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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. I can't believe that using a machine 5 times week is unusual. If the machines are not built to last 18 months then I can only think it is not fit for the purpose it has been sold for. On Hotpoints own website, the machine is described like this: Ultima Sleek, stylish and packed with innovation, Ultima is the premier choice for those who demand style with substance. Ultima’s sophisticated features include Super Silent Wash, interactive LCD and LED displays and the best ‘AAA’ Wash, Energy and Spin Performance. Top of the range for Hotpoint, 16 months?
  2. The machine is used on average 5 times per week, which I don't think is excessive for a washing machine. If I thought it was only a case of changing the brushes, I would do it myself, as I have with a previous machine, however I believe this model of machine has a brushless induction motor.
  3. I have just recieved a letter in response to my letter. They will not inspect or repair the machine free of charge. They have suggested I use Hotpoints repair service at a cost of £89.98. I think that I will now contact Hotpoint, have them repair the machine and then take action to recover the charges from the retailer. Any advice?
  4. I bought a new Hotpoint washing machine from an independent retailer in February 2006. The machine has now stopped working, and is showing a fault, the error code is related to the motor. The 12 month guarantee is up, but I do not think it is acceptable that it should breakdown after only 16 months. I have phoned the retailer to ask for someone to repair of replace the machine free of charge, and not surprinsingly, they are not prepared to do that. They explained that as it is out of guarantee they will only repair the machine if I pay the callout fee, labour charge and parts.I explained that I wasn't happy with that and followed up my phonecall with a letter sent by recorded delivery explaining my position. I have had no response by letter or telephone to my letter, and now want to call in Hotpoint to do the repair. I have allowed the retailer 7 days so far to respond and will make another phonecall before going ahead with the repair. If I get Hotpoint to repair the machine it will cost £90.00, this is their standard callout charge as any parts are covered under Hotpoints own 5 year warranty. I will then attempt to claim that charge from the retailer, through the small claims court if necessary. I would appreciate any advice about what I am doing.
  5. I have also just recieved a list of charges, I was expecting a big bulging package to drop through the door, and I only got a little envelope with about 4 A4 sheets. There was a covering letter and a prepaid envelope with mine to return if you are not satisfied with what they have sent so far. My list of charges only go back to Sept 2001.
  6. Had the first paperwork back. A list of charges on one bank account back to Sept 2001 for my mother, no statements or any details on the credit card she had. They have enclosed a prepaid envelope for me to return the covering letter if I am not satisfied with what they have sent so far, as they will have to go into their archive to get more (I feel sorry for them already ) They have helpfully explained to me that they have 40 days to comply and have taken the £10 payment (Barclays returned it). Long way to go yet, but as the old chinese proverb says: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with phoning a taxi"
  7. Good news. After a couple of phone calls, one to customer services, they explained that it was for cancelling the option 2 package before the minimum 18 months. She was threatened with DCA's and Bailiffs if she didn't pay, I told her to offer payment of the undisputed part of the bill (approx £40.00) and refuse to pay the additional £185.00. A customer service manager rang the day after and said they would do a new bill without the extra charge on. The new final bill has arrived now for £41.00. Thanks to everyone who advised on this thread.
  8. 2 SARs sent off now just have to wait
  9. She has now asked them to clarify the charge and someone is supposed to be getting back to her tomorrow.
  10. I thought there may be a minimum contract time, but there is nothing in the terms & conditions. I will have to check whether the option 2 was free or not.
  11. My mother has switched from BT Option 2 to Pipex and has now recieved a bill from BT for £185.00 described as a one off charge? Sha has called them and asked about it and they have said the will cancel the charge if she goes back to BT. Does anyone know what this could be for? There doesn't seem to be anything in the terms and conditions about signing up for a minumum period ( she has been with BT for a couple of years). Any ideas?
  12. The interest is not charged because the account is supposed to be run in accordance with Sharia law, and "usury" (interest) is unlawful (unlawful only according to sharia law). Using this account you wouldn't pay interest, but you wouldn't earn any either. All those who think this would be a great way to get interest free mortgages or loans, it isn't, you don't pay "interest" but you do pay it in other ways, as a sort of fee. This is just a new account to compete for new customers against other banks offering "Islamic banking". They still get screwed on the charges same as everyone else. I wonder if you can get your charges back under Sharia law, or perhaps don't bother and just have the Bank Managers hand cut off. ;-) That would certainly make them think twice about settling early. :grin:
  13. I think this has been happening to my mother.
  14. Thanks Michael It's what I suspected, I was just hoping to save a tenner Lloyds here I come.
  15. I am just starting the process on behalf of my parents against Lloyds TSB. They have a joint account and 2 separate credit cards (one in each name). Do I send one SAR with both their names on to cover everything or one in my mothers name for the joint account and one of the credit cards, and another in my fathers name for the other. I want to send it right first time as I know they will drag it out as long as possible anyway.
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