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  1. Hi All, Would love some advice. .Advantis is chasing me for an alleged HMRC debt. Is Advantis obliged to provide me with a letter of assignment from HMRC, like other creditors would provide to DCAs? I've requested a copy of such a letter but Advents is ignoring my requests and just continues to send threatening letters and leave threatening messages on my mobile. Be good to know where I stand on this, what my rights are Many thanks!
  2. Thanks so much for your reply! I believe it is the real deal, just don't know why it needs to be 'served'. I will call the court on Monday and see if they will post it to me directly. thanks again.
  3. I don’t know, this topic might be for another forum or another thread? This all relates to the anonymous post card and the sneakily addressed letter from a creditor (who made sure only the address was showing in the window and not my name). A letter from a 3rd party was sent to my previous address, enclosing a court order to appear in court to be quizzed under oath about my financial circumstances. The order is stamped ‘copy’. The order has never been sent directly to me. The letter detailed a date and time that the signatory would be ‘attending’ the address to serve the order personally. We sat by the door for an hour before and an hour after the appointed time and this person never showed up. Is this common behaviour for a process server? Or is there some kind of hidden agenda here (like claiming I was uncooperative)? Can I just call the court and ask for the order and collect it? The letter says if I fail to attend the above appointment, or any others, application will be made for substituted service ‘in such manner as the court may direct’. What does that mean? The order says I must obey it or be sent to prison for contempt. Why doesn’t the court just send it to me? Seems like they’re making a big deal out of something that should be simple. And should I be preparing to challenge them on their methods (anonymous card, misleadingly addressed letter)? Huge thanks in advance for any help.....
  4. Thanks so much - will let you know how they react when this is mentioned to them!
  5. Hiya, am wondering if the 'anonymous' Urgent post card and the deliberately misleadingly addressed letter are actually unlawful. Or are they in breach of certain regulations? If the latter, which regulations might they be in breach of - it would be good to know as I am about to be forced to engage with these monsters and I'd like to have the facts straight…… Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi All, Today, a card was hand delivered to me at an address I lived at briefly. It is a white card, post card size. There isn't any letterhead or any indication why they are contacting me. It is blank on one side and the other is marked URGENT at the top and 'thank you' at the bottom. The format is: URGENT For the attention of _____ Please contact:_____ On: 0844xxxxxxxxx Date: Time: Delivered to (address with incorrect post code) Thank you I’ve looked up the phone number which leads to a cheesy looking website for some kind of detective agency which specialises in, among other things, ‘surveillance’. Sorry, but am unable to scan and upload the card. From what I’ve described, does this contravene the new regulations? The current resident at this same address also received a letter a few months ago with just the address in the window, no addressee name – until the letter is opened, revealing my name way above the address (presumably to make it look like it was addressed to me should anyone have to scrutinise it?) and as the subject of the letter. It is from lovely Cabot, claiming it is a ‘personal matter’ and asking for my contact details. Again, how does this sit with the new regulations Thanks very much in advance for any help!
  7. would so appreciate any input here….thanks!
  8. ASH Process Servers has sent an ‘appointment’ letter to an address they are convinced I live at (I don’t). They are acting on behalf of Cabot and want to serve an N39 order to attend court for questioning. The letter also says ‘I have attended at your address without meeting you’. They haven’t. What happens next, as I am not at the address the letter has been sent to? Can they bankrupt me in absentia?
  9. Fantastic! Thanks! As to Amex not being nice to deal with .....what an understatement!!
  10. that would be super helpful! thanks! (sorry again for breaking into this thread!)
  11. DD, you are a total star!! Yes, wonder why Amex Uk is so reluctant to reveal their personnel......I have a few theories!!!
  12. I'm so sorry to intrude on your thread (go for it! Amex is the pits) - am desperately trying to find the name of the MD of American Express Europe Ltd. Have spent all morning on the phone to Amex, who refuse to give out his name 'as a matter of policy'. Gee, I wonder why!! So, if anyone can help, i'd be so grateful.....again, sorry to interrupt your excellent thread!
  13. Oh, Post, Really sorry to hear you're back in hospital. Hope you're getting the attention you deserve. I haven't replied to Welcome's 4 page 'Final response' to the letter you drafted for me (in a previous post) - their letter was dated 20/1. Rec'd last week a letter from UK Default Recovery in Glasgow, stating the debt is now £33,845.56. I wrote back, saying the acc't is in dispute with Welcome and to return it to them. Also requested a Notice and Deed of Assignment, if they exist. No reply yet. Today, I sent a CCA request for the original agreement on the original Personal Loan of £4,500 (it mutated into a secured loan for £25,000). In response to my SAR, Welcome sent me a clutch of random docs, not on Welcome letterhead. If the docs are dated, they're all dated 17th Nov 2009, including an unsigned DN that lacks a specific date by which the breach can be remedied (only stating ' within fourteen days'). The other doc they keep sending me is an 'Legal Charge' which has not been properly executed (i.e., it's unwitnessed'). Hence my requests in my letter in post 112. Just not sure if sending it is strategically correct. Am I right in assuming the dodgy DN and unwitnessed Legal Charge are in my favour? The letter also asks why the Welcome info in my CRAs is wrong - and I've previously asked for it to be amended. I was going to send my letter in the absence of a reply to Welcome's 'Final Response'. Thanks for your help.....especially you clearly have other things on your mind! MX
  14. Captain, yes, I agree with this strategy. I've had great success with just wearing them down, too. A lot of them merely disappear. The ones that have issued Claims have always withdrawn them. The retail financial industry is paying for its arrogance and sloppy contracts. If I ran a company like they do......CX
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