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  1. I wonder how they react to the doorstep letter or are they exempt from it
  2. You could or you could write to them and inform them that the alleged debt has not been legally assigned in accordance wit S 136 of the Law of Property Act 1925
  3. Dell Finance CIT seemed to have sold a shed load of the alleged debts to GO DEBT. Slight problem is that CIT never sent anyone a notice that the debt was being assigned to these clowns
  4. At first read GPB seem to be pedalling backwards at a rate of knots. Obviously you were not expected to contest anything they said or supplied
  5. Typical Clownells BS Full of IFS, Maybes and what they May do
  6. It would appear that Royal Irish is not foolish enough to fall for James' ploys Quis Seperabit
  7. James I suggest you answer sone of the question put to you about the outfit you work for before offering '"help" to anyone else. For instance why do Lowells need to use three different sets of headed paper to chase people for the same debt. Lowell Financial, Red Debt and the hilarious Hampton Legal. What is the point if not designed to intimidate.
  8. Lowells autodialler dials upwards of a hundred numbers at a time. If anyone is foolish enough to answer them then the call is passed to one of their free call centre monkeys. If however all highly skilled professional sympathetic operators are busy helping other alleged debtors then you receive the dead line. They have numerous numbers available including 0800 numbers and the only effective way of blocking them is by the purchase of a truecall telephone answering system
  9. Did you ever receive any notice of assignment from the original creditor
  10. As far as I am aware the CCJ must be granted in the jurisdiction in which you live
  11. The only time Muckhall will see the inside of a court will be as defendants
  12. Get in touch with your Bank immediatly. Tell them the payment was unauthorised. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee they are obliged to reverse the transaction immediatly as you did not authorise it. If you paid by debit card get it cancelled forthwith and ask the bank for a new one
  13. Like everyone who arrived on CAG I believed all the threats that were contained in the DCA letters and WAS very worried about them. With the knowledge I picked up on CAG I soon discovered that the threats were like the heads of the people posting them EMPTY. Thanks to CAG I learnt all about the Limitation Act 1980 and in particular S5. I am also very conversant with the CCA and the CUPTR as well as the OFT Guidelines. If I had been treated with the slighteste bit of respect by the DCAs I would have probably worked with them and cleared my debts. As it was they got my back up I used the law and
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