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  1. I'll be nipping home tomorrow to draft some letters for a CCA and we'll see what happens. I'll report back with replies as and when they come. Thanks to everyone for the advice given so far, I'm sure I'll need more in the near future but at least I've got a clue of where to start.
  2. I shall be requesting CCAs to verify their legal entitlement to chase me for my debt, I'm not sure of the timeframes to provide me with these and the consequences if they can't. Also then where would I stand with bankruptcy if my original creditor was to claim for my debt? Given my current unemployed and unearning status can I claim bankruptcy? My parents have been very supportive of me over the last 2 years but my dad retired last month so they are on a reduced income, I would want to pay 30-40 a week rent once I'm earning again as they keep me fed, watered, a roof over my head and help with my petrol costs. I find the whole area a bit confusing especially with so many creditors, or people purporting to be creditors.
  3. I'm currently unable to pay anything due to ineligibilty for benefit and unemployment. I can't remember what firms are chasing, I'm currently housesitting so don't have access to my paperwork. My car is worth £650-950 according to parkers. I just want a fresh start and bankruptcy may give me that. For the record, I don't want to owe anyone money ever again. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  4. Currently house and cat sitting for a friend so don't have details to hand so it'll be a rough guesstimate; HSBC Loan - 12k currently getting calls from equidebt, they actually tried getting hold of my dad about it. HSBC credit card - 3k, with debt recovery firm Capital one - 1k Egg - 2k I think, with debt recovery GE Capital - 600ish Estimates, not accurate. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. I shall be calling CCCS but would like an idea of what to expect, my situation may be fairly unique. I have about 20k of unsecured debt I've buried my head in the sand (I know this is completely the wrong thing and has allowed things to escalate, I don't need to hear it again ) About 2 years ago I had time off for depression, it has been a real struggle to try and get some direction again but in doing so I quit my office job as it was making me ill. I have had little work since. I am currently a mature student at a college around 30 miles from home. I am inelegible for benefits because of this, it's a full time course but 2.5 days a week. I have been looking for secure work to fit in with the hours I can offer outside of college with no success. I have to be careful as to what job I do as if I'm miserable in work it sends me on a downward spiral of depression again, it's been incredibly hard to get a direction in life again so I don't want to risk it again. Just to make it clear, I do want to work and this is not a cop out. Up until that point 2 years ago I was regularly employed. I have a year of the course to go. I have no earnings/income at present. I will be applying for a job on Monday from the local paper though. My only asset as such is my car, registered in my name but bought by my mum, it's registered in my name as I am the main user so for insurance it's easier. Also, fronting is illegal and had the car been in my mums name and insurance I would have been breaking the law. With college 30 miles away I have to drive, I can not risk losing my car as public transport isn't an option for fiscal and practicality reasons. I also have to take my grandad to places during the week. Over the last year I have lost 2 grandparents and my uncle has been treated for cancer, my elderly grandfather lives with me and my mum and dad now and requires a lot of looking after. I have no idea how these things will affect me filing for bankruptcy, the thought of losing my car and consequently my education is too much to bare. If that happens I may as well give up all together and be a dole bludger on disability. I don't want much, just a chance to try and give me an opportunity of a career that won't make me ill and to get back to a normal life again. I am really struggling to cope with the stress of everything at the moment, it's making me ill. Where do I stand on the above as far as bankruptcy goes? Would it be easier if I was in some employment? Temp work, and work in general locally I suppose, is not secure enough to commit to a 6-8 month bankruptcy term of repayments. What happens if a temp job, or any job, gets cut short and I can't meet bankruptcy payments to creditors? Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated, as I'm sure you can see I'm in a tricky situation that I don't know what to do about.
  6. Thanks drob, that's the letter I shall be sending in respect of the cca. Anyone got any ideas where I stand on them advising me to borrow money from family? That seems all kinds of wrong to me.
