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  1. Hi - I have now been awarded a partial rebate on my excess loan charges . They have sent a Final offer letter and cheque even prior to me accepting their proposal ! They included a nominal goodwill payment but no statutory interest on these 8 plus year old charges. I have written back asking for the interest and not as yet banked their cheque. I assume I am correct in claiming this interest ?
  2. Hi Again - I have just had a number of statements sent to to me as part of my SAR from Welcome. I have a number of charges listed and I wonder which I can legitimately claim back. I did not take out any PPI or Accident cover on any of my loans.so will this affect my ability to reclaim? I list the types of charges below - Acceptance Fees Product 881, Conversion/Default fee, Mortgage Indemnity Fee Prod 882, Acceptance Fees 882, Unpaid DD/Cheque Fee. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hi - I am still awaiting my SAR back , but from what I have read Capitalisation in Welcome speak is simply interest, which they add randomly. It is added prior to any repayment you make. I guess if you had PPi or any other insurance policy the Capitalisation would be incorrect as they were charging you interst on the PPI etc. However better brains on here may know if they concocted another means to extort extra funds out of " Capitalisation" which I too would be keen to hear about.
  4. Hi - I will scrutinize the statements once in my possession and seek further guidance then. With many thanks.
  5. Hi Mr Z. No still waiting for a reply , but would appreciate knowing what costs are recoverable if you have such experience. Many thanks.
  6. Further to my last post has anyone got advice as to what other "wrongly applied" charges can be reclaimed from Welcome, outside of insurance policies ? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi - I have just sent off a SAR to Welcome Finance to their Nottingham address with a £10 unsigned postal order. I did not take out ppi cover on any my loans I believe ( as I wished to keep the monthly payments down) but you never know if one pops up , that I failed to spot. What I would like some advice on is what other charges should I be looking for within the data I get back that have been unfairly levied and can be reclaimed. Inevitably I expect there to be late payment charges and extra interest. Apart from a small personal loan outstanding all my earlier secured loans have bee
  8. Hi - very belatedly I am to get a very small refund for the keyman insurance taken out. A moral victory but not very remunerative. But a win is a win. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Ims- Thank you, the Agreement had within it a Second Schedule which identified it as PPI , although it was Key Man. I think you are right, had i been told it was straight life insurance which I had in place I would n't have taken it. Interestingly the later Agreements taken out in Blackhorse offices were PPi ones. This original one was taken out in a dealership. So many thanks . Hijinkx
  10. Sorry looking at this I feel I should clarify what I am looking for . If I have had additional charges added to my original agreement ( ie Key Man Insurance) paid up front with interest added , does this add up to miss selling ?
  11. This was taken out in 1993 and so is under the FLA and not a body I have any faith in !
  12. Hi - I think we are talking at cross purposes. When I called Blackhorse in May this year they told me about the agreements I had with them and which had payment protection. They said this had but have rejected my complaint twice on the basis of self employment. I knew not what it was this year as it was such a long time ago. Now I believe the grounds for complaint are still valid but not self employment. Is the fact it was added up front with interest added not reason enough ?
  13. Hi- I was told it was ppi and it was only when I got the policy details this morning did I realise it was life/disabilty cover. So claiming as I did on the basis of self employment was not the correct strategy. Do I have any basis of complaint now do you think ?
  14. Hi - I was told it was PPi by Blackhorse, and it was added as an additional cost on the agreement paid up front with interest attached to it. Is this not ppi under a different name and the fact it was unnecessary as I had life cover ? Thanks .
  15. Hi - This policy was added to my original agreement as a Second Schedule of Charges - Amount of Credit 129.60 Total Charge for Credit 25.20 Total amount payable £154.80, APR 12.6% in Dec 1993. The policy is for Life Cover, Accidental Death, Disability Cover , but not I guess for unemployment as I was self employed. I tried to reclaim it because I was self employed , but perhaps I was covered. So should my claim have been based on different grounds ie that it was added as an up front complete charge with interest . Can someone tell me now how I should best proceed , as self employment is
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