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  1. Second thought, if they are not following the banking code, as you say, then do they follow any other code that regulates them? W'come have caused me so much frustration + upset I really need to do something to escape from them. Going down the PPI claiming route does not seemed to have helped anything as they want to use the money to pay back the arrears on a loan that W'come cannot even provide me with an accurate credit agreement that is a true copy in details and signatures. AAARGH!!!
  2. So am I right in thinking that as they chase payments, if the money was within their grasp they would take it to pay off the arrears? What is my next move? Anyone?
  3. Tried to get cheaper insurance today as policy is soon to expire + current provider too expensive, however have found out that I have to pay the premium in full as because of my poor credit rating they will not allow me to pay monthly. I need the car for work, but cannot afford to pay approx £1200 up front. I went onto Confused.com + received my first quote for £730 p.a, I had forgotten to add 2 non fault accidents + so did this, the premium went up by £140, which still we were happy to pay, but then we were told we couldn't pay monthly because of our credit rating. My husband asked why the premium had gone up when both accidents were settled by both 3rd party insurance companies, he was told by AXA ins. company that they were penalising us for people being on the road with no insurance, and so were trying to re-coup their losses. Generally speaking I am very p***ed off by this whole thing, and wanted to know if anyone could advise me as to where I can get some insurance, or if there's anything I could do in this situation.
  4. Hi have won a PPI claim against Welcome + they have sent out a final response letter + an explanation of the compensation calculation rebate (see images) The account went into dispute in August 2009 as despite sending requests for a true copy of my loan agreement Welcome were unable to provide me with one. I need someone's help, as I thought that if the account was in dispute a company were not legally allowed to try + claim the monthly payments, as the account was not legally binding woithout a credit agreement, and also any interest on monthly payments wouls also be frozen. From what I can see from my docs, Welcome are refunding me the mis-sold PPI and then taking it away again to pay arrears on the account that occurred when it was in dispute. Can they do this?
  5. hi all back again as i have been waiting for welcome to send what i asked for and still no signed agreement for my self and my husband and they are starting to harras me now the have been calling and have 2 sent letters and i have also sent notice of default sums to me dated 30/09/2009 with unpaid dd/cheque fee £25.00 letter £10.00 total amount £35.00 now i have a second letter date 30/09/2009 and i checked the letter word for word and it is identical to the other except for the bit total amount £0.00 i getting very confused now is there any thing i can do or is there anyone that can help me, i was thinking of going to one of these company that will go through all my paper work and deal with it for me, is this a good idea or not please help
  6. Maybe old news, but may be helpful? welcome pulling the plug? - Affiliate Marketing
  7. Have info from Direct Group Ins as return of my SAR. They sent me: a) notes from my recent phone call regarding request for copies of my policy docs b) Copy of my policy schedule + terms + conditions c) Details of policy premiums however, they said they didn't have: a) Copies of signed policy agreements b) Notice of assignments/ default notices where applicable c) Details of ins premium charges They said that Welcome would have these details (I've sent w'come a SAR too regarding info on insurances, still waiting for them to get back to me) I don't understand this part, details of policy premiums, though, that I've pasted below. I don't know why I would have been paying money to Bright Finance, or what these other things mean. Can someone help me out please? (sorry it's sideways, they came on 3 separate bits of paper)
  8. I'm having the same confusion myself, I don't know why I was coerced into paying an indemnity fee or where it went. That's why i sent a SAR letter to the insurance company + welcome so they could divulge this information to me by law. I was advised to phone them, but I reckoned all I'd get would be fob offs from both sides. The SAR letter is in the templates library.
  9. How about this? Would this add weight to my argument?
  10. Lets play 'Spot the Difference' with the credit agreements shall we? Have a look at the credit agreement a few threads up + then compare it with the one I received after my CCA request today. There was no covering note with this copy + it had been reduced to A5 by W'come. Please note the lack of signatures + the note in the 'first mortgagee box' being Abbey National, despite the fact I re-mortgaged in 2005 to Birmingham Midshires (see also the copy of the solicitors letter confirming W'come taking second charge on the re-mortgage)!! Looks like I need to send a copy of an 'Account in dispute' letter. What does anyone else think?
  11. Decided that I haven't got time to play on Welcome/ Direct Group's Magic Roundabout + so have sent both companies an SAR to access details they hold on me regarding the insurances + the mortgage indemnity fee paid. Let's see how they like that. A CCA yesterday, a SAR today, they're gonna love me!!
  12. What can i do now? I have a feeling that I'm going to be passed from Direct to Welcome + back again, over + over. I'll phone Cust Serv 2 morrow I think I have the right number + details. Is there anything I can be doing 2 night (shuffling paperwork/ working out charges etc.)
  13. AAARGH!!! Just realised (Duuur!) that if my policies have run out I'm still paying for them as they were included in the loan amount at the beginning + I'm paying interest on them too!
  14. Also phoned W'come on the above number, made out that all I had was the insurance policy number + none of the peperwork + asked them to send it all to me again. The man I spoke to said he would send me out all contracts + policies today. I asked him who the mortgage indemnity fee was paid to + he said it looked like Bright Finance, when I said 'that can't be right' he asked me if I had the application number for the loan as he did not have it there, and so could not check who the money was paid to. He told me to phone Customer Services to get the number + when I had it they would tell me who the indemnity fee was paid to.
  15. Sorry for the delay, had to get a puncture repaired on my car! Mmmm interesting. When phoned Direct group, they put me through to Ryan who said that all my policies had now expired, 2 in Nov 2008 and 1 in Nov 2006. When I asked him for any further details that he may have on my record he gave me Welcome's phone number (o845 456 4877) + told me to speak to someone there, all he would have he said were the wordings of the insurance. Maybe I was being a bit vague? What could I ask that would be more specific to what I want to use against Welcome?
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