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  1. I was talking to my nephews girlfriend today and she is going to get her bank charges back,she went to natwest and asked for her 6 years of statments and the lady told her if she brings the letter in saying the bank charges are unfair along with £10.00 they will calculate the bank charges for her?has she got this wrong or has anybody else been told this.
  2. i know this has probably been asked before but can you claim charges on credit cards and if so can someone direct me to the right forum, i have look but cant find it...thankyou:confused:
  3. i dont know will ask air head son,wouldnt they have said this when he ordered them.
  4. just a quick up date after ringing natwest to get the 4 missing months they arrived this morning but only 2 months and they are ones we already have,i am so angry is this just a delaying tactic or what, will get him to re-ring in hopes they will send the 4 missing ones.
  5. my hubbys from burnley and very proud of it ...big footy fan,we now live in yorkshire
  6. i see what you mean but they might as well leave it as a double then and get more money,when she stays in a double room she pays £9.00 to £17.00 a night and pays about £6.00 a night in the single,so it would make common sense to leave it as a double,my argument is it is a small room with a single bed you cant fit anyone else in it so why the supplement,its not as if she is taking another space.
  7. he is 25 and it is for last year jan to dec
  8. well checked my sons statements and suprise 4 months are missing,he rang and said they would resend them free of charge lol i should think so seeing as he has already paid.Already got his first letter drawn up just waiting for his statements to do the costing and for some reason i have a sick feeling in my stomach.
  9. no these rooms are small and usually to the back of the hotel,i dont think they could call them single rooms if they can fit another bed in,it would just be a double room.
  10. Can anybody tell me why a single supplement is charged on a single room,my sister is on her own and every time she travels and finds a hotel with single rooms she is still charged a supplement,the rooms have single beds so no one else can share it so why the charge and who is doing the charging the hotel or the travel agents,this really bugs me:mad:
  11. i have just noticed an icon and it said you are subscribed to this thread what does that mean and why hasnt anyone else got one?
  12. i am helping my son to reclaim his bank charges from natwest,there is a referral charge of £30.00,can anyone tell me what it is and can he claim it back or is it a service charge. thankyou
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