leave that for MCOL to do? Not sure from the other threads here if that is the case but i have told FD that i will escalate the claim etc....
  6. fumingmad

    HSBC Direct

    Tinhat i think that the debit interest is what they charge each month for having an overdraft and therefore a legit charge. However, If you use the complex bank charges template it automatically works out the interest you were charged on the penalty fees by FD. You can then add that to your claim as well. It is a bit more complicated but it is worth trudging through as it added on an extra 350 for me. When/If you have to file a MCOL 8% claims interest gets added on to the interest as well as on the penalty charges. It adds up. A theory that has been going through my mind recently, after looking through all info and claims, is that does it matter what extra you put on, as when you claim through the courts, the banks will eventually pay your additional interest because if they contest it they would have to prove their penalty charges as well in court? although i wouldn't want to be the first test case and then have it thrown out because i couldn't prove the interest i calculated.....but this is only a theory.
  7. fumingmad

    HSBC Direct

    love your humour harvest!!8) Wonder what tinhat was trying to say.????? Made me laugh anyway:D
  8. Another update. received another offer from first direct: " I am sorry to learn that you remain dissatisfied with our letter dated 12 mar and i have takent he opportunity to reveiw your concerns. Having reviewed your accounts, i note you have included Recall fees of £### and interest totalling £##### so i have adjusted your claim accordingly to £###." they then go on ot explain that to authorise a payment that wouldlead the account ot go overdrawn they have to consider whether to make this payment bla bla bla..... They offer me £553.44 less then i requested and the answered my letter on the absolute end date of the period i gave them before i file a MCOL. Do i refuse the offer and carry on with MCOL or do i refuse and give them another 7 days?
  9. I have taken the balance and * 29.9% then divided by 365 and multiplied by number of days in month. Ie: £500.00 x 29.9% = £149.50 / 365 = 0.41 x 31 (or 30) £12.70 £12.70 interest for the month. Does that make sense?
  10. On the other threads people have been charged 29.9% and i do remember that the APR was that some years ago. Obviously if they can prove what the rate is then i'll amend accordingly but a simple calculation from the iinterest on the statements does tend to suggest a APR of that region.
  11. because that's the APR they have charged me.
  12. Thanks Mr Bump. Ive just been through my account statements and using the spreadsheet it comes out with £486.00 in penalties but a whopping £580.92 in interest when using 29.9%. this doesn't seem right to me. Would this seem correct?
  13. Thanks Mr Bump I received them this morning and even though they stated in the letter that they couldn't find a few i have found a whole years worth missing. Now they will be in breach on saturday so should i write to them and then report them?
  14. I sent off my SAR to GE on 16th february. My cheque cleared on the 19th Feb and i can prove that they received my letter on the 19th. Strange that the cheque cleared the same day??? Well by my reckoning the 40 days expire on the 31st March. Still haven't heard a thing or received statements. I have 4 accounts with them. 3 have already been paid off for a while but my DP account has only just been paid off......well i received a statement from DP with the Payment received on the 19th Feb and the copy statement charge on the account on the 23rd February. it seems to be taking forever to get my statements, and their time is running out. 2 Questions really. 1 What do i do if i don't receive the statements. is it DPA office or Court? 2. Whichever route it is how long til i get my statements?
  15. fumingmad

    HSBC Direct

    Hi Tinhat They have 40 days in which to reply to your request so that gives them til 9th April in my calculations give or take a day or two for the postage. Usually you count 40 days from the day after you posted as long as you posted in by recorded delivery. You could send a reminder that they have xx days left to comply, or you could wait another week first. IMO i would wait as you have done all the requirements you need to under the DPA act. (Saying that i bet your package arrives this or next wednesday. Seems to be the normal day for courier delivery!!!!)
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