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  1. Cheque is now nicely clearing in the bank!! As of Monday I will officially have my money back! Still need to sort out a donation though and also send my details to a mod to be added on. Will keep you posted as I will believe it when ive got my hands on the dosh on Monday!
  2. Hi again, Ive still not received a cheque and ive worked out that the cheque should be here by next Thursday which will be 26th July. They said 14 days so with weekends taken out that is the date I get. Is this normal? I also received a form from the court giving them until 11th August to pay me and for me to check the box and return it to the court so that they knew I had been paid. Along with that form came a letter from Capital One saying that they had paid me and cheque would be with me in 14 days, not working days I might add. Am I just being impatient and what if no cheque by this time next week? Obvisoulsly then I have to inform the court that they have not paid me?
  3. Thank you UKAviator! I dont have paypal or a credit card is there a way I can pay in cash? Also I need to PM a Mod with details of my successful claim, what details do they need and how do I PM them? Many thanks
  4. Thank you so much!! Ive just typed out that question again as the first one I couldnt see now I can, bizarre!! I am so pleased. If someone could let me know where to send a donation to I would be more than grateful as without this site I would not be getting my money back. The support and advice from this site has been absolutely wonderful and I am eternally grateful. Might not be a huge huge amount of money but the fact that little me can win against them makes me feel great!!
  5. Received a letter from Capital One this morning: "Whilst we do not accept liability for your claim, I have in an effort to resolve this matter without a need for a court hearing, refunded your full claimed amount of £670" WOW I WON!!! The cheque is to follow within 14 working days time am I to assume I do not contact the court until I have the cheque in my hand? thanks
  6. This morning I received a letter from Capital One. "Whilst we do not accept liability for your claim, I have in an effort to resolve this matter without the need for a court hearing, refunded your full claimed amount of £670" I WON!!!!!! Cant really believe it, I am ecstatic to say the least! For me it was never about the money (although that is wonderful!!) it was about the way they treated me as a customer and the way that they would never allow me to get out of the hole I was in caused by their overpayments. The letter goes on to ask me to inform the court that this is now settled, can someone please confirm that I only need to do this once the cheque is in my hand as the letter states this will follow within 14 working days.
  7. Thank you so much, was a bit worried! I shall keep you posted Once again thank you so much.
  8. Hiya, Ive just received an Acknowledgement of Service in which Cap One have ticked the box "I Intend to defend all of this claime" is this normal or does this mean they are goind to do just that? Any advice would be great.
  9. On the online site it is asking me to check one of the following boxes The defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim or The defendant admits that all the money is owed not sure if I have to do this now or later? Many thanks
  10. Thank you so much indeed. Am I now to assume that I dont need to do anything further? Do I just simply wait?
  11. Hi again, I have today applied to the court for my money back. Can anyone give me a rough time scale as to what happens now? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  12. lol maybe a slight scoundrel ok I hold my hands up! But Vicky Pollard??? thats way below my geordie belt! hehe Just wanted to check as I though maybe that was too high at £80, great I shall get that paid and away we go! I think a printer will be a good idea just for general use, always there. Many thanks, you guys are brill!
  13. Hi again, ive had a look at submitting my court papers online and it is going to cost me £80, does this sound right for the £590 that I am claiming? Wanted to check before I paid it! many thanks in advance
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