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  1. Lol, yes, the Audi is a bit dodgy, but I don't think you can get the VRN from that frame, maybe he got lucky. Must remember to pull up nearer to the car in front to prevent the camera from seeing your plates! TBH, I can't even remember doing it, but I find it suprising that I would leave a gap like that in front of me, this is central London after all, so probably did just hold back to allow the van to pull out...not sure if that's an offence or not. It was also in road works, so everyone was just crawling alone, but guess that's not an excuse on it's own.
  2. Hi all, I was looking for a bit of advice on an issue that has happened with our sofa recently. We bought a leather sofa from DFS in April 2006 for around £1000. After around 3 months, the leather on one of the seats started cracking and we phoned up the store and they came round and replaced that seat cover. However, now 18months later, the other seats are cracking in a similar manner. I realise that this is outside of the 1 year warranty period, but do you think that it is worth getting them to try and fix it again? Has anyone else had a sofa from DFS fixed after the 1 year warranty has expired? I can't help feeling that a sofa that cost £1k should last a bit longer really.
  3. Hi, do you have an update on this? We have a similar problem, but it looks a bit worse than yours. I was wondering if you'd had any sucess with DFS getting it repaired? Thanks.
  4. YEY! I won! I sent them a summons via moneyclaimonline, and had a call from the sales manager apologising and has paid the claim in full! Although the claim for the courth costs were labled as a 'good will gesture', cheeky, but at least I got the money! Apparently both the letters had been lost, (I sent recorded delivery) and that is why it got this far. Thanks to all who responded!
  5. Hi, I can't comment on your specific cast, but this thread may help you: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/other-stores/66115-overclockers.html?highlight=overclockers
  6. Hi, just a quick question, but when you threaten court action in 'Manchester County Court', is that your local county court or is that the county court local to Overclockers? Thanks!
  7. Wow, that's a really good letter. I haven't heard back from mine yet, been 10 out of 14 days...Where can I find out details on what I need to do next?
  8. Yeah, they know that I am a personal customer. I think it is more the sales person doesn't know the correct procedure, as he is like talking to a brick wall! I did ask to speak to the supervisor/manager and he refused to put him on, so I'm stuck really as I can't speak to anyone. Hopefully the letter will solve the situation, if not then court.
  9. Faulty in that when I switch it on, nothing comes on the screen! Letter has been written, I assume that it I should send recorded delivery? I shall do so tomorrow.
  10. I should of added that the monitor broke after one day of using it!
  11. Anyone had any sucess getting a refund from Overclockers.co.uk? I received a faulty monitor from them, and they refused to replace/refund it, telling me to deal direct with the manufacturer under the warranty. This is obviously in direct contravention of the Sales of Goods Act 1979. Thanks to the Consumer action group help line, who were extremely helpful and friendly, I have now sent Overclockers a letter asking for a refund or I shall go through the civil court. Anyone sucessfully got a refund from Overclockers? Thanks and wish me luck!
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