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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help!I am current on a DMP with 5 creditors and one of them being the Halifax on my Current Account.I have been charged overdraft charges on authorised and unauthorised overdrafts and was wondering if I can claim these back. Overall I am looking at about £40-£50 per month. Any help appreciated!
  2. Ok great thank you for the advice I think I may have said the wrong thing. The charges to my account from the overdrafts are standard charges not interest for having the overdraft, for example £1 per day for use of the overdraft which I use daily. Are these unlawful? Surely they have a right to charge something for giving me credit?
  3. Post 9 was a list of my debts and balances and I was just trying to get advice on a dmp not the charges related to them or any defaults? Apologies for the confusion if I have not understood what you have said.
  4. Right mega confused. I have not defaulted on any of the loans or overdrafts nor been late or missed any payments I am just trying to pay my debt off the quickest. I have already got 530 of lloyds a couple of years ago for unlawful bank charges. Sorry if I sound thick but it's just the dmp info I was researching.
  5. Halifax loan - 24k paying £480pm Tesco loan - 8.5k paying £310pm Halifax overdraft 2200 paying £60 in fees pm HSBC overdraft - 1000 paying 20 in fees pm Lloyds overdraft - 3000 pay 80 in fees per month
  6. No PPI or default charges. I hear a lot of people on here saying that you should manage it yourself. What I don't get is why when CCC s do it for free?
  7. Hi I have just under £40K in unsecurred debt through 5 creditors. I have been to CCCs who have recommended a DMP. After goping through the budget it looks like I have a surplus of £718 per month to pay towards it meaning if interest id frozen i can be debt free within 5 years. all sounds a bit too good to be true so have a few questions: 1. How likely is it my creditors (Halifax, lloyds, HSBC, Tesco) will freeze interest? 2. Can I still pay £75 month to my pension? comes out before taxed And finally the most important one for us is after the DMP is finished how likely are we able to get a mortgage? We have one now and are not looking to move for probably 10 years if at all? thanks so much in advance
  8. Will do Tony but I own the house that joins the land is question so not sure i have any access rights actually.
  9. Thanks all for your help. I am going to ignore the ticket for now and see what happens!
  10. It is not issued by a council or Police. Its issued by a company called 'City Permits'. the managing agent from the appartments next door have told me the land is leased by them but owned by the electricity board and that it is private land and i have no right to park or access the land either via foot or car. It definately says penalty Charge notice on the plastic it was in and on the ticket itself.
  11. Hi Everyone,Some help needed here. We have a bit of land at the back of our house that we just bought that after research is owned by the electrical company as there is a substation there. The previous owners said to us that they have been parking their cars there for 20+years without an issue. I move in and park there and had a skip there for a week and the managing agents from the aprtments next door send me a letter saying I am not allowed to park there as its part of the parking for the appartments and that they would ticket me if i did. this land is not maintained in any way like the appartments car park which is fully tarmacked. So after a bit of advice I wrote to them to ask them to confirm that the land was theirs and that they have the right to ask me not to park there. I had the response of you can't park there and you prove to us that we don't own the land. Anyways last night I had a ticket which was from a company called City permits but it was a penalty charge notice. i know to ignore FPN but what about this one?Also as the land is owned by the lectrical company i have written to them to request access to park there but I'm slightly worried that they lease the land to the apartments. how can I find out this?Thanks in advance guys i'm just a bit stuck on this one!
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