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  1. Just phoned Luton court, and they said that they are staying all cases on their own initiative without any application from the bank, apparently I will be getting a letter to confirm this. All outstanding and new cases will be stayed untill 31st march 2008 at the earliest.
  2. Just phoned Luton court, and they said that they are staying all cases on their own initiative without any application from the bank, apparently I will be getting a letter to confirm this. Megy
  3. Hi all, I have in the last 2 days recieved an offer from the bank, for £98 less than my original claim(before interest and court fees). The letter I recieved mentions all the test case stuff and that if the case goes to court they will apply for a stay etc etc. My current thoughts are that I am more incined to accept this offer with there being so much unknown at the mo with this test case. What do others think.
  4. Under value i did yes, in section 5 I entered the seperate amounts, but in the box in the bottom rh corner of page 1 i dont have it on the one i have, so i think i will have left it off the other ones too. Is this a problem, or a slight oversight?
  5. Yes, It has: 'notice of issue' (unspecified amount) To the claimant then a box with my address in it then the dates of when it was issued and when the defendant has untill it needs to reply. Looking at the claim form i might have missed the amount claimed/court fee in the bottom box, dont know if i missed it on all forms or not.
  6. Thanks again Hedgey, you are certainly living up to your title 'site helper' as you are clearing things up for me. I had some post waiting for me when i got home, the notice of issue from the court, do i assume the bit in brackets (unspecified amount) is just a standard for the form, there is no mention on the notice to stay how much i am claiming from Natwest, I assume the notice they sent to Natwest will be different and will have the amount on it.
  7. TOTALLY CONFUDDLED NOW!!! I have been reading the various threads on this site and across some other websites, and I am now totally confused as to what is happening or is likely to happen in respect to my claim. I sent the claim form and list of charges(inc interest) to the bank a few weeks ago, after a week i phoned to see what had happened, cheque not presented etc, and they said they hadnt had the forms, so I sent it all again end of last week, check my online banking and see that the cheque got taken from my account today, confirming that the forms have been recieved this time ar
  8. I have just read on some other sites that all actions, including that of county courts/small claims courts, have or will be suspended. I sent my claim forms off on saturday, including the cheque to pay for the action, and note that the cheque has not been paid in yet, what is anyones advice to me in this case, would i be best to put a stop on the cheque, or phone the courts to see what they are doing? I am reading several different reports and am getting confused as to what is happening, what will happen, what i need to/not need to do? I am sure i am not the only person to ask
  9. Thanks all for the good advice up till now, unfortunately due to personal reasons i was unable to carry forward with this claim, but i am back on track now and have just completed the court forms and printed them out. The only bit of confusion i have in this is the last box, where it makes reference to claimants solicitors firm, as i am not using a solicitors i assume i just leave this and any other reference to it blank. I also seem to remember reading somewhere on this site, but cant find it now that you can request the fees be refunded in a cheque as oppose to being just paid into
  10. Hello again all, I have completed the court claim form, but cannot see any mention of court fees, do i need to pay this with the form, and if so, where can i find out how much i need to include?
  11. Thanks Wendy, I will have a try with it when i get home.
  12. OK all, its now been just over 14 days since I sent the LBA, the next step is to file a claim or whatever, with the spreadsheet printout but to include the interest at 8%, how do i work this out, is there something in the excel sheet i am missing?
  13. So this is normal from them is it?
  14. Ok all, a little update, but not sure how good news it is, or just stalling tactics. I got a letter 10 days after i sent the list of charges, it says: Thank you for your recent letter regarding charges applied to your account. We are currently investigating your claim and will respond to you as soon as possible. Do i proceed with the second letter after the 14 days saying that I am seeking legal action? Thanks all in advance of the advice i hope to get.
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