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  1. Yes, they have offered to pay everything. They are paying me £400 couty costs and i only paid £250, and also £66.35 interst which i did not even ask for. I recieved two letters today, one saying that they are going to defend the claim and the second one was the offer to settle. I really do not understand them!!! I will still not be completely satified until the money is in my account though. i dont know why but even though it is in black and white I still have my reservations about Lloyds TSB. Since I started my claim I have been charged approx £300 on my account, so when I have got the money i dont know whether to start another claim to get that back. I dont want to be too greedy though!! Thanks again for your help Sharon
  2. No they didnt mention it in their defence. It doesn't matternow though because just recieved an offer for £200 more than I asked for. I was shocked to recieve it as i thought they may offer the usual £750. Cant wait to have the funds in my account (thats if they do not close it down) and put a post in the LLoyds TSB successes. Thanks for all your help Sharon
  3. Just to let you know that I have had an offer for £200 more than I asked for. I was suprised because I havent had my date for the prelim yet. Needless to say that I am going to accept the offer, will feel better though when the funds are in my account. Have you heard anything from SC&M yet? If not I am sure you will soon Good Luck Sharon
  4. Would like to thank you all for your good advice. I have opened the post this morning and I have an offer to settle from SC&M. Could not quite believe it is £200 more than I was claiming back. i just need to sign and send it back to accept it. I was suprised because I have not even had a date from the courts for the prelim hearing yet. However, I am trying not to get too excited until the funds are in my account. Thanks again Sharon:rolleyes:
  5. Yeah, you just do the same as if it were under £5,000. i filed the claim online, then I think the judge decides whether it goes as small claims or fastrack.
  6. The interest that I have tried to claim is £342.94. Would you suggest that I do an amendment? My total claim including costs is around £5,400. Thanks Sharon
  7. Thanks to you all i will have a look at the schedule of charges and let you know how much. i take it if its a considerable amount, then I would be best ammending my claim. thanks again Sharon
  8. I really need advice. Started a claim a while ago against Lloyds. A friend gave me copies of the letters so I sent them all off. i am waiting for a date for a prelim hearing at the moment, but the problem is I have tried to claim charges that I now know after reading stories on this site) that I cant claim. I put all charges, including the normal overdraft charges, I had an agreed overdraft and I have put all charges in the claim (ouch). I did not however claim for the 8% interest that I understand now that I could have claimed. Any advice would be appreciated, dont know whether to just cancel this claim and start a new claim, but I will lose £250 court fees that I paid because my claim is over £5,000. I really wish I had visited the CAG site months ago. Help Thanks sharon
  9. No I have heard nothing from the courts (stoke-on-Trent) about a date for the prelim and not a peep from SC&M. No offer of goodwill payment either. I am worried because my claim is over £5,000, the total amount is £5424.44 and I am hearing about these fastrack things which I really could do without, I would prefer small claims. Also I think i have made a big mistake because I naively started this ages ago and didnt realise that you cant claim the normal overdraft interest which I have tried to claim. I didnt claim the 8% interest though because I wasnt sure how to work it out (although i do now). Do you think it might get struck out? I wish I knew then what I know now. Any more developments with you? good luck Sharon
  10. Thanks for that would you let me know what kind of preparations i need to make. Good luck with yours, let me know how you get on. Sharon
  11. Hi I am in the same position. I rang the court today and they said that I would have to go for a preliminary hearing. I dont know what to expect or if this is a good thing or bad thing. If you get any good advice could you let me know.
  12. Hi everyone This is my first post so not sure if done it right. Its probably gone to the completely wrong place, then I will be really stuffed! I have issued a claim with Lloyds TSB, they filed a defence and it has been transferred to my local court. I have been told by my local court that I will not get an allocation questionnaire, I will recieve a date for a preliminary hearing. Has anyone else been told this. I really need help here as I am getting really stressed out with Lloyds TSB. Thank you in advance
  13. Hi everyone I am new to this so if i have done something wrong in posting this then please forgive me. I really need advice. I have taken LLoyds TSB to court for over £5,000, they naturally have defended the claim (as i gather they normally do reading everyone elses comments). Courts have transferred the proceedings to my local court, but i recieved something that said: Without hearing it is ordered that: The filling of an allocation questionnaire will be dispensed with in this case unless the distroct judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. I rang my local court who said I would not recieve an allocation questionnaire and to wait until I get a preliminary hearing. They said thats what happens with all bank charge cases. Help because 1) I dont even know if this has been posted to the right place and 2) i am really stressed and at the moment thinking of giving up. Advice please anyone!
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