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  1. I have been reading the other thread about what is an actual agreement. When and how do you count the 12 days working or normally and then what about the 30 after the twelve just trying to work thing out! As I am trying to work out if this a valid copy or not?
  2. I have looked closer and it appears to be and application form, which the title is obscured by a barcode and this is a copy of a copy too, will try and scan and put it up later to see what you guys think and where I go from here.
  3. Ok have recieved a letter today from Hillesden Securities:- Further to our letter dated 1st March2007 regarding the above account, please find enclosed a copy of your original agreement with MBNA Europe Bank, as requested. Yours sincerely.......... And then on another sheet of paper have a copy of agreement, both sides they have not got it straight on the page! Also the agreement has been stamped but I can barely make out the dates, I say dates as there are several stamped, I am not including my own. so some help here please would be great. Many thanks:)
  4. Thanks lookingforinfo I figured the best thing to do is just wait. Yes I thought the companies were linked but like others it really should be one company dealing with you and not be passed around to everyone that the main company owns as boy no wonder I have got confused in the past with which DCA I am supposed to be dealing with:? But now I am starting here with this one and then will start on the others.
  5. I got this letter on friday from Hilsden Securities! Dear ******** Account number *******- Formerly MBNA Europe Bank ************ Thank you for your recent letter dated 19th February 2007 regarding the above account. This has been passed to me for attention. I would confirm the following: I acknowledge receipt of your payment of £1 for your request for documents under section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.We are still awaiting a copy of the original agreement with MBNA Europe Bank. However, when this becomes available it will be forewarded to you. If we are unable to foreward a copy of the original agreement, we will be able to supply a true copy of the document which will comply with section 78 of the Consumer Credits Act 1974. Should you require anything further at this point please contact me accordingly. I will update you on developments in 21 days if there are no developments beforehand. Yours sincerely pp So can some one just advise me a bit on this letter and it seems they have passed my acount back then to deal with the CCA why? All I am going to do is just wait to see what they comeback with and hopefully nothing would be brilliant:grin: Thanks:-)
  6. This is what I got while my CCA was sent to them and I ingored this: 21feb07 You have failed to respond to our previous communications therefore an agent may now be instructed to call at your address to collect the amount owed to our client, or attempt to arrange suitable repayment terms. To prevent this you must telephone one of our negotiators in the next 72 hours. As I said I knew it is one of their threats and ignored it as only responding in writing and my CCA was on the way! Good news my CCA was delivered on 21 feb:) However today I have recieved this from them:- 23Feb07 We write further to previous correspondence. We are enclosing a Financial Analysis which you should complete and return to this office, together with proof of your income i.e wages or state benefits. We look foreward to your early reply, but should you have any queries regarding the above please contact the writer on receipt of this letter. So my question is shall I ignore this as I have sent my CCA? (which I used one of your stickers on the envelope when sent it! ) As I feel until they can produce the CCA then I should not respond to them as what I have now realised that my debt was with mbna and not DLC and that I shouldn't of given them a penny but until I found this site I did not know this and I wished that the CAB did when I started to sort out my debts 2yrs ago. But I am thankful I have found you guys now so but back then well before then when I got into financial strife I did bury my head in the sand as I did not know what to do, as I feel not many do really! So I am so glad that this forum is around now and when I have enough experiance I will gladly help out where I can.
  7. Good luck with getting it all sorted and thanks for the apologie and it's ok I knew you were not doing it intentionally and I wanted you to get the help you need. Hugs
  8. Thats ok I knew you were not doing it intentionally and I wanted you to get the help you need. Hugs
  9. Sorry but KJD can you please start your own thread regarding your problem as at the mo your hijacking my thread and you would get more help I am sure by starting your own thread.;-) As that is how it works on this forum.;-) I would just like to make sure you get the help you need and I get the help I need on here by having our thread that say what help we need.
  10. Thanks KJD and I wish you success too. KJD you should post about DLC coming to your home as that is not legal at all and very suprised it has happened as BTW it is classed as trespassing and call the police about it too as they have no right from what have got from this forum which is great! Also they are not aloud to do that anyway but also not late at night either which goes with the phone calls to which I have sent a haressement letter to to them:D Will post updates when I get but for know it is wait and see what they do.;-) I just I wished I knew about all this when it was first happening to me about 6yrs ago! But I am thankful I do now:)
  11. Thanks Lookinforinfo I have sent the CCA request off today and a harassement letter too as they keep ringing! But now have found my recorder on my mobile so if they ring again I can record the conversation. So I guess from reading the other threads I just sit and wait to see what they produce. Thankyou again and once this gets under way then I am off to sort out the other debt companies that have accepted my offer at the mo and send them CCA's too as try and get everything sorted. One by one but DLC are the ones I have to stop.
  12. Hi I need help with DLC as they are hassling me fore more money and I am on benefits all the other credit companies are ok at the mo, but DLC have just sent a lovely threatening letter through today saying I have 3 days to respond and keep phoning and hassling me I no longer will speak over the phone after last time they pressured me into upping my payment! I did not increase BTW and are still paying £1 a month and I have sent a letter explaining my current situation but are choosing to ignore it and pressuring me and now threatening me with bankruptcy! I owe £4,471.27 and it is originally too MBNA (hilsden securities ltd) I have previously gone through CAB and they have been helpful in some areas but it does take a while for them to respond or help sometimes and everyone on here seems to know what they are doing and but these companies back in their pens which they seem to get out of frequently! What the letter says;- We intend to serve upon you a Statutory Demand Under Section 268 (1) (a) of the Insolvency Act 1986. If the above sum is not paid immediately you could be made bankrupt and your property and goods taken away from you. this course of action can be avoided if you contact us within the next three days with your realistic proposals for settlement. So what I am going to do about this and how can i sort this out? I need some advice on what my next step is with this unplesent company:x many thanks in advance, I shall start with these and then get on to the rest.
  13. Hi everyone I found this forum by chance and thank god I did. I have been having problems with DLC at the moment. I have more credit companies but they are all happy at the moment. I am currently on Incapacity Benefits and so pay everyone I owe £1 a month courtesy of CAB. I owe around £20,000 to various banks/credit agencies. The only credit company who is causing me problems at the mo is DLC so I would like to deal with them first. DLC rang in dec06 and wanted me to give more money and I said yes well got pressured into saying yes! But I can not afford to do that and didn't and they still have been getting £1 a month. But recently they have been hasseling me for more payment and not are threatening me with bankrupcy if i do not contact them in 3 days from today! I did send them a letter in saying all I can do at the mo and explain my situation but they do not care or want to understand! Also I no longer like dealing them with them over the phone as they are very pushy and not helpful! So I am here to see who can help me deal with them. Many thanks and will post this in the required forum too.
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