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  1. I got a letter saying the payment would be made in 14 days. That day £911 appeared in my bank called REFUND OF CHARGES. Yay! It has taken since December to get it but well worth the wait. I can now afford to pay July's tax bill. Thanks everyone on this site. Amazing help. Good luck to all of you. Pay close attention to the successful threads as they will do anything to strike out your claim. Don't give in for less than you are owed as they WILL pay up. ETphoneshome now £911 better off. Watch out Natwest, you are next....
  2. Thanks everyone! Will let you know when I get the casheroonies! I can't tell you how great everyone has been on here. I've spread the word and linked to it from my blog x
  3. Right I've had an OFFER! Wooo! The amount in full with the usual letter saying they are in the right and without prejudice. But they have asked I don't claim again as a condition. I need the money and happy to accept but what have other people done about the condition of non-repeat claiming?
  4. Thanks lattie and HSBC Crusher. I am dreading the bundle. How's things? Crusher how much have you won in total now?
  5. Ok, the court has written to me. The hearing is on June 7. Five minutes has been allocated. Do I have to do the court bundle now? I tells you, the money better come swiftly after the hearing. I've got a massive tax bill at end of July and need the £900 to help! Any advice of links to people in similar situations would be massively appreciated. Thanks
  6. Latest update...all very VERY slow. My AQ deadline was March 18, which I met and SURPRISE! the bank didn't. I called the court to see what was going on. They asked me to write a letter asking for an update. I did. Heard nothing so I called the court again. They've said the file has just gone to the judge and it is likely he will call a hearing for sometime in June. *sigh* This has been going on since December.
  7. Hi R Well done on your win. I am SO very very jealous! I've not heard a bloody thing since I got the transfer note and AQ with deadline March 18. What should I do now? PS How long til you get the readies?
  8. Hi R Well done! Congrats! Remember we were on the same timeline? I've heard nothing - absolutely not a bean. My MCOL ran out on Feb 28 and I had a deadline of March 18 to send in the AQ which I did. Not heard anything since. Not sure what to do now. But well done on your win and good luck on the baba.
  9. Hi Lattie I only sent two batches of emails to the contacts list, so it wasn't too bad. It's just too much effort for me to do it!
  10. Hi Lattie Lovely post, tipped the scales for you. I've filed the AQ and I have emailed DG a few times with my breakdown and to see where we are with the claim a few times this week. But I kept it polite.
  11. I've started the emails. Loads of them. I've cnp'd my breakdown in it and asked to be updated where with my claim. We'll see what happens.
  12. Nettyg 100 emails a day?! Bloody hell. Hilarious. What did they say? "Give me my money back and the emails will stop"?
  13. Hi Lattie DG wrote to me following my refusal to accept £732 from our beloved Colin of Langdale. They asked for my breakdown. I posted it to them. I am now mindful to email the breakdown to Netty's email list. My claim is for £911 - so peanuts compared to some. What's you reckon? I felt bad at going mental at the poor lady in the call centre in India. I know it wasn't her fault - but 30 hours...c'mon £25 is just a joke! I got the mean reds.
  14. NettyG Well done on your win, so pleased for you. SUCH A LOAD OF CASH! How lovely. I got my AQ. I tried to ring DG to see what they would offer but they were pretty rude so I filled in the AQ and sent it off. I know you said you sent off seven emails, but what did you stick in it?
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