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  1. Hi yes, I do jointly own my own house with my husband, other than my car, I have no other assests. I did send an S.A.R request to the HSBC and they have now provided me with bank statements and refunded my £10! but haven't provided any details of the loan. Vertex have still not sent me the signed agreement and as yet, I have had no further communication from them
  2. Hi, I didn't apply to set aside as I didn't particularly think it would achieve anything really? What I don't nderstandis, why have they got 12 + 2 working days and then a further month?? I was under the impression that if they didn't provide it within the the original 12 + 2 days then thedebt was totally unenforceable?? So basically, if they provide it within the next calendar month, they can still apply for the bankruptsy?? The HSBC have written today and have said that as it was a loan agreement they don't have to provide the information? They haven't sent the statements from my bank account either, even though I requested them and sent the £10
  3. Hi everyone, here is an update.. It is 12 + 2 working days today since Vertex solicitors would have recived the CCA request (If you remember I sent to Vertex first and had it returned, so re sent to their Solicitors) I am still waiting on the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) from the HSBC and I decided not to set aside in court. So how do I stand presently? If the copy of the sign agreement doesn't arrive today, Vertex are in default and cannot enforce the debt? Is that correct and if so, what do I do now?
  4. Nevos, can I ask your reasons for not trying to set aside the SD?
  5. This is what is on the SD: Demand served on you by the Creditor: Vertex Limited Haweswater House Lingley Mere Business Park Lingley Green Avenue Warrington WA5 3LP Person authorised to make demand on creditor's behalf: Imperium Law LLP Jordangate House Jordangate Macclesfield SK10 1EQ I made the PO out to Vertex Limited and sent to their address. Shall I send to whom nevos suggested or the solicitors on my SD? and who shall I make the PO out to? Time is clicking away
  6. Well today I have had my £1 PO and my CCA request letter returned from Vertex, saying it was to the wrong payee!!! There is no accompanying letter and they didn't even address the envelope to me, just my address. there is just a compliment slip from a United Utilites?? with a box ticked indicating wrong Payee. So what do I do know? resend the CCA request to United Utilities?? This will cost me a fortune in registered post if they keep trying tactics like this
  7. Thanks for that! Can you tell me if I hand sign the S.A.R request as I know not to hand sign the CCA request? Also, can I get the Affadavit signed when I take it to court or do I have to have it signed by a solicitor before I go?
  8. Ok, so I have sent the CCA request to Vertex. The S.A.R request is going off to the HSBC today. The form 6.4 is a little complicated, I am unsure how to fill in and what do I write in the affadavit? Then this must be sent to the court, yes? and is there a fee for this? Really appreciate all your help
  9. Thank you for your help, I shall get on with doing all this today. I will let you know how it all goes. Thank you again Could somebody please just let me know what the position is if the debtor doesn't provide the CCA within the specified time please? Is the debt still enforceable?
  10. Hi, Thank you all for your replies. I'm feeling rather nervous about all of this. I just wish I had the money to settle all this tbh as the thought of fighting in court fills me with fear and dread As a summery then, could someone advise what I must do please? Firstly, I must send a CCA request to Vertex? and secondly, I have to apply to court to have the SD put aside? This involoves filling in the above form and filling in an affadavit?? What happens if they don't provide te CCA within the specified number of days?
  11. Just looked at the letter and realise I have to send £1, so that's one question answered!
  12. Thank you for that. Why do I not sign the letter? Do I need to send a fee? One question I do have and this relates to an entirely different problem but could also apply in this case also is what happens if the creditor does eventually provide the copy but months after the required 12+2 working days? Is the debt still then enforceable? And since I only have 18/21 days to reply to the SD what do I do in respect of that whilst waiting for the CCA? What I am worried about more than anything is that Vertex will continue to add loads of extra charges onto this existing debt whilst all of this is sorted out. If they provide the CCA then where do I stand? Thank you so much for your help, I'm feeling very frightened by all this
  13. Must have missed your last sentence Nevos - Guess there is no point making an offer of payment then??
  14. Thank you for your responses. I am thinking that I last paid anything to HSBC sometime late 2006. I don't have PPI. According to the paperwork that came yesterday it says that the original creditor (HSBC) transferred its chattel in the outstanding amount to the current creditor, Vertex Limited. So am I right in thinking Vertex have now bought the debt? The court named in the paperwork is Sheffield County Court. Nevos - I think I have read a thread about your current plight with Vertex and now I am really worried, that's why I am wondering if I should try and make an offer of payment??? The only problem is, I cannot pay the whole outstanding amount and I'm guessing that even if I come to some monthly arrangement with them, they will start to add rediculous amounts of interest so that I'll never be able to pay the debt off?
  15. Hi thank you for your response. I cannot remember when I took out the loan, according to the SD, I was served a default notice on the 22nd November 2006. Yes I am a houseowner, jointly with my husband. No I haven't been making any payments. What is a PPI? Thank you for your help
  16. Hello, I'm new here and I hope you might be able to help me. I have today been served with a Statutory Demand for £1207.24 from Vertex Limited (this was delivered to me by hand). The original debt was with the HSBC bank loan. The original outstanding balance to HSBC was £1085.43. I've had a read through a few threads and I'm struggling with some of the terminology and wording of things. I just need advice as to how to handle this as obviously, I don't want making bankcrupt. Shall I just write to them and make a reasonable offer of payments by installments? I can't afford to pay the whole debt upfront and doubt I have any grounds to have the debt set aside as I did default on the payments and have burried my head in the sand since
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