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  1. Have abbey started automatically paying back charges then? Seems people are getting strange statments from them.
  2. Hello guys, some help needed. My fiancee has had two letters now from westcot for a debt we believe is SB (we are just waiting for statements from the bank to confirm this). The second letter we got today says final notice and that they *may* lodge a claim form with hull cc if it's not paid. So far we haven't contacted them is it best to keep this stance at this stage?
  3. I've seen the figure banded about that we can claim back all chagres and interest but minus £2.50 on each one
  4. I don't think the banks will do this becuase they will then reveal what the actual charges to them are. So if the OFT says £10 is fair and it costs the banks less than a £1 why would they dispute that.
  5. Call my cynical but I'm sure it will all be sorted next year and everyone will be getting there money back just before the election.
  6. I read the bbc report and can't understand how they can say bank charges are fair when the people who are going overdrawn are funding the current accounts of people in the black. Surely a fair system would be everyone paying for banking services and the banks recovering there costs when people go overdrawn. It seems like all the banks lawyers have been doing is contradicting themselves.
  7. Report on the bbc of the upcoming hearing BBC NEWS | Business | Crunch time for bank charges case
  8. I would think that for everyday that passes the collective interest on stayed claims must be growing by thousands each day. The longer they drag it out the more they will have to pay out. My claim is now just over a grand more than what it was when I orignally claimed due to interest.
  9. BBC NEWS | Business | Bank charges appeal is thrown out Looks like they are not allowed to appeal in the house of lords As Barry would say, "That's a right touch"
  10. I'm quite happy with the case stayed as long was we win. I'm getting a better rate of interest than what barclays could offer if I put my reclaimed money in one of there savings account.
  11. So after this week, does anyone know the next date we should be looking out for, for the result of the hearing?
  12. From the rbs website Standing Orders The cancellation notice has not changed as a result of the Faster Payments Service. To cancel Standing Orders you must give a minimum notice of three working days. For example, if a payment is due to leave your account on a Friday; the final opportunity to cancel the mandate is by close of business on the Tuesday (three working days notice). If you do not give sufficient notice to cancel a Standing Order it is your responsibility to request repayment from the beneficiary.
  13. I would write to the BBC's watchdog
  14. Go to your branch and ask to see the mananger
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