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  1. Hi peeps I am just in the middle of drafting DPA requests to Barclays and Capital One regarding penalty charges. Reading through the forums, I stumbled on PPI, and it dawned on me that I may have been mis-sold this policy as well. With Barclay’s I took out a £15,000 personal loan in 2003. At the time I don’t remember a separate discussion about PPI or signing any declaration. The monthly repayments of £300, however, include the insurance. For the life of me, I cannot find the original papers that I signed from the bank but I have found the policy documents sent by Barclay’s (Dublin) to prove that I did take out insurance. Why? I hear you ask. Well I don’t know. I work for a gov. dept. where iam covered for any eventualities, anyway. As regards Capital One, the premium appears on my monthly bill. As it stands I found the envelope that the card came with back in 2003, and the application for PPI was not completed. So why am I being charged a monthly insurance premium? Question Do I bundle the PPI claim and the penalty charges claim together or should I make them separate? Your wealth of advice would be appreciated. Cheers bahoney
  2. cheers happyolddog. Thanks for the encouragement. Bahoney
  3. Hi Y'all I just like to say I have been reading with interest the threads on this website. Your guys are doing a great job and it shows how strong people power can be. It is daunting embarking on this David Vs Goliath journey but am sure you guy have got my back all the way. I will soon be claiming my money back from Barclay's and Capital One who hve been milking me for for years. One question, is it best to take on Barclay's first or attack them simultaneously? Bahoney:-?
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