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  1. Hi, Have just read your posts and I, after sending a claim for repayment of charges to BCT, had exactly the same letter in return. Have just forwarded claim to FOS and await their reply. Meg
  2. Hi all, Below is a letter sent to WFS Swansea office before Xmas: Richard Pegler, Customer Account Manager, Welcome Finance, 2, Christina Street, Swansea, Glamorgan, SA1 4EW 14 December 2007 Re: Account Number 1249443 Dear Sir / Madam, I write with reference to your letter dated 11/12/2007, received today. There is, as your records will show, history behind this ‘debt’ relating to a vehicle part exchange agreement in May 2005 between myself and Halfway Car Sales of Llanelli. I traded the vehicle that this account was secured against
  3. Thanks loulou11 for your reply. In 2006, we were told (never had a bill), that we owed around £1400 for utilities. Worried, we let them deduct £500 from our owed commission towards it (we have documented proof of this) but have never paid any more even though we have asked and asked for a regular deduction from our pay.Now 2007 bill due and that will be around £1200 on top. The only thing I am really worried about is either deducting the utilities we 'owe' from our final pay or chasing us for it after we've gone. If they do just take it, do you think I will have recourse to get it back.
  4. Hi All, A little under 3 years ago, MOH & I gave up decent jobs to manage a holiday park. Terms were discussed at the interview and a verbal job offer soon followed. The job came with on site accomodation for which we were told at the time that utilities were included. We are in salaried positions. We have never had a contract of employment or a written statement of particulars of employment. Is this legal? We work 6 day weeks - what should our holiday entitlement be? We regularly work well over 60 hours a week each and on each bank holiday (which goes with the job). We can only
  5. UPDATE: Sorry been away for so long - its now our silly season and we don't get 2 hrs a day off until the ankle biters go back to school!!! Deemed served on 04/07 and Eversheds defending whole claim. SoC sent to both court and Eversheds. Am I right in that Eversheds have 28 days from 4th to file their defence? If so is that court working days (would take us to 13 August) or straight calender days (would take us to 1st August)? To date, since acknowledgement, I have heard from neither MCOL or Eversheds. Is this normal? What can I expect next? Meg
  6. X X is a noted punk rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1977. While they achieved only limited mainstream success, they were widely considered one of the most accessible and tuneful of Los Angeles' many punk bands. Their landmark 1980 record Los Angeles resonated so loudly with the artisans of the city it is named after, that the band received an Official Certificate of Recognition from the City of Los Angeles in acknowledgment of their important contributions to Los Angeles music and culture. They were hugely influential on various genres of music, including punk, hardcore, and folk.
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