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  1. Also - Since I have received my charges back I have incurred 2 x £35 charges (again) making it about £50 OD - Should I tell them to stick their account where the sun don't shine, and they can whistle for their £50 (that they charged!!) I will of course need to make other arrangements to repay loan. What does everyone think??
  2. Hi After a succesfull claim on my business account, I have now received the following letter - Dear Mr and Mrs xxxxxxx Re xx-xx-xx xxxxxxxx Following a review of your account, I am writing to advise you that Lloyds TSB Bank PLC is unable to continue to offer banking facilities to you. In accordance with the Business Banking Code Guidelines, I am hereby giving you 30 days notice to make alternative arrangements in respect of your day to day banking activities. Withdrawal of these facilities will take place with effect from 2 August 2007 in order to provide you with the opportunity to arrange alternative banking services. The current account number xxxxxxxx will remain open purely to service your monthly business loan account number xxxxxxxx. A credit of £xx.xx is required prior to the 24th of each month to cvoer this monthly loan repayment. Business Manager Yours sincerely Can they do that? - I'm not that fussed as I have an alternative set-up, just wondered the legalities?
  3. I've had the same letter, can't see the point in contacting the manager, they never listen too what WE want
  4. Hi We had the same thing happen to us, check out our story, look at post 30 for letter that we sent to our bank - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/67225-nick-lloyds-tsb-2.html
  5. Yep! Had exactly the same this weekend - they seem to not know what the hell they are doing - they are even offering to pay me more than they owe me :D Heres my story so far - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/67225-nick-lloyds-tsb-3.html
  6. Thanks Barty We have incurred a few more charges from Lloyds since starting out, and I also want to go for charges on my Lloyds Credit Card. If we accept the terms in the letter, do you think we will be able to claim them? Its probably only a couple of hundred (less than we will be overpaid:D ) but I would like to milk them for all I can get, the thieving gits
  7. I have had full refund of my business account charges, and LloydsTSB kept the account open, however I opened another account anyway. I went to Alliance & Leicester - they have much lower business charges, or free banking depending on amount deposited. You can apply online, so no meetings! Not an answer to your question, but hopefully a way out!
  8. Well, another new development - A "Strictly without prejudice, Confidential" letter from banks solicitors, offering a full payment, with the following conditions - Accordingly, the Bank is, without prejudice to the position set out above, willing to pay you the £xxxx you are claiming by way of Bank charges and interest of £xxxx plus the Court Fee of £100.00 (Includes Allocation Questionare fee) in full and final settlement of your claim. This will be paid on the following basis :- 1. The above amounts(£xxxx in total) will be credited to your account xx-xx-xx xxxxxxxx by the bank. This Payment takes into account the sum of £750.00 already paid to you by our client on the xx/xx/xxxx 2. The payment will be in full and final settlement of your claim. 3. The terms of this agreement are confidential to the parties and their legal representatives. 4. You agree to maintain your accounts with the Bank within your agreed limits and in accordance with the terms that govern the account. 5. You can avoid these fees in future if you agree an increase in your overdraft with the Bank before you try and make payments that would take you over any previously agreed limits. If you do not do so, you will again incur these fees. 6. You make contact with your local Lloyds TSB Branch Manager on 0845 3000 000 to arrange a review of your account. The Bank wishes to avoid further situations which give rise to disputes. A review may be useful to consider whether your current banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your needs. 7. You must notify the court immediately once payment has been made and provide a copy of your letter to the court for our records. , : Please let us know whether you are prepared to settle the matter on these term. If so, the Bank will arrange to credit the above amount to your xx-xx-xx xxxxxxxx account If you are willing to settle on this basis, please sign a copy of this letter as confirmation that you are bound by its terms, and return it to us as soon as possible. If the account is in Joint names, you must both sign this letter. Now, I would have written back stating that I would accept the payment, but without any conditions, however - 1) I did not pay the £100 AQ fee (exempt) 2) The bank have refunded more than the £750 This makes me a sizable amount better off So, should I just take the money and run to my parachute account? - what do you thinK?
  9. Yep, fraid you have another form to fill in, but it's quite straightforward - http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/HMCSCourtFinder/GetForm.do?court_forms_id=168
  10. DK34 I have managed to enter 2 claims, without paying fees, as we are on Benefits. Not sure about being a single mother, there are some guidance notes here - Court Fees - do you have to pay them? Here's a snippet - You will be exempt from paying a fee if: You or your partner receive the benefit Income Support. Partner means someone to whom you are married, or in a civil partnership with; or someone who you live with as if you are married to them or in a civil partnership. You or your partner receive Pension Credit guarantee credit. You receive the benefit Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance. Either: Your gross annual income (your income before income tax and other money is taken away) is less than £15460 and you receive Working Tax Credit with a 'disability element' or 'severe disability element'; or Your gross annual income is less than £15460 and you and your partner receive Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit between you.
  11. Hi I have received a letter from the Court today, regarding our personal accounts claim, what does this mean - Before DEPUTY DISTRICT JUDGE ALEXANDRE sitting at Poole County Court, The Law Courts, Civic Centre, Park Road, Poole, BH15 2NS. Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it IT IS ORDERED THAT Unless the Defendant do by 4.00pm on 27 June 2007 file and serve the allocation questionnaire as ordered the defence be struck out without further order and the Claimant be at liberty to enter judgment. In the event neither party complies with this order the claim and counterclaim be struck out As this order has been made without a hearing you may apply within 7 days of service of the order to vary or discharge its terms Dated 07 June 2007 I have completed and returned AQ, so am I correct in thinking this letter means Lloyds have not returned their AQ? What do I do know?
  12. Money received, and withdrawn Just the personal accounts to go.
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