  7. Morning Had a call from DLC this morning at 8.40am asking for payment, I informed them I was currently unemployed and looking for work, as I told the last person that called, and I was 'advised' to borrow money from friends and family to make a payment. Surely this breaches a regulation somewhere?! I shall be sending a CCA request shortly but just wondered where I stand with that particular aspect. I've done a few searches but it's hard to find anything concrete on here with such wide peramiters. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for the reply, it is appreciated. I will endeavour to clarify a few points within my SAR to ensure they actually give me the info I require, I will be ensuring that they accept that the loan is currently in dispute though. Hopefully this will give me some breathing space too, I do have a debt with a DCA but I think having read a fair few threads on here that I know how to proceed with that particular parasite. If only what I knew now what I knew when I was 16:(
  9. Hi all, I've gone through the sticky and read through a few threads re the initial SAR but I'm hoping you may be able to help clarify a couple of things before I send the letter off. Due to ill health last year I resigned from my job and had some time off, during this time I ran into arrears as I was unable to claim PPI having resigned. I started picking up the pieces of my life around new year started earning again, I just about kept up with payments to my creditors but never was able to pull back the arrears. My last job, self employed, finished very abruptly and about 6 weeks before expected. I was intending using this time to save money to cover a few months payments should I struggle to find work. Due to only making a partial payment last month, the previous arrears and being unable to make a payment this month my loan with HSBC has gone into default. Can I delay any DCA action as well as claim back my PPI? The loan I have now is a culmination of 2 previous loans with HSBC. Both of which I was TOLD I had to have PPI. As my current outstanding loan balance is a culmination of 2 lots of PPI and it's interest would I be able to place my present loan in dispute? Would I be able to claim back my PPI and reduce the amount currently outstanding? I am currently out of work so I'm really inbetween a rock and a hard place. I have to be very careful in which working environment I am in as it has been very detrimental to my mental health previously. I've done all sorts of horrible jobs to pay the bills before but I'm really in no position to be doing it now:( Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all and your individual causes.
  10. OK, I'm still a little worried but I'll get the CCA request done tomorrow. Would I be able to put the account in dispute by claiming back PPI? The loan is a combination of my first two loans with them were I was expressly told I HAD to have PPI. Surely this will have a bearing on what I owe now and if recalled would be able to be put towards the payments I have missed and the repayment of the loan itself? If I was working I could find a way to restructure my payments but I'm making slow progress with finding employment. Can a DCA fix a timescale of a year to repay a debt? While I was still earning it was leaving me close to the bread line but obviously now it's way too much.
  11. OK, I'll follow up my phonecall with CCA requests. My major concern is that having missed payments before that HSBC would be able to call in the total amount of my loan. I understand the non priority bit but I don't want baillifs round taking my things and more importantly my car. Just a bit stressed at the moment.
  12. I have nothing to give at the moment:confused: Is the debt helpline the same as CCCS? They will be getting a call from me tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to get me on the right track. HSBC have been pretty bad, they were all smiles when I borrowed from them but the moment I started having problems they didn't want to know, if they call in the loan I'm really up a creek without a paddle.
  13. Hi all, I'll start threads relating to all areas of my debt problems when things get moving, for now I'd really appreciate some advice. I've not had the best year with work and my health which has left me in a fairly bad situation. Egg- pulled the plug on my management plan after I fell a payment behind, I now have to pay DLC £220 a month for a year. Would it be advisable to request CCA to see if I am actually obliged to pay them anything? Capital One- Constant phone calls causing me stress. Am below my £1k limit for now. HSBC- Loan and credit card, fell behind with payments late last year, card called in and on management plan. 4 payments behind on loan. In their infinite wisdom they also chose to remove my £400 overdraft facility thus making it even harder to make payment. Having quit office work last year as it was making me ill I started to get back on track in January working for a builder, job fell through leaving me out of work around April. Got some work self employed which allowed me to pay the bills but that was cut short by around 6 weeks leaving me now unemployed. I am looking for more secure work with a regular salary but I have to be careful with what I do, I can't do a job that makes me miserable anymore just for money, that's what made me ill before and I can't do that again. Most of my bills are due at the start of the month and having had no income for the last 4 weeks I have no possible way of paying. PPI won't cover it, does it ever?, so I'm in real trouble. Any advice on what to do next? I can barely sleep at the moment and I'm sure my blood pressure has gone through the roof. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all I sent my letter to HSBC on Feb 14th via recorded delivery, I received a letter on the 23rd confirming receipt. Due to being exceptionally busy I hadn't had time to follow up properly so I waited for my reply. I received a letter a couple of days ago saying that they were still working on it and they would have an answer for me by April 14th. I've read through the FAQs re: timescales but I'd like to know where I stand from an FSA standpoint. Can anyone help?
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