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  1. ukaviator...your a star turn. whatever that is...a star that turns i suppose hehe. really thankyou very much. i'll take this over tomorrow. the ball has officially began rolling again people! wooohoooo
  2. ok just reading over this then...ammm...me heads spinning (thinking about that song...you spin me right round baby right round like a record player right round right round haha:o :grin: ) UKaviator, send about sending in form 125, thankyou steven for the link to that... does that mean i just send that and not an N1 form or do i send both in?? bloody b*ullocks, as you can tell i would make a fantastic lawyer. anyone needing legal representation contact me on 0800 your going to lose
  3. brilliant steven thankyou very much ok ok...just doing this now... one question in the POC (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-1191734.html) for cRapital one it states the terms and conditions as of oc 2007...do i include this even though i closed my account in aug 2005. slowly but surely im getting there people..."it will be mine, oh yes it will be mine"
  4. hey people? does anyone know where i can find "form 125"???????
  5. Form 125, can i just pick that up at the court? sorry for the delayed reply wee sis was in the hospital there for a while with a scare so everything else was put on the back burner...not good fun. people thankyou sooo much for helping me out...im going to follow this through grrrr arrrrrrrrrgh!!
  6. its about £1400? i'll look to those cases aswell now
  7. ok so this is the part i got scared the last time... so to let ye's know i'm from n.ireland. will this make a difference? do i now send the letter to the courts...the n1 forms. is it just a case of sending three copies to the court. and reading ammani's posts, 300 file on the case in court. how did it get to that size????? i'm seriously in need of help peoples...scared again...but want to keep going
  8. hello people... so i got a reply today, so i'll type it below (feccin scanners broke). dear mr me, account no. (big number here) thank you for taking time to write to us about the fees we've added to your account. I understand you think these fees are unlawful and i'm sorry you feel we've treated you unfairly. I wrote to you in May 2007 to offer a refund of the fees totalling £408. My offer of £408 is still open to you. I won't be increasing this, as it is my final offer. I have included a new statement dorm for you to sign and return if you accept my offer. Once i get it back i'll you a cheque for this amount. As I've already explained, we're confident our fees are both fair and legal and I'm disappointed to hear you're considering court action. The OFT hasn't told us that we're obliged to refund any fees, we've offered redunds as a gesture of goodwill. I'm afraid i won't be refunding all of the fees as you've asked. I've reviewed your account to check the accuracy of the information reported to the credit reference agencies. All the information we sent them is correct, which means that i can't authorise any amendments. We have a legal obligation to report a true reflection of the way your account is run to the agencies. Financial regulations require me to advise you that this is my final response in relation to this matter. However, you now have the option to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months from the date of this letter. Their contact details are in our complaints leaflet, which i included with my last letter. Continued... Again i look forward to receiving your signed settlement form so we can this behind us and save the court's valuable time. (please note, calls to the 0845 number at the top of this letter will be charged at a local rate. The cost will vary depending on your service provider. Calls may be recorded/monitored for training purposes) Yours sincerely Ellie Renshaw Executive Office Manager
  9. Brilliant people..thankyou very much for the posts back...i'll get that away now and look forward to next week when i send the n1 form away...im going to follow through this time. thank you again.
  10. my accounts been closed for some time so no new charges...so...i'll send LETTER BEFORE ACTION Dear Sir/Madam, CARD/ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxx I now understand that the regime of fees which you have been applying to my account in relation to late fees and over limit charges, are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent Consumer regulations. I would draw your attention to the terms of the contract which you agreed to at the time that I opened my account. It is an implied term of that contract that you would conduct yourselves lawfully and in a manner which complies with UK law. I am frankly shocked that you have operated my account in this way as I had always reposed confidence in your integrity and expertise as my fiduciary. I calculate that you have taken £1,092.00 plus £296.16 which you have charged me in interest for the sums which you have taken. Total £1,388.16 Additionally, you have entered a default notice against my credit record. This default occurred merely in respect of unlawful charges levied by you, or was the result of impecuniosity caused directly by the taking by you of penalty charges which you had applied unlawfully to my account. In addition to full payment of the sum mentioned above, I require that you remove the default entry from the register. Please note that mere correction or amendment to the entry will not be acceptable. I require repayment in full of this money and removal of the default notice. If you do not comply fully within 7 days, I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest, plus my costs, without further notice. Yours faithfully, ???? cheers for getting back to me
  11. hey people...i've been crap...kinda got scared and fell to the way side...last year...i sent the lba in june...then printed the court documents...but never sent them...just afraid of what would happen. but reading on here again...its kinda like they took the money from me pocket...and if someone did it on the street you'd chase them for miles! hehe do you think i should send them now and get the ball rolling again...or start from the start again. i've lost track of this completely. i hope some one can help me here...would really love to get this back on track. have i left it too late? please help me and let me know what should i do!?
  12. ok ok...right things may have taken a turn here...i haven't done anything for a while, because i've been away and didn't want to file anything to miss something...is it ok now just to send them straight on in. and posting them...who should i address them to in the court...and should i write them a letter before hand saying what the forms are for#?
  13. oooh and were it says "Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx"....how do you work out this figure?...? sorry again! or would this not apply to me considering my account is not longer open with them?
  14. keep one and hand the rest into the court...so do i send an n1 form to capital one...at the nottingham address...so that would be one kept here for me...two for the court and one for capital one...jeepers i feel sooo dense! THANKYOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE PEOPLE!
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