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  1. Hi, I completed an online order recently and when I received two separate delivery tracking emails a couple of days later I realised that my order had been duplicated. I looked back and found the order confirmation was also duplicated (exact same items but different order numbers etc). I immediately contacted customer services to request that the duplicated order be cancelled and was told that it wasn't a duplicated order and that I'd ordered it twice - I hadn't. I was told that 15 minutes had passed between the orders which apparently meant it was impossible for it to have been a system
  2. Hi loosetooth, I'm not sure I'm the best person to be asking for help but I'll try. Firstly have you followed Photoman's advice yet and contacted the court? I'm not sure I'm 100% clear on your problem but are you concerned that the court are reviewing your claim because they've noticed you're claiming contractual interest? I've not heard of this before so don't really know what advice to give, but I certainly don't think dropping the claim is a possibility. You say that the only thing worse than losing the case would be to be awarded the total plus statutory (8%) interest, but you have to
  3. Sorry podgydad, but as I know Mindzai very well I can say with confidence that that is definitely not the case. He helps people out in all kinds of areas for free because he likes to help people. He doesn't do it to make him feel in control and that's exactly the same when he's helped people with bank charges. He's just a genuinely helpful person and so am I, and I'm sure many people on here are too. I've said before that maybe companies like yours would do much better if instead of charging a percentage - bearing in mind this could amount to a ridiculously disproportionate sum of money
  4. No I haven't - sorry golfscape but i've onl just seen your message. I don't know if it's too late now but I will try and go through all the paperwork tomorrow and find the info. I'd completely forgotten I never got round to a 'Litigation Concluded' post so will do that at the same time. :o I apologise if it's too late golfscape but I haven't been on here for ages - had so much work going on. Lucid
  5. Mindzai had an idea taken from another forum he is a member of (non bank charges related). He said that they have a progress bar at the top of the page showing the total amount of money they need for that month and the progress to show how close they are to meeting their running costs each month. He actually thinks this encourages people (on this particular forum) to donate as they can actually see the difference their donation would make and he also said that people tend to donate more regularly too because they can see that their money is needed. Maybe something like this would be wort
  6. Hi Hercules, The monthly rate isn't found by simply dividing the annual rate by 12. I used to know a good way of explaining this but I've completely forgotten now. The spreadsheet is right though so don't worry. The reason you can't divide the annual rate by 12 is to do with compound calculations. Sorry I can't give a solid explanation - but you will probably be able to find your bank's annual and monthly rate on their website where you can check. Lucid
  7. I think it is referring to making money out of other people's claims. LOL Rory - I just noticed. Lucid
  8. Sections 20 - 22 of the Solicitors Act 1974: Found on The Law Society I think section 20 is probably most relevant and is the reason podgydad has had a letter from the Judge. Lucid
  9. Hi, It just means they are not going to bother issuing one for you or the bank to fill out. They know that it tends to waste more time. It's nothing to worry about. Good luck. Lucid
  10. Check out Gary's thread GOT A COURT DATE? A guide to the later stages. It goes through the court bundle and has links of useful extra information you should try to include. People paying £475 for their court bundles? I'm not sure where that come from but it's not the case. Lucid
  11. You need statements if you are intending to reclaim overdraft interest - as you need to know your account balance. Also I read recently that somebody got a list of charges from the bank but still pursued getting all of their statements sent to them. When their statements arrived the list of charges was not complete at all and there were a few charges missing from it. ;-) Yes you're right in saying that changing the interest rate on the simple sheet will not calculate compound interest. I think that the Estimate of Previous Charges was initially meant for pre six year charges
  12. Hi overflow, The reason it says TOTAL OWED BEFORE INTEREST is because you are on the Charges & Interest tab. It is just telling you the total amount of charges you are claiming for before any form of additional interest (statutory or contractual) is added. Check out ether the s 69 8% or C. Interest Daily tabs to see how much additional interest you can add to your claim. Good luck. Lucid EDIT: Sorry bigfatgreedybanker. I've just noticed you already answered overflow's question.
  13. lucid

    Advice Please

    You can send them a letter to stop telephone harrassment but there is a much more simple option - don't give them your work or mobile phone numbers. Unfortuantely I think that any number you inform them of they are entitled to phone you on it. Next time they phone you, ask them to take off your work number form your account details. I believe if you ask them that then they have to do it. Send them this letter: Harassment by telephone and you could even add a sentence in there about removing your work number form your account details. Good luck. Lucid
  14. Hi Joy, Have they paid you the full amount of charges now? If so, have they paid any of the s69 8% interest? If the answer is yes to both I think you may very well be wise to settle. The reason I'm saying this is from what I can tell from your thread you submitted your first Particulars of Claim without including contractual interest. You then amended your claim and added contractual interest but didn't provide any calculations or breakdowns. The way I have always taken it is you absolutely have to provide schedules of charges, breakdowns and calculations with your Particulars of Claim, o
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