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  1. Ive got 2 accounts with Cap1(visa/mastercard) and ive had the statements,sent both prelim and lba off and recieved the usual part offers which i have accepted but only as part payment.Right im gona lump the two accounts together and treat it as one.So I have printed out another LBA and am giving them another 14 days to respond.Will this be ok? thanks
  2. I also have 2 accounts with cap1 so is it better to lump them both together to save admin ect or keep seperate.I hope you dont mind Ellijay if I use a slightly edited version of your above LBA.
  3. Ouch! I see what you mean:mad:
  4. What would be really good is if all members donated a couple of quid to start a radio add campaign....you imagine "get your charges back ...all the advice and help for free on CAG". Then the flood gates would open Then maybe a television add campaign(wishfull thinking).The banks would be quaking in their boots, and so they should be.. by the way I was at the Mini Bank yesterday and in front of me was a little old lady trying to sort herself out.She asked me if i did`nt mind would I check here balance .................................so i pushed her over
  5. But what if the number of claimants costs and claims outstriped the actual money owed,wouldnt they "as a gesture of goodwill"(yeah right) make offers to all their customers to save themselves money.
  6. Does anyone think that the banks will ever cut their losses and just pay everyone back so they can save on legal fees ect,or will they just keep defending their corner? Hey it would be nice to think that they dread the postman delivering any nasty letters
  7. Still not received statements.I received a letter telling me they will send em as soon as possible so i sent them a letter giving them seven more days before i take action.From what ive read on here YB seem to be playing hard to get.
  8. received my letter from cap one today .Long story short they have given me a goodwill gesture of £176.00 which they credited to my card.Do i accept this and claim for the rest through the courts or refuse the money and ask them to remove it from my card.
  9. Got my card under its limit today and gave them a ring,they have dropped the interest from 29.9% down to 20.9% which is alot better.
  10. Hi Ive been reading posts on this site for a few weeks and I must say what a set of low life`s we are all dealing with.When you look at some threads where people have got credit card limits of 200 pound yet owe 100`s and 1000`s in some cases.How can they get away with this.The government talk about tackling poverty yet those who are at the bottom of the ladder get the worst deal.You may think "well you used the 200 pound you must pay for it" thats fine but at reasonable rates and charges that relate to the amount owed.At the end of the day lets all get these villians in court for every penny that they have stole from us. Sorry about this rant but lets fight back
  11. I had a similar unpleasant phonecall with MBNA and from now on i am gona ask them if they mind me recording the conversation before we get started.I`ll just use the voice recorder on my phone.They Cant just talk to people like dogs and get away with it.
  12. I also was sent the wrong statements but i phoned 0800 9524914 and they will send you the correct copies .As far as the interest is concerned i had never touched a spreadsheat before but theres links on here that make it easier than you think.Im only on my first claim and a complete novice and got the help from these pages,so keep it up and good luck
  13. ive just been on the phone with them again and still the same"cant do anything till overlimit is cleared" but she did say that interest rates had gone up for everyone and i said "what doubled" and she says yes.Can someone confirm this info and is this legal 15.9% to 29.9% just cause they say so.
  14. Ive got a Virgin card and when i signed up for it it was at a rate of 15.9% with a limit of four grand.Like an idiot ive been paying by direct debit and didnt look at any statements.I know i was very close to the limit and as soon as i went over they put the interest rate to 29.9%.So every month ive been paying £93-00 and they have been charging me £89-00 in interest alone.Along with the £12-00 overlimit fee it now stands at £4150 (£150 over its limit).Ive phoned Virgin and they wont discuss any interest rates while my account is in arrears so im paying the £150 off tomorrow and will phone em up about the interest rate they are charging.I think these bankers(i think thats the right word)should all wear a mask and carry swag bags.
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