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  1. Becky: They have not looked into any reasonable adjustments despite wheat compny doctor said, and there is no alternatie roles apparently. I've was off sick for 5 months before they gave me notice. I'm with unite, but the local rep doesn't seem intrested, just going through the motions so to speak.
  2. Hi, All Needing advice please. I have worked for a bus company for last 9 years, at the beginning of June I was Dismissed Due to Capability. In June 2009, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis after losing weight and an eye infection. I was off sick for approx. 9 weeks and since then have been attending various hospital clinics regularly. I have also been on medication since then and still am. Last June I went off sick again due to a Sarcoidosis flare up because of Stress caused by the company, I was off for 3 months, and put on a level 2 sickness. I went back to work, when
  3. Also what I need to find out is: 1> The company targeted 20 drivers because of their accident record - Is this a form of victimization or harassment. 2> I asked to see the cctv, but it wasn't working, but they say i'm still being disciplined on the word of one assessor, anything I can argue on this point. Again any help is appreciated.
  4. Hi All I work for a bus company in East Scotland. 20 drivers were given driving assessments, and around 16 of them were given poor ratings, I was one of them. The reason we were given assessments was because we are apparently in the top 20 of drivers who's had the most accidents in the last 5 years, we were all marked poor on pulling away from bus stops without doors being fully closed, a thing which 99% of bus drivers do. We have all been given Final Written Warnings, most of us not having anything on our record, and have not been disciplined for previous accidents, I myself have had
  5. So do you think i'd have a chance of getting this recalled.
  6. I was paying £13.00 p/w for council tax arrears only, went into office to see if single person discount had been deducted from C/T arrears, and it hadn't, so they put that through, that is where the overpayment has come from. At no time in the 30months i was paying C/T did i receive anything concerning rent arrears.
  7. Hi Ida Went to the council to get details of the Decree. It's been filed in central storage and they can't find any details apart from the day a decree was obtained 17 December 2003. They told me that they didn't have a forwarding address and therefore no papers were sent. When I handed in the keys and gave them notice in November 2003 I gave them my new address and workplace. The council tax has been paid and is cleared. My argument with them is they found me when they wanted council tax repayed, so how could they not find me for Rent arrears. Thanks for your help
  8. Thanks for the reply Ida. No longer a tenant, december 2004 when i handed the keys back. Problem I have is until today I did not know that a decree had been granted, and according to council they do not need to notify if they have taken you to court. So if that is the case then surely I can get it set aside.
  9. Hi all Just a quick question. Does rent arrears come under the Statute of limitations. The reason i ask is I just found out i have rent arrears from 2004. I'm in scotland so is it 5 years for statue barred.
  10. Hi all It's been a while since i've posted cos everything has been hunky dory. I had council tax arrears for 2002/2003 and 2003/2004. I overpaid by £280.00. Just been in to see why i haven't heard anything. Been told i had rent arrears from the same period and a decree was granted. The overpayment made on council tax has been put towards the rent arrears. Now i have no knowledge of any arrears or being taken to court. My question is. What do i do. Do i get the decree set aside. And as the arrears are over 5 years are they statute barred. Many thanks in advance
  11. And here was me thinking it was a blatant attempt to distract fellow posters. lol Why we still in Beer Garden?
  12. Kimberley. I'm dealing with a debenhams account myself for my aunt, it's been sold to Aktiv Kapital, I did at first tell them it wasn't enforceable, and because there was charges that the debt was in dispute. that was in 2007. I not heard anything since. So maybe if you have any charges on the account send Howard Coward I mean Cohen a letter telling them the account is in dispute. CALL THEIR BLUFF
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