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  1. I have recently been made redundant and had my case against Barclays 'stayed' in October 2007. When informed of my redundancy about a fortnight ago I called Bromley Court to ask how to go about removing the stay and was told it was impossible. Is this the case? Has anyone else come across this? I was under the impression in times of hardship the judge would proceed regardless of where in the long winded process the Banks are with the government regulators? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I am currently trying to re-mortgage as my 2 year fixed term is up. My original mortgage lender was williing to over see a £2.6k debt which I have a CCJ for but no lenders in the current climate will. One lender has offered me a decent mortgage if I reduce this debt to less than £1k. However this CCJ expires in Dec this year as it will be six years old. According to my IFA if I pay £1.6k or so off this debt now to gain the new mortgage then the CCJ will then appear on my credit score for further six years from this date. Does anyone know if this is accurate or a web page where I can find out more details? Cheers.
  3. My case, along with about 20 others in one go, were stayed this morning at Bromley CC. On returning to the office I decided to call Barclays and accept their offer dated 10th Aug which was available for 2 months. They are now saying by going to court this morning I have rejected this offer. I am now completely losing interest in this as I have paid 120 quid court costs and after lots of letters, phone calls, lost earnings this morning and I massively down on the deal. Lost interest. Does anyone know if the applications to remove stays letter actually works? This whole thing is such a stitch up - even HMCS are making money as there is no way I have had 120 quids worth of service from them, as I was not even allowed to present any kind of case. This country sucks.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find out what sort of success people are having getting stays removed. I have seen the template letter on here and the hardship section but will this actually work as I am losing interest? Cheers.
  5. Thanks Martin. I first requested my refund from The Woolwich back in Feb sometime. They used the max amount of days they need to respond and the response was 'we are now owned by Barclays contact them' - thus giving Barclays the same amount of time again to respond. Obvious delaying tactics through no fault of my own - would it be beneficial for me to mention this ? My original court date was set for 2nd Aug but I was on holiday - but the court date was set b4 the news about the test case - does this need to be mentioned also ? Thanks for your help.
  6. My court case against Barclays for charges incurred on a Woolwich account 3-6 years back is on Thursday of this week ( 27th Sept). I have contacted Bromley County Court and they have said the case has not been 'stayed'. I have 3 copies of the original application to the court detailing the charges - do I need to take anything else with me? Barclays have said they will apply for a stay on the day - is there a form I can fill out to pre -empt this and stop them from doing it? This date has kind of crept up on me and I am now panicking a little so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I am now getting completely confusing messages. Barclays have written to me with a vague letter that all court dates will be 'stayed' but not specifically mine. The court however are saying it will go ahead as planned on 27th Sept. Barclays have then written to me saying their original offer from 4 months back will stand for the next 2 months ( this was just over 50% of the amount). I have just called Barclays to clarify and they are saying it is not 'stayed' but they will apply for this at the court on the court date. What does all this mean? Are Barclays bluffing? Thanks.
  8. with the new announcement about the high court test case does that mean that all current claims will be put on hold. I have a court date of 27th September with Barclays - will this now be cancelled? Also, I have read that this test case could take up to 3 years - in the mean time can I at least get my court fees back ?
  9. I seem the remember on my N1 form that the the total amount was £1950 so I did not add the charges - I must of been presuming the court would do this. Does this mean I will lose the £120 I paid the court? If I wanted to change this would it then put me to the back of the queue for court dates? Thanks alot for your help.
  10. I have been given a court date of 3rd Aug against Barclays and I am away on this date. Would I be best to notify the court immediatly or wait to see if Barclays settle beforehand? My claim is for £1950, about £1450 in charges plus the interest up until 2 months ago. I paid Bromley court £120 - how do I claim this back if I win? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  11. I now have a court date against Barclays at Bromley court for 3rd August, which I cannot make. Should I re-arrange this now or leave to nearer the time in case they settle. Do I have to be present? Can you claim loss of earnings to go? I have paid the court 120 quid - how do I claim this back? All of this depends on whether I win or not of coure!! Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated - cheers!
  12. I have recently submitted all of the documents to the courts for my charges and have recieved a letter back stating Barclays wish to defend the case and have 28 days to supply a defence. Is this anything to worry about or are they just stalling for more time? Does this mean they will probably contact me on the 27th day and offer the full amount ? Thanks.
  13. Thanks but I am still a bit stuck.........I started picking up charges on my account in 2002, when the total charges would of started at zero. By 2004 my charges, in total were over a grand. Do you see what I mean ?? Obviously the amount of time has changed as more charges have been added. Or are you saying it is calculated back to the date for the very first charge for all charges ??
  14. Does anyone know how to calculate the interest owed on charges when filling in the N1 form. The guidance I have says 0.00022 x 1000 for every £1000 owed, per day. This is understandable but how do you know how many days as all the amount owed changes on different dates when the charges occur ???? Do I just work it out approximately and send in this figure. I was not going to bother but this amounts to a few hundred quid and Barclays are being so bl**dy awkward over the whole thing ?? Thanks.
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