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  1. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know the outcome.
  2. I have a final hearing date, next Friday, 28th September. I'm going to call Barclays this afternoon and ask if they will settle before then. I haven't filed my bundle with the court (I don't think they've requested that I do so but will double check my papers when I get home this evening). Since all the test case stuff I've had a preliminary hearing (which I didn't attend as I'd attended one for another claim which was just stayed, in and out in 5 minutes!) and then I've received this hearing date. I just wondered what the situation is with Barclays at the moment, i.e. whether they are still settling out of court and wehther it is likley that my case will be stayed pending the High Court decision? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Welsh, Thanks for the response and for the reassurance. I got my dates mixed up and my preliminary hearing is on Friday (10am at Romford County Court). I've taken the morning off of work so will be attending now. I served my court bundle on Barclays and the court a while back so will be taking that to the court with me on Monday along with my updated schedule of charges. Can anyone tell me what is likely to happen on Friday - will it just be a case of setting a hearing date?? Also, is there anything else that I need to take with me or prepare?? Thanks
  4. Another update! My preliminary hearing date is Monday and I hadn't heard anything from Barclays so I called them again yesterday. I asked if they were going to settle before Monday because I needed to take time off work to attend. He asked whether my hearing was preliminary or final and when I told him preliminary, he said that they were being instructed at the moment to instruct barristers to attend prelim hearings and that I should book time off work. I asked where they were at the moment in terms of settling/are they settling before final trial date? He said that they settle if it is appropriate to. Is this normally what happens? I am beginning to get nervous because he was giving the impression that they don't settle!
  5. Hi Mish, I just called one of the numbers given one of the threads - I think it's called "Barclays litigation team, good or evil you decide" and asked if they could tell me who is dealing with my claim. It was Dino that I spoke to first, he asked me for my claim number so make sure you've got it to hand then told me it was Robert and gave me his contact details. You should have more luck than me cos your court date is a lot sooner. Good luck with your claim, let me know how you get on with calling Barclays.
  6. Quick update.... I called Barclays on Friday afternoon to see if they would settle because I now have my court date. I spoke to Robert Saunders as that is who's dealing with my claim. I asked if they would settle, he asked my court date, claim number etc and said that as they are so busy he wouldn't be able to look at my case until around 18 or 19 July. I said that was fine and that I have another claim with Barclays (my name, different account number) and would they be willing to settle that one at the same time or would I need to wait until it gets to this stage again? He said that would be helpful and could I have the claim number etc for that one. I e-mailed over all my information and am now waiting to hear back. I will give them a call on 19 July if I haven't heard anything by then. I am sending off my bundles today but can't seem to get hold of a printable copy of the terms and conditions form 1999/2000. Not sure whether this will hinder me but have no choice but to serve my bundle without it now. I will post an update if/when there are any developments.
  7. Has anyone dealt with Robert Saunders at Barclays?? I've just called to find out who is dealing with my claim and he is - he's at lunch at the moment but I will call back in a while to see if they will settle out of court as I now have my hearing date!
  8. Right, after what seems like forever, I have finally finished my court bundle. Here is what I've put in it: 1. Correspondence 2. Pleadings 3. Latest schedule of charges 4. Statements 5. Statement of evidence 6. Relevant case law summary 7. Early deay motion from the Houses of Parliment 8. OFT summary 9. Dunlop -v- New Garage2 10. Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations Act 1999 11. Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 12. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 13. List of settled Barclays claims (from CAG) 14. "Australiian Banks" report by Nicole Rich 15. Transcipt of Paul McNamara interview - Sept 2004 16. Money Programme Bank Commission BBC news report on banks - 2006 Does this sound right? Apart from the T&C's is there anything else I need to add? Also, if anyone can send me a copy of the 2001 T&C's before I hand in my court bundle (probably on Monday) that would be a great help. Also, I have formatted all of the documents I have used so that they are easy to read (I'm a secretary for a firm of solicitors and know how documents should look and be set out before they are sent to the court). I will try to add these to this website, if I can work out how, when I get a chance - hopefully they will be of help to someone. Fingers crossed, as soon as Barclays receive my bundle, they make me an offer I can't refuse (my whole claim amount as I won't accept less)!
  9. Thanks TOB, I wasn't getting any replies on my original e-mail and couldn't amend the main title to read anything but "bluesarah -v- Barclays"!!!! Can someone please merge this thread with my original one?? I think I'll finish getting my bundle together and send it off before calling the litigation team, it's taken me ages!!!
  10. Thanks for that saintly_1 but that's the one that I tried to print before but I couldn't get a decent copy of it. It's readable on screen but when you print it the writing isn't clear (even when I done an enlarged copy). Does anyone know where I can get another copy of the wording from or how I can print this one so that it is understandable??
  11. Hi, can anyone please tell me whether I should have a set of court documents (the ones I have received from the court in relation to my case) in the court bundle?? Also I received a Notice of Hearing (Preliminary Hearing) yesterday. My hearing is on 27 July - should I receive settlement before then or is it usually before the actual hearing?? Any advice would be a great help.
  12. Can anyone help me with getting hold of the above - T&C's for 2001?? Also, I've nearly finsihed my bundle - should I include a copy of the all the pleadings (the documents the court has sent me, orders etc)??
  13. In that case, can anyone help me with getting hold of 2001 T&C's?? As I said before, I've found a copy the thread requesting old Barclay's T&Cs but I can't print a readable copy - does anyone know how to do this?
  14. Can anyone tell whether or not it is essential to put the T&C's in my court bundle? I have found a copy from the year I opened my account but cannot print a legible copy!??
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