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  1. My reason and the latest news, dx: I have just complained by letter to Lloyds ( on behalf of my son) again as I am getting constant harassment calls on my home phone (and my son gets them on his mobile) from Westcott and also letters from CSl. This was after requesting to be contacted by mail only. Lloyds replied and have paid my son a cheque for £50 for the distress and inconvenience! Quote: "We would accept £322 towards the balance. If this payment was made we would accept this as partial settlement and your credit file would be updated to show this. The account would then be recalled and you would not be pursued further for this." I am not sure if this is good or bad?
  2. My son is still getting chased by Lloyds for £429 and they now passed the debt on to CSL. I have offered to pay £300 in full and final settlement and they said they would take £329. Now CSL have contacted me saying that the offer is on for 7 days. I asked them if this will clear his credit file and they said they would put 'settled part payment, satisfied'! I have asked them to confirm this in writing first before I would pay them as they wanted me to pay over the phone by debit card. Does this mean his credit file will be clean?
  3. I will check his credit files. Until then, I will take your advise and not pay anything, thanks.
  4. Thanks for all your replies. I am now confused. Should I ignore it all and don't pay anyone and just forget about it?
  5. The reason for trying to pay it of was the recent threatening letter from Midascreditservice (stating that they are part of Moorcroft) giving a Litigation Warning if we don't contact Moorcroft by 13/6/12. Basically to get rid of them.
  6. I have sent a letter of complaint to LLoyds in April. They replied that they cannot remove fees and so on and would not refund anything but closed account and passed it on to Moorcroft. They said I could contact ombudsman within 6 months. The letter I am planning to send is the offer without prejudice from debtline. It really grieves me having to pay them charges. I did complain that the debt nearly doubled as the original amount was only about £280 for a direct debit payment they made which sent him into unauthorised overdraft. Should I just offer that to Lloyds?
  7. Hi, My son has an old debt with LLoyds due to going into unauthorised overdraft. He is not working and not claiming benefits, we support him. I have sent all sort of letter and statement of earnings in the past, also have asked them to take the charges away. The original overdraft amount was £280 all the rest are charges. They have at last frozen the account at £429.36 and he is getting letters from Moorcroft. Now he also has received a litigation warning letter from Midas. I would like to make an offer for a lump sum of £300 to get rid of this at last. Do I send this letter to Lloyds, BXT 1LT as I had correspondence from them before? Any idea if they would accept this? Am I doing the right thing? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. My son had a unauthorized overdraft with Lloyds Bank since last year and the interest is mounting up and now he owns £417 from £287 original. He is no longer using the account. We have written several letters (recorded) explaining that he has lost his job and has no income. He has gone back to college full time and his parents are supporting him. He is not getting any benefits and therefore has no means of repaying.We asked for the account to be frozen and also sent a cashflow statement from National Deptline stating that he had no income and offered a settlement payment of £250. They have ignored all letters and now we have a letter from SCM threatening with court action. They also saying that interest is still charged daily.Not sure now what to do next!
  9. Not sure what to do now. Have sent recorded letter to Payday Express and to Castlebridge offering to pay £300. Have had no reply apart from Castlebridge leaving several answerphone messages everyday on my sons mobile requesting him to ring them. He is ignoring them. How can I get rid of them?
  10. Sorry, just found your reply today. I have contacted Consumer Direct. They said they will pass the case on to Citizen Advise. I have a reference number from them, but you are very welcome to record it again. The more the better. Consumer Direct were not all that helpful, told me to read the contracts etc and gave me the number for the National Deptline. Castlebridge have completely ignored my letter and still sending text messages to my son. I have now send the same letter to PaydayExpress with the addition that he only wants to be contacted by mail not phone or email still offering the £300. this is the email he had back in July from them: From: [email protected] To: Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 05:06:14 +0100 Subject: Please Contact Payday Express Dear Client Reference: We have applied for your loan repayment of £300.00 by debit card. However, the payment was not authorised and is therefore overdue. As we have not received any communication to the contrary, our assumption is that you require the loan to be extended and so we will attempt to do this for you over the next 7 days by your debit card at our discretion. Should we fail to be successful in extending the loan then as per the terms and conditions of your agreement with Payday Express, we will apply a default fee and an interest charge calculated against your overdue account balance. If you do not require your loan to be extended, you must contact our offices on 0800 0126 860 between 08.00 and 19.00, Monday to Friday or 09.00 and 13.00 on Saturday, and repay the full amount overdue. If you have already contacted us regarding this matter please disregard this communication. Yours sincerely, Payday Express Collections Department Payday Express, 4th Floor, Northside House, 69 Tweedy Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3WA Tel: 0800 652 4661 Email: [email protected] Copyright © Express Finance - Consumer Credit Licence No. 478122 Payday Express is a trading style of Express Finance (Bromley) Ltd, registered in England No: 3841946. Registered Address: 6th Floor, 77 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0AS. Payday Express is a registered Trade Mark under the Trade Marks Act 1994 under No. 2414425. Data Protection No: Z6952346. Credit Licence No: 478122 This email is provided in confidence and any attachments are confidential and solely for the use of the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, please notify the sender, delete it and do not read, act upon, print, disclose, copy, retain or redistribute it or its attachments. Although this email and its attachments are believed to be free of any virus or other defect, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that they are virus free and no responsibility is accepted by the company for any loss or damage arising from receipt or use thereof. Reading this, I agree with you, they probably should not have taken the £60 out of his account and still continue to request £300. Also, the collection Department for Payday Express in the same as the address for Castlebridge, just a different PO. My son has tried to get chargeback from Lloyds, but they did not want to do it. He is also in unauthorised overdraft with them and I am just trying to get some of their charges removed and working out a repayment plan, but that's a different matter! I will now send a recorded letter to Lloyds asking for chargeback, but I may be too long ago. I will let you know how I get on. Regarding Payday Express: As I have offered to pay the £300 do I need to write a separate letter requesting back the £60?
  11. After sending a recorded letter to Castlebridge on 11/1/12 offering the £300 I have now received a letter from them dated 16th Jan. warning me that they will return the account back to payday express to take further action if I do not contact them by phone. They have not acknowledged my letter. What do I do now? Should I send the same letter to Payday express?
  12. Have now complained to office of fair trading about them. Castlebridge has now taken over the debt. They want £420. The original loan was £240 plus £60 interest. I have found out from my son that Payday Express have taken the interest of £60 back in August out of his account. I now want to send Castlebridge a final settlement letter offering £240. Do I have a chance of them accepting this? Sorry, forgot to mention - found out that my son has 2 payday loans. The one above is the easier one to sort out at the moment. and he has now closed his bank account.
  13. Sorry, in the meantime, do I pay the original loan - the £240 plus interest = £300?
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