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  1. Ive got my default by judgement against BOS, tried ringing them this afternoon.."wheres my money please, the order says payment 'forthwith'..?.


    BOS retorted with, we've actually got 14 days to repay you, its the law..!


    Im sure forthwith means..straight away without excuse/delay etc..


    A helpful member of court staff said "if the judge said pay in 14 days he would have put it on the judgment"..


    Is there anything I can throw at the BOS (statute etc ?) other than what the legal dictionary says ?. Is 14 days applicable in scottish courts ?. Help please...!

  2. Hello mate, Im in a similar position (sort of) Ive actually had a judgment made against the BOS (£1500..that'll pay for my new exhaust !!), I did it through english courts as I live in england, and there were no issues raised by the court at any of the stages, so Im hoping that it doesnt make any difference as BOS have branches etc in england.


    So as far as I can see it doesnt make any difference


    Watch this space , if I hear anything I'll let you know,

  3. Ive already posted this but I think I put it in the wrong place..sorry.



    Ive now got a judgment against the BOS for £1500..issued by an english county court as we live in england (they failed to acknowledge anything from the courts (although I did get the usual guff letter saying they'r sorry and will get back to me in 8 weeks blah blah)


    I sent all my BOS paperwork to my registered branch address in South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh. Is THIS LIKELY TO CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS ?, Would I be right in thinking that ALL BOS & Halifax legal issues are dealt through the Trinity Rd address, as I have a contact number for there ?


    Please help put my mind at rest..

  4. Good morning to you all. New boy here.


    Bit long winded but please bear with me.


    1) HALIFAX (£275.00), I see the main head office address is being banded around a lot, but we have written to our local branch, and been given the usual "sorry youre not happy, but read out rems etcetc" but at least they have acknowledged it I suppose. When we come to instigate court proceedings do we carry on using the branch or is it better to go through the head office in Halifax ?


    2) Bank of Scotland. (£1200.00)

    We live in England, but our account/head office is in Edinburgh. Do we use the english courts (Moneyclaim etc) or is it by way of "Summary Cause" through the Scottish courts, as the defendant lives in Scotland ?.


    I got really confused as they have merged, but we have been stiffed for charges when they were seperate entitys and as a merged bank.


    Im sorry if this is asking the bleeding obvious, your website is brilliant and FULL of really good advice, but its taking a while to trawl through it all.


    Thank in advance guys..

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