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  1. You wont believe this cos Im still pinching myself!!!! I rang ebay again today and got through to them and recorded the phone call in case they repeated what they had already told me. They stated that because the item was high value it had to be approved by management which takes 24-48hrs! So I thought he we go Im being fobbed off again and to wait for so called email. I have just received this A case has been opened because the buyer has an issue with an item purchased from you. We've reviewed the case and have decided to issue the buyer with a full refund of £521.50. The refund includes the purchase price plus original postage & packaging. The hold on this PayPal transaction has been removed. This case is now closed. You aren't required to reimburse the buyer or eBay, and this case will not be counted in your seller performance evaluation. You can view the details of the case in the Resolution Centre. SO! they basically saying cant be arsed heres his refund and keep the phone and nothings changed talk about unbelievable! I am elated to not have to give a refund myself but how do people get away with this?!?! its just wrong hes now sitting there laughing for getting a full refund and a brand new phone for free Im not knocking it but how do they come to this decision?
  2. no I didn't record it which in hindsight is stupid of grrrr, not had any mail from them so will ring in the morning again and prob get a different answer now. Kicking myself big time
  3. I have just rang ebay and spoke to a representative and they have said they will not being taking a refund after reviewing the case. he said he will be sending me confirmation shortly and don't know if have been fobbed off to be honest. Think I should of waited whilst on the phone to receive the email I did however get his name so do you think Im best to ring back and make sure I have confirmation?
  4. I am a private seller that's why I cant understand
  5. also what if I take it back and they say its been dropped or water damage? that means Im basically been made a mug of and out of pocket by £500
  6. Thanks for the reply How can this be my responsibility when they have had this for 5 weeks and could of dropped it or anything? I don't understand, that's like saying if they bought a car privately and something went wrong they could take it back and get a refund. Basically means that I sold a phone that worked perfectly and was brand new for someone else to break it and I have to pay. how does that make sense either when states no returns. Sorry cant get my head around how that can be right?
  7. Hi I have recently sold a new galaxy S4 on ebay then after 5 weeks the buyer as opened an item not as described case. The buyer left positive feedback saying the Good & genuine product good service. I spoke to the buyer trying resolve this and quite clearly stated in those messages I am not prepared to give a refund as this was brand new and worked perfectly. The buyers problem is that apparently it as now got problems getting a signal which it didn't have until 5 weeks after?!?! I have offered to ring the shop I got it from to see if it would be repaired if this was the case but never heard anything back for 9 days. I then after speaking to ebay support I escalated the case as there had been no contact from the buyer and being assured that the case would go in my favour as it was accurately described and genuine product and the description also stated no returns accepted. 2 days later I get a final decision siding with the buyer and Ive got to give them a full refund!!! How can this be??? I'm now going to end up with a used damaged phone if its even the same one and have to give a full refund for a brand new phone that obviously in the 7 weeks that's gone past now isn't worth as much anyway and is used. It seems to me that Ive been ripped off and cant do anything about it? its one way of getting a mobile phone for rent free for 2 months! Is there anything I can do? cos to be honest I don't have the money now so I assume they are going to take it straight out of my bank account. Surely this cant be right!! Ive done nothing wrong but look like I going to be £500 out of pocket for selling something brand new and working please somebody advise
  8. Hi thankyou for your advice. I have just come back from seeing the manager at my local branch. Apparently there as been a number of statements sent to the wrong address. However she showed me all previous addresses which didnt match the one it went to as I have never lived there. We split up 9 years ago and there is no financial link between us and my ex doesnt have a account with them and as never been listed on mine. So I cant see how this can be a random cock up!! They are going to investigate which apparently will take upto 5 days for the Head office to do. I got them to ring my ex explaining that nothing untoward was happening as I've been getting that much grief its untrue! Will see what their outcome is but this is just to random for me and dont want to let it lie if they come back with that?
  9. Hi Im hoping someone can give me some advice please after 2 days of arguements with a ex I have recently had my Derbyshire Building Society statement sent to a wrong address which unfortunately was a ex and my childs mum. I havent lived with this person for 9 years and have had at least 6 previous addresses. I use this account frequently and the last thing I need is for this ex to have any information and also me being accused of using her address! I changed my address in may and have received a statement to my address on the 29th May. My ex has recieved my annual statement dated June!! How can they send it to her address, I have never lived there and have no connection besides my son with her!! In all honesty I am fuming and just when things had calmed down between us this as flared up big time! I dont see how they can send it to her of all people and if hadnt seen it with my own eyes wouldnt of believed her. I had to have ID to even change my address so how the hell can it be changed without this? Pls Help before I go in all guns blazing
  10. Hi I am asking some advice, I checked the bank this morning and a cheque & a DD went through putting me £15 over my agreed overdraft limit. I rushed to the post office and put £20 in this morning at 9 o clock. Went home checked the bank again and i was within my limit. I have just checked and the have returned the cheque unpaid. Are they allowed to return the cheque after there was enough money in to cover it? They most definitely didnt return it before there was Please Advise as i dont reallly know where i stand with this
  11. Hi I wondered if anyone could help. I have a case on hold at court reclaiming bank charges from nationwide for my mum and dad. My dad has recently been put in a nursing home as hes become brain damaged. My mother is now having financial difficulties as she has had a huge bill from the nursing home and is only on benefits herself. I have read somewhere that you might be able to still get them pay out if you are in a financial difficulty. Is this true, an if so how do you go about this?
  12. I now have recieved a allocation questoinaire to fill in. is there any help on what you fill in ut seems straight forward except for the witness part asking if i intend to call someone an if so who. Then if i am using an experts report??
  13. Hi, only just got back on day got took into hospital! Yeah I am the claimant. it says the defendant as till 8th of July to reply do i ring the court up then?? will it matter that i am late?
  14. hi, it says on the top of letter notice of issue. then lower down it says about request for judgement and gives an A or B option A: the defendant has not filed an admission or defence b: the defendant admits that all the money is owed. cos if its 14 days i got to post it tommorrow thanks
  15. Hi Please help i have received a notice of issue last week. What do i have to do now? Do i have to fill it in and send it back? if so what part to i fill in. am getting so confused thanks kev
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