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  1. Hi Mad house 5, I think that will be your best tactic and option. Make them an offer and please stick to it. In my instance, going back to school as a matured student and changing jobs at the same time got me into financial difficulties. Nevertheless I believe they struck first when they a whiff of what was coming thier way. i.e my data protection letter and following it up with the threatening reclaim letter. Not to worry lets go for it, afterall what have we got to lose? I have already switched accounts an operating my DD and Standingg orders from another bank.
  2. Hi Teach Thanks I will be needing every bit of it!
  3. Hello Teach, Received the same standard letter. After sifting through some of my old statements, I realised they do conform, dont be scared about that. Just go thru it with a fine tooth comb! I toytalled all my charges the came to about £2900 (after a lot of reading on this site I understand I will have to add 8% to it when going to the court. So teach dont panic just go thru the motions and we will be at the promised land!
  4. Hello Teach, Thanks for asking, Like I said, the overdraft was withdrawn in June 06, I entered into voluntary arrangement to pay it off then got into problems. When I sent the data protection letter, that is when things kicked off, with their threatening letters from their debt collectors. I sent replies back protesting, then I got my charges over the last 6 years through. After calculating how much they have fleeced me off my finances, I sent in the threatening leeter to reclaim my charges. Then the whammy, their customer services managers have written to me on two occassions that they are looking into the matter,( have the letters with me), then out of the blue I received the MCOL fron the county court from barclays. Hope the chain of events is clearer now.
  5. After a lot of reading and research, I requested for my past 6 years data. Forwarded my standard letter reclaiming all my charges. In the mean time Barclays had threatened to close my account because I had not kept up with my voluntary arrangemment to pay it off(£2300) After refusing my reclaim letter, they have retaliated by filing at Northampton County Court for their withdrwan overdraft. I have filed an acknowledgement, which means my defence shd be in in 14 days. What do I do, Shd I counterclaim with my reclaim charges totalling over £3,000? or start a whole new claim at a different court? Shd I also proceed to the FOS for Barclays retaliatory measure as per the Allianc & Leicester rul;ing? Need help desperately. Thanks
  6. Thanks 4 the advise, I will try to get to this pm
  7. No Telewest, I contacted Barclays and they gave me a figure for each month. Yes I couldnt keep up with the payments regularly then my account was closed and a county court claim. There is no doubt it is a retaliatory measure after I started proceedings to reclaim my fees. Do you think I can counterclaim now?
  8. After sending in my threatening letter, Barclays have filed at the Northampton County Court for my withdrawn overdraft of £2,300. Before that I had already requested for my previous 6 years data, received a reply and calculated that they owe me over £3000 I have completed and forwarded my axcknowledgement, which means I have to file my defense within 2 weeks. Can the good people of webland please advise whether I need to file a counter claim now, or make a fresh claim at another county court?
  9. Thanks Telewest, I am new to this wonderful site, I am finding it difficult to navigate it, please bear with me. I had a voluntary arrangement to clear the overdraft. Started receiving threatening letters and calls. Next I knew, they have put a defAULT ON MY CREDIT FILE AND SENT IT TO debt collectors. I called their bluff and stumbled on a piece of info in relation to claiming your bank charges. After sending them the data protection act letter asking for my six years details, they responded quite swiftly to my disbelief, I proceeded on the next stage of demading my charges back. Then wham, I receive a claim from the county court, barclays demanding their funds. I have filed my acknowledgemnt for my defense to follow. I dont know whether I need to file a counterclaim as well or make my claim move in another court? Thanks for the response Telewest
  10. I have switched accounts at the moment, My question now is shd I go ahead with the counterclaim or go and file a whole new claim at my local county cort?
  11. My overdraft is something similar to your one. They started demanding it when I sent the threatening letter. I hope the gopod people on this webland will give their advise on how to nail these bankers. Dont panic either, because in my case they have nade the first cardinal sin of going to the county court. I am getting myself Pearl's book to put my defence and counterclaim together. Will undoubtably be looking for more advise from this fantastic forum.
  12. Barclays Bank have withdrawn my overdraft, filed at county court to retrive their funds, what should I do good people? I have already filed my 14 day mandatory acknowledgement. Do I go ahead and file a counter claim? Need advise despearately to nail these you know what!
  13. Hello my dear Teach 57, Barclays sent back my info within 3 weeks, I then went on to calculate how much charges I have been laden with for the past 6 years. When I moved on to the next stage to send the the court action letter, they beat me to it and withdrew my overdraft. They proceeded to send the debt to these silly debt collectors who I ignored. As we speak Barclays have made a claim at the Northampton County Court. I am in the middle of filing a defence and a counterclaim. I need advise please please pleaSE!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you Westy, They started by saying I was overdrawn, I sent them a standard letter requesting for all charges for the past 6 years (you know the standard letter) They then replied with all the info I wanted for the past 6 years. In the mean time they were threatening to take me to court and reclaim their funds after withdrawing the overdraft facility. I then dived in with a threatening letter to take them to county court if they dont refund all my charges for the last 6 years, which amounted to over £3,000. By the way I owe them just over 2k. They wrote me last month that they were looking in the matter. The next thing I heard, was a county court claim from the bank to reclaim their funds. I am at the moment filing my defense and counterclaim. Advise needed please!!!!!!!
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