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  1. how would you know what the rights are in respect of if it is the manufacturer or the supplier?
  2. I paid £299 for a DC50 from Isme catalogue, paid it in full when the statement came in. The vacuum is terrible its flimsy, it doesn't collect pet hair like it says and its generally poor. I have been passed from pilar to post, Isme say its nothing to do with them, and Dyson say that I am to contact the retailer. It is not fit for purpose nor useable for the expected standard nor has it been used for a expected used of time. was delivered early june opened mid july and have called and reported this several times. Can anyone help with who is going to be responsible for helping me!
  3. WE WON!!!! and have been awarded costs!! So happy, do not ever give up if you are telling the truth and can prove it do not be bullied!
  4. Yes I will be reporting them for it but as the company is now non existent to a extent I don't know what use it will be! I have contacted everyone I can think just wondered if a credit agreement needs to show a credit agreement number ?? I
  5. Sorry my fault and thank you for moving. Well the claim was set aside and we received directions in October I think it was for a hearing on the 22nd of this month, we had already submitted a full defence. but the directions said we had to apply to the court if we wanted to use a report. this hearing was in December, and we were granted the use of a expert report. before this hearing we had a lady that was representing welcome come up to us, and to be honest all she did was talk down to us and try to bully us, saying we would not get permission to use a report and they were going to prove to the judge it was disproportionate. The judge didn't agree and gave us permission. They got a ticking off for a few other things as well. However the judge gave us permission with a rush we got the report back which confirms the agreement was not signed by my OH (we knew this). We have provided our receipt for the agreement that we paid off and she said we hadn't. It was in the bundle in front of her. sorry this is a little long winded. BUT the judge also said that they were to provide a legible copy of the agreement if they were to succeed, they have not done this. You can not read a thing on the document, its all blurred, but from what we can work out where the credit agreement number should be,,,, its blank?? so we are none the wiser to what has happened their end, something very suspect, but my question is what needs to be on an agreement to be enforceable, I know it needs to be signed by the person that is meant to be bound by it (which it was not and now this has been documented) but what else. they removed the entry's from the file last year, as they said they were incorrect, however we had lost around £16k as the valuation on the property increased in this time. I hope someone knows. I have contacted the FSA but I am unsure how quickly they will get back to me.
  6. Afternoon All, Still battling on with Welcome, at the hearing in December we were given permission to use a handwriting experts report! we know my husband hasn't signed the document, and the handwriting expert has confirmed that the signature is not my husbands. I am so stressed I haven't slept for weeks. but this has brought some slight relief. I now ask a question, what does this actually mean??? If he hasn't signed the document, which he hasn't, is there any legislation, rule or law which says he can not be liable. the whole thing becomes more and more suspicious? we can not afford any more legal advice on the matter and wondered if anyone knows anything we can read/quote to assist in getting this settled and thrown out. The document that they have given is totally illegible, from the very little we can work out it doesn't have an agreement number on it either.
  7. I have had lots of issues with them, they have now produced the same scenario to us, along with a fake credit agreement, (which also has no agreement number on it) dispite the fact that I have a receipt to prove we paid in full!!
  8. YESSSSS, was worth all the effort , we have won the case and been awarded the costs !!!!! just proves don't give up. the judge said she was shocked the way that they have behaved.
  9. what reason could I get it thrown out. wrong amount, time????? seeing as its now over 6 months, in this 6 months we have not heard a thing from them . apart from when I called them.
  10. thank you, I am just looking through the file once again, and it seems there is no credit agreement for what they are chasing.
  11. right ,, here we go again. we attended court in December and the judgement was set aside, since then we have called welcome as the entrys on the credit files vanished and they said it was as they had mis recorded information . today we have a letter from the court with directions. Welcome have said they can not provide a copy of the credit agreement they are claiming as there is not one there. in previous letters last year. We have also had an amount credited for PPI which should have come to us, but as we have said before this was paid in full years ago. my question is : how can they bring to court a claim without a valid agreement and don't they have to re-serve forms when a claim is set aside. the amounts in any case would be wrong they are claiming as there has been a refund of PPi. I am at a loss but need to act quickly
  12. I have been off ill and I am sorry for the delay. we have stopped allowing a friend in with him, for the reason she does and can not translate she talks for him, and he doesn't know whats being said or written , We have arranged and interpretor, it really doesn't worry me if he is recording as we have nothing to hide, its more the moral fact and I would expect to be asked
  13. reason is we are the employer, we have an employee that is on long term sick, he is not fit for duty this has been confirmed by OC and Doctors. however he has broken English (we have always been able to communicate with him before the sickness and other issues started! - for 6 years) over the past 3 he has claimed he doesn't understand. We ask him in for meetings he sits there in the chair hands crossed smirking at us, not answering any questions. we within days will receive a fully itemised letter on the meeting, he takes no notes at all. There is a friend parked in a car outside every meeting. I have not given consent to be recorded or a transmission of the meeting to happen ;-( we have been told by his union rep - if we terminate his contract he has already planned his tribunal claim ! We have really tried hard but I do not know what more I can do.
  14. Just as a enquiry can anyone tell me can an employee record meetings between ourselves and him, and pass them on to third parties??? or indeed communicate meetings over phones. either the above without consent
  15. I would love to do the same, it screwed my credit in to the ground x
  16. I can see this is going to be a long road have just written the notice of correction letter, im so cross,
  17. I cleared any balances I had as I was obtaining a mortageg
  18. I have just had an alert on my credit expert to say that a default has been added to my file, I am so mad I have a great credit and I have no idea what to do, I checked it last week and It was not on here. I have never had dealings with this company and they have today added a default It states added on 14.05.2014 date of default 22.08.2008 for £250.00 nothing else , any suggestions
  19. I am going to look again, I do not think I do, I was looking for an address but failed to find one x
  20. it was a mortage no broker involved. xx
  21. can anyone assist with an address or how to claim PPi from northern rock accounts?
  22. thank you, I will ask the question . x
  23. I am trying to get advice for a very good friend of mine!! its a long one so,,,,,,, In about 2006 him and his girlfriend brought a flat (shared ownership) they lived together there for about 2 years and then split, she moved out, he lived there for about a year, then they rented it for 18 months. they both met new partners so she moved back to the flat with her new bloke, and he moved in with his girlfriend. He has tried to get her to buy him out but she couldn't get the mortage, in this time they tried once to reposess the flat as she had failed to make payments to the mortage, her parents bailed it out!! However she has now split with the boyfriend and cant afford the flat!! so finally has agreed to sell it! He went to meet last night and said if he doesn't sign to say she can keep all the profit she will pull out and not sell. He has been fair and offered a 30/70 split in her favour. Clearly he wants shot of the link between them, as its causing issues with his partner and he wants no more contact, as well as this where she has bad credit he wants to be disassoicted from her as soon as possible, is there anything he can do to enforce the sale We have checked both names are on the deeds. any advice would be greatful and asap! I really feel for him, what a nasty person she has shown herself to be!
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