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  1. Ukaviator Thanks a lot. I shall get all my statements together from 2003 to date. Cheers Bahoney
  2. Drew I am in the process of claiming back my ppi from cap 1. I have all my statements and CCA with my signature but nothing with PPI check box. Is there a spreadsheet for calculating this PPI? If so, can anyone please point me to a spreadsheet for PPI similar to the bank charges one. How did you calculate yours?
  3. Hi dj I think i may be in the same boat as you. I took out Crap1 card in 2003 but only realised a few months ago that ai have been paying PPI. I therefore sent CCA and SAR letters but with all the information that came back, nothing suggests that I signed up for PPI. I am in the middle of cancelling and requesting for a refund but I'm unsure how much to claim, bearing in mind the APR was 34.9% since 2003. Also, i did not see the Martin Lewis programme last night. Did you say crap1 have been fine innthe past for this misselling of the useless PPI? bahoney
  4. Mick Congrats!! but don't go on a spending spree just yet. They might take it out just as fast as they put it in (Now you see it, now you don't! ). You might find yourself two grand overdrawn. There are rules regarding overpayment of any kind, and am sure that someone would tell you on this site. Be interested to know if/when they find out.. lol. bahoney
  5. :o WOW!!!!! YOU ARE THE DON!!! I'll have to spend time and read your thread first before I send my claim in to Barclays. Well done mate. Stick around and help mere mortals like me:) Bahoney
  6. tattietoo I am in the same boat as you, in that, I have been paying for PPI with CrapOne since 2003 but cannot recollect saying yes to it. i'd be interested to know - Did you find out that you ticked "no" from the statements that you received, assuming you sent SAR? Or did you have to request for the copy of the original agreement separately? Reason, am sking is 'cos I cant find anything on my statements to say I agreed nor disagreed to PPI when I got the card. Yours' is absolutely a case of mis-sold PPI and you are entitled to claim it back with interest. If I am right, you may have to cancel the PPI first, though. Bahoney
  7. hi I've been going through my statements sent by Barclays for the past 6 years and each month there is a record for O/D PROTECTION 500 @ £0.80 / 100. £4 a month is taken for this. Also, account fee 1 @ £7.50, which is what is been deducted for using Barclays Addition. £12.50 every month for 6 years is a lot for something i have never benefitted from:-x . Can I claim both the account fee and O/D fee back as well?
  8. Taff-p & Jesssb, I sat tight waiting for the 40 days to elapse but luckily I received the statements earlier. The covering letter was dated 1 April and got to me on 3rd April. I understand, the wait was hard for me as well. Follow your own timescale and not theres. With all the billions they make on profits they should be able to get the extra staff to deal with these requests. Will follow both your threads with interest. bahoney
  9. i have a right to buy and got the £38K discount and the right to sell in 3 years, as opposed to 5 years which is the case now. I knew when 2 Jags of the then ODPM was going to reduce the discount to 16K, because I keep my big ears close to the ground. It might even go further down to 8K in the future. I sympathise with you because am a father as well, and my brother was in same position. procrastination got the better of him and he had loads of rent arrears to clear. Having paid off all his arrears now he is going ahead with the right to buy as a form of pension and also as a step on the property ladder. Surely, he cannot go wrong in London. My advice is don't ever trust any government, be it labour or conservative and if you can still buy - go ahead and do so. At the end of the day it's a step on the property ladder. bahoney
  10. Hi I am in the process of asking for statement & charges for my wife who owns a mint card. It used to be called RBS advanta but now called MINT. Anyone with a MINT card out there who has claimed and willing to share the address to send the SAR? Would really appreciated. bahoney
  11. hi I have received my statements from Capital One, and about to claim it all back. I am also thinking of claiming back the mis-sold PPI which I have been paying since I opened the credit card account in 2003. As the card was sold to me over the phone i don't recollect signing up for PPI. can i claim both the PPI and late payment charges together? If so how do I go about it. Do i need to write them to cancel the PPI first, before claiming both PPI and charges? Has anyone been in this scenario out here who can help me. if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. bahoney
  12. yep!! Got my statements yesterday will spend the easter break scrutinising every detail. Also have the loan details which have PPI included, so will be looking to claim that back as well. So busy easter for me. Bahoney
  13. Just checked my account online statementand realised I have yet again gone over my overdraft limit. What's interesting though, is that the £30 charge has now been renamed to Commission. Anyone else seen this disguise in their statement?? Barclay's do move in mysterious ways!!!! bahoney
  14. Hi Taff-p & Rightfullymine Sent my SAR on 26 Feb and got my cheque back with the same standard letter. So am sitting and waiting too. Will follow both your threads with interest. Bahoney
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