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  1. Thanks!!........ i sent off the acceptance letter .............. fingers crossed the 2nd account will go the same
  2. I think im gonna settle...... with it actually being more than i asked for..... excluding the £28 but i can always claim tha back seperatly!.
  3. Letter for 2nd account sent today!!
  4. Ok i asked for £1406.93 but since then another £28 has been taken..... so its less than £28 short :-/ up to today's date. This is a toughy!!!!!
  5. ok letter i received today from Stuart Higley Dear Pinkstar Thank you for your letter dated 1st Feb 2007. I am sorry that you have concersnregarding the charges that have been applied to your account. We explain all of our terms & coniditions including our fees and charges at account opening and they form the basis of your agreement with us. Full details are available at any time on our website and in our branches, and updates are sent out regularly to our customers. For your conveniece, I am enclosing our current terms and conditions (including fees and charges) that apply to your account. NatWest has for a number of years provided many every day banking services to customers free of charge when accounts are in credit or within a previously agreed overdraft limit. These services include access to our branch network, cheques, Direct Debits, Standing Orders, UK debit card transactions and UK ATM withdrawals. It isalos important to us that our customers have opportunity to arrange suitable borrowing facilities with us should they require extra funds whether through our branches, online or via our UK based call centres. Whilist many of our services are provided without a corresponding charge, we do make charges when customers, by their actions, request an increase to or the creation of an overdraft in excess of their previously agreed limit. By reviewing such requests we provide an addiotnal service to customers, in many instances allowing items to be paid either by creating or increasing an overdraft. These charges can be avoided entirely by arranging suitable borrowing faclities in advance. For these reasons, we do agree with the basis of your complaint. We believe that the charges we levy are for providing servies and that they are not penalties or charges bfor default. Furthermore we believe that these charges are fair, reasonable and transparent. Howerver, having reviewed your case and as a gesture of goodwill and without admission of liability or error, in this instance we are prepared to offer the ammount of £1407.42 paid direct to your account. To accept this offer in full and final settlement of your complaint please let me know by completing the attached form and returning it to us in the reply paid envelope provided. If you would like to discuss this offer please contact the number quoted above. Any charges that properly accrue in the furture will be applied to your account in line with our published tariff and in accordance with your agreement with the bank. Should you be unwilling to accept any such charges, then we may need to consider if we are prepared to continue to provide you with your existing banking facilities. INstead we may offer you a simple account that does not offer borrowing facilities or other services that can result in charges. I trust that this willresolve your complaint, however for the sake of completeness I am enclosing a leaflet explaining the options available to you should you wsh to take matters further. Financial Services Authority guidelines state that we can regard your complaint as closed if we do not hear from you within eight weeks of this letter. If you do need to take your complaint foward please let me know with in time. I look foward to hearing from you Stuart Higley
  6. Thanksssssss!!! Got letter for number 1 account today....... will post after dinner......
  7. and can you not claim interest that they take from you before they start charging you ? :-/ They been taken interest from me months before they whacked huge charges on me
  8. ok...... I got mah statements through for mah second account today.......... Can i claim back the £50 card recovery fee? :-/ Thanks!!!
  9. Thanks Michael thats Great!!!!!!!!!
  10. and another question...... the interest that Nastywest take from you..... why on the spreadsheet does it only add up the ones that they take when your account is o/d . can we not claim the interest they take when the account is in credit? Thanks!!!
  11. ok.. now i know this prolly is a dumb q and the answer is in forum... and knowing mah blind self i missed it.......... But Since its coming to the end of Feb and a new charge looms on my account..... do i need to send intial letter again or can i jus add it to my LBA?...... Its amazing i swear they are doing this jus to make me go overdrawn !.. so they can get more money out of me tha lil buggers!!!... Im still awaiting the 2nd accounts statments!...... but fingers crossed i will get them soon,.
  12. Hie........ I signed up to the Moneyclaim site. got myself sign in name and all of that... didnt have to do a claim straight away.. I jus wanted to be prepared for it in readiness for the 14day deadline =)
  13. Hieeeeeee everyone!!! Pinkstar here ready and willing to battle it out with Natwest!!! =) So Glad i found this site!!!!!! =)
  14. Hieee!!!!.......... I been reading all the success stories!!!...... Im currently fighting it out with NatWest. I only recently started my claim with them........... im still awaiting my statements for my 1 account but my other account their 14days is up tomorrow to reply to my letter for £1400! So we shall see if they reply..... Which im not holding my breathe for and I have already signed up for the Moneyclaim site to get my claim going.... I have to admit im a little nervous in taking on the big boys But reading through everyones posts I can see it is deffiantly worth the fight!!!.. fingers crossed I get my claim for this one account settled in full and then the other account can follow suit hehe =)
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