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Status Updates posted by pinkduchess

  1. not exactly on the pulse is it....ive only just seen yours (9 hours later....lol) <rolls eyes> & where are the smilies anyway

  2. i want to know is if bankfodder accepted your friendship request :grin:

  3. hey!! no friends :( ...lol

    wheres all your angels?

  4. & ive only seen yours...lol think a delayed reaction is to be expected

  5. hi jo - look & see i think :grin:


    hiya SSL :p

  6. thats right...if you post in this first box it goes here in the general bit. or you can continue with an individual convo by pressing 'view conversation' & then messaging in the box there. :)

  7. hiya SSL :) just snooping...lol thats what it feels like now anyway

  8. hiya jo :) x found where everything is?...lol

  9. quality over quantity :)

  10. and the answer is yes!! i replied in the wrong place

  11. hey!! someones popular!!! :grin:

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