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  1. Had completed my bundle and forwarded to court for case to be heard on 21st August. Had a letter from the court advising that the court was going to stay the action. Used the letter from this website to appeal against the stay and received this today:


    Ok, dont have a scanner so will have to type in the details by hand - please bear with me:




    Upon the courts own motion. The court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it.




    1. Both sides must file a skelton argument and copies of all relevant authorities relied on not later than 7 days before the hearing.


    2. This application will be heard together with a number of similar applications at a composite hearing.


    Also enclosed was




    Take notice that the hearing will take place on 12th october 2007 at 10 am when you should attend.


    5 Minutes has been allowed for this hearing.


    Please note: this case may be released to another Judge, possibly at a different court.


    then just a bit about if you have any special needs, how delays may be avoidable etc.


    Anyone got any ideas - what is a skeleton argument and copies of all relevant authorities?

  2. Hi hope someone out there can help me. I was due to go to court last week against A&L but case was stayed. I used a letter I found on CAG to appeal against that and have stay lifted.


    This morning I received a General Form of Judgement of Order. Basically it says that my case and several others will be heard on 12th october and 5 mins have been allowed.


    I must file a skelton argument and copies of all relevant authorities relied on not later than 7 days before the hearing.


    This application will be heard together with a number of similar applications at a composite hearing.


    What does all this mean and what should I do now??

  3. I am due in court Monday and have not heard anything about case being stayed so far - is there some sort of deadline by which time the court has to let you know? I have a case against Lloyds and heard that was stayed really quickly.

  4. why have they paid money itno my account?checked my statement today and £805 has appeared (my claim was for £919.41) no letter just a suprise credit. Had received papers from court saying a defence had been filed so what should i do now? I am tempted to just accept the money but on the other hand they still owe me £919 - advice please anyone?

  5. hiya the "insufficient evidence" seems to be a pretty standard defence! I take it you sent the A&L a schedule of what you were reclaiming and that when you filed your money claim on line you also sent a written letter to them asking them to attach the spreadsheet to you claim? if not you need to do this now. Also, I sent yet another copy to A&L and Wragge pointing out that this information was included with my original correspondence and filed with my claim and the information came from copy bank statements taken from A&L's computer. The claim will be transferred to your local court. Mine was sent to Brighton 3 weeks ago but I have still not received a date, guess they have a backlog!


    so with regard to your mortgage settlement will ot be a "quick fix" could you maybe contact your mortgage company and ask them to come to an arrangement whereby you woud pay a little extra ech month untill you catch up?


    good luck, Lisa

  6. No dont accept £12 - A&L are using this amoung because this is what the OFT set as a fair charge when they investigated credit card charges! I have b een offered £682 for a claim of £2,100 (twice) and I have turned it down and am now awaiting a court date. With regard to the insufficient evidence clause, you should have sent a schedule to MCOL to be lodged with your claim. I assume you sent a schedule with your original letters to the A&L? so now send a copy to MCOL asking them to lodge this with your claim write to A&L, and a copy to Wragge & Co with a covering letter pointing out that you sent these details with your original letters (dates & copies always help). I found an excellent template to use on this site but I cant remember where - try typing in "insufficient evidence" or "Wragge & Co" into the search box as that was how I found it. Dont give up, I am not afraid of going to court, I want all my money back, how dare they try and fob us off having already ripped us off!!

  7. they offered me £682 for £2,100 and I tore the cheque up and sent it back with a letter rejecting their offer. I am now awaiting a court date and gues what I have received another letter offering me £682 - gues what my response is going to be - see them in court!!

  8. Ok so the A & L have filed a defence one of the points was insufficient evidence but i wrote back to Wragge & Co (copying in A & L) with another copy of the scedule of charges and interest pointing out that copies of this were attached to each of my previous letters! anyway have received a letter today advising me that it has been transferred to Brighton County court and the allocation questionnaire has bee dispensed with.


    Funnily enough I have also received a letter from A&L this week saying they are sorry I am not happy blah blah... and they are investigating my complaint. and, get this, another letter offering me £682 - don't they get it, I tore up the original cheque and returned because I do not want this I want my £2,000 back!!


    Has anyone else come across these tactics, what are they playing at?

  9. Hi I got a letter from their solicitors today as well saying they intend to defend but all that was attached was a copy of the form they had sent to mcol, this letter was dated 1 day after a letter from A&L offering me £600 (refused!) not sure what happens next I think the court sets a date and send us out paperwork to fill in? good luck:)

  10. Hi my claim was deemed served on Monday 23rd and I have received a letter dated 24th with a cheque for £680 (I am claiming £2,000) so will not be accpting but will tear in half and send back to them. I can apply for judgement on 8th May if they do not put in a defence. Maybe solicitors will become involved once I return cheque?

  11. ok HELP!! have had letter yesterday from A&L in response to MCOL. Basically they have sent me a cheque for £682.00 in response to my claim of over £2,000! I have to destroy the cheque and let them know I do not accept it (not a chance want it all back and not a penny less!!)


    The letter infers that £12 would be a reasonable charge and therefore they have calculated my refund on that - don't know how though because even if that was the case it would be much more than that and what about my interest and court fees!!


    Anyway does anyone have any advice on how to word the rejection letter and should I send a copy of this to the court? thanks everyone

  12. Don't worry they will have to send the statements to you within 40 days - if they don't report them to the information commissioner which you can do on line.


    I did go back as far as I could online but when I received my actual statements I found another £700! so it is worth waiting. I know it seems like a long time to get your money back but it is best to stick to the timetable and use the templates then you can't go wrong. Good luck

  13. not sure about the form - did you use the template letter from this site? that contains all the info they would need for a DPA request. they do have 40 days to comply and when I sent for my info it arrived on the 39th day. So many of us are asking for this info they are inundated (I hope!) and also by holding out to the last minute it is another delaying tactic designed to put you off.


    Have a read through some of the other threads about A&L you will find it useful and it will help you to understand the process. Good luck:)

  14. It would be working days so you will need to allow for bank holidays. Read through some of the other threads under Alliance & Leicester. It is quite normal for them to put in a defence as it buys them time - they will take it right up to the wire! but if you have a read around you will find that they do cave in and send the money. Good luck:)

  15. Just wondered if anyone else has had problems getting a claim settled from E & L Pet insurance? my claim was submitted in Nov 2006 for £164. Claim agreed but 19th April 2007 and still no sign of cheque!! I have telephoned them but they are most unhelpful, I cant speak to a claim manager I cant speak to a supervisor - my file is being processed, they cant tell me how long this will take as there is a backlog. Apparently I will get my cheque they just dont know when it will arrive.


    Now is it just me or is this unfair! I had to pay the vet in November and the whole point of insurance was to cover a claim and yet still no money 5 months later.:evil:


    If cheque does not arrive this week I am thinking of writing to them giving them 7 days to pay up before I start proceedings and claim interest from them

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