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  1. Well the bank only gets 14 days from the date served with the claim to either acknowledge, and so get a further 14 days, or defend. If they do nothing then its a judgement in your favour by default. My claim was acknowledged within a couple of days and so gave them 28 days to defend they then paid up within a few more days.
  2. Thanks Chain Chick. I must say that I appreciated your replies and I'm convinced that your cheque is in the post.
  3. Won! today received a cheque out of the blue for the full amount of the claim.1183.75. I really didn't think they'd settle so quickly but they have.
  4. I didn't think I'd be saying this so soon but I've won! out of the blue today I received a letter from the A&L with a cheque for the full amount! The letter states ' We have received from Northampton County Court a claim that you have issued. We have now reviewed your particular case and have decided in this instance to settle the claim. This decision should not be regarded as an admission of liability on the part of the company as we consider the charges to be fair and reasonable. We therefore now enclose our cheque in the sum of 1183.75 which is paid in full and final settlement of your claim. Would you please acknowledge receipt and write to Northampton county court confirming that the case has been settled. As it is clear that you do not accept the terms and conditions for the operation of your account we will shortly be contacting you to discuss its future operation." So, there you go. its worked! I'd like to thank everyone for their encouragement and help and wish everyone success in their claims. good luck!
  5. Thanks for your reply jansus. I wish I'd started earlier but nevermind its still worth doing just to get back at the bank. By the way I've opened another account just in case
  6. Yes that's how I understand it too. The banks don't want to set a precedent so they have to settle prior to going to court but if the FSO said, say, that 12 pounds was fair how would that affect our claims?
  7. I suppose the fact that they don't have a standard response to every claim just shows that they don't really know what to do to get the result they want. Fortunately we DO know what to do. I've seen on the TV today that 'Which' also have an advice site. They recommend a complaint to the FSO and no court proceedings. According to 'Which' banks have settled before any FSO investigation. There is a ruling expected in a couple of weeks. I wonder how this will impact on pending court proceedings. Any ideas anyone?
  8. Why do they threaten and posture like this? They know they won't go to court. look at the media attention this is getting at the moment. Plus the FSO is ruling in a couple of weeks. That's going to open it up to everyone. They will pay up we've just got to hang on in there.
  9. That's great! well done! I still don't get why they treat different cases differently but it's good to see others being successful. Makes me determined to carry on.
  10. Hi there. Yes i think you're correct. they don't want to go to court but i still think that they'll make me go through all the stages before paying up. I'm committed to doing just that. it's good to see others being successful. makes me all the more determined to see it through to the end.
  11. Hi there. From reading the other threads i get the impression that there is no standard response from the A&L They seem to settle some and take others right to the end. I've started to research the next steps now as I expect to have to go to court.
  12. Thanks younganfree. The alliance have now acknowledged the serving of the claim. I expect them to go all the way. I don't understand why they seem to treat different claims differently. You'd think there'd be a standard response etc. I read some of these threads and they have had different responses. Thanks for your interest
  13. Hi there. I have received a copy of the acknowledgement of service. they now have 28 days from the date of service to put in a defence. They apear to treat claims differently. I have received no info about complaints procedures or any offer of a settlement.
  14. Hi there. I have now received my acknowledgement of service. So now they have 28 days from service date to file a defence. I didn't expect to get an acknowledgement so quick.
  15. Absolutely! This is really good having someone else at the same stage with the same bank. I'll keep in touch. good luck!
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