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  1. Hello RMD Outstanding stuff. I am about to take a complaint about Natwest and Moorcroft to the FOS and this thread is invaluable! Cheers
  2. Hello again I now have a final response from Natwest which I am now going to take to the ombudsman. Basically Moorcroft have now said that they did take out the CCJ. Natwest are now saying that the high number of other agencies instructed was due to the fact that Moorcroft had not passed on payments to them and were instructed to close my file despite having a CCJ, which they also failed to communicate. I smell a rat though. According to the Registry Trust the CCJ was taken out by Natwest. My question is that if Moorcroft took out the CCJ wouldn't it be their name as the plaintiff? Or is it normal for an agent to take court action on behalf of Natwest and to use their name? Can anyone help please?
  3. Thanks Slick132. May I just check. When you say they had no right does that mean they've breached any rules that I can bring to their attention to resolve this quickly? I'm unclear on whether any rules or laws have actually been breached in this case.
  4. Thankyou Yourbank. It is a poser. I'm not sure if it's against FSA rules to use so many agencies for a comparatively small debt. I'm also not sure what I want to gain even though it's been exceptionally difficult to understand the actions of the bank when I've been paying (thankfully allset in stone through Payplan) I want my record set straight, that I do know. Thanks for your reply anyway.
  5. Hello All I had an overdraft of 1500 which I defaulted on through being self-employed and ill. Natwest took me to Court in 2004 and won. I had already set up a repayment schedule with Payplan and have been paying faithfully via direct debit. Moorcroft, the collection agency, were dealing with this CCJ on behalf of Natwest and Payplan negotiated a priority payment scheme with them to clear the debt on the CCJ of 1600. In the 4 years since the CCJ Natwest have instructed 5 agencies in total to chase me for this debt. I have now paid this off but have discovered that neither Natwest or Moorcroft have any record of legal action even though it's logged with the Court. It appears that Moorcroft ceased passing the funds on to Natwest in Nov 2007 (why I don't know) but they didn't return the continuing payments either.They have now acknowledged that the debt is paid. I have written to Natwest who also agreed that it was now completed. In the same letter I asked why so many agencies had been used when I was paying all along. I received a letter back apologising and a cheque for 100, if I cash this they say it will be full and final settlement but I want the CCJ removed and my record cleared. I have drafted a reply and intend to send the cheque back. Has anyone any suggestions as to what may have happened and in what manner I should press on?
  6. Thanks Danler The lender is GE Capital Woodchester. Iwas hoping to get the originals because there seems to be a change in the info that I filled in and the info they hold on computer. I'll send a SAR to GE and see what happens. Regards Hulsim
  7. Hi All I sent a SAR to Carcraft Group requesting my original documents. They have sent me a printout basically saying that I bought a car from them in 2001. They say that they only keep documents for three years and that any other info is not held in relevent filing systems for the purpose of the Data Protection Act. Where do I go from here? Any suggestions welcome! Hulsim
  8. Hi All I recently wrote to Barclaycard requesting my information using one of the templates from this site. They replied stating that as my account has been closed all data has been deleted. Is this correct? I thought that they have to keep the data for 6 years. Any assistance wold be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi All I will be watching this with interest. I too feel I was mis-sold PPI by Carcraft whose finance was arranged by GE Capital Woodchester in 2001. I also was diagnosed with a medical condition which they said was a pre-existing condition. I could not keep up the payments whilst undergoing treatment (I was self employed at the time). Now they are demanding payment in full, have charged me numerous times for late payment despite an agreement with payplan (who they hate dealing with) and I am now on about my 5th debt collection company! I have not taken any action as yet as I didn't think there was anything I could do about this.
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