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  1. sent in my LBA today, hope they cave straight away!
  2. yes advantage gold by the way i have just read your sticky regarding unarranged borrowingand this has enlightened me, but isee i am still confusing myself (and you sorry) on the interest situation is the debit interest shown on the pre advice of monthly charges claimable?
  3. sorry nattie i may not have put the info over correctly, basically i have done the following:- listed all penalty charges,ie card misuse, unpaid items,(d/debits,cheques) listed all overdraft interest charged on the overdrawn account NOT the acount operating charges which appear monthly having read vampiresses sticky in the general thread this is how i interpreted it then having input these onto the spreadsheet on google, the spreadsheet has calculated the 8% basically my main question is, should i claim the amount before interest @ 8% on my letter before action or the full amount showing the 8% statutory figure?
  4. Thanks for reply lively lad yes its overdraft interest ie 03jan-a/c ******* 10.50 i have put these onto the spreadsheet along with all other charges except the account charges that appear on the statement directly under the above. the spreadsheet has then done the 8% calcs
  5. help i have posted a thread on the welcome screen and had replies but all of a sudden i cant get any answers, i have just finally figured out how to sort out the spreadsheets and filled it in yesterday ( the one set up by vampiress) including interest. Do i now send this with lba? Please read rest of my other thread to see exactly what i have done so far thanks
  6. Just noticed something else when going thro my statements I can't see where a unpaid direct debit has been reconciled with my account when it has been returned as unpaid! ie mortgage payment off and debited to account then a few days later unpaid d/d fee against the payment (meaning mortgagee unpaid but the amount debited is not put back onto the account . A few days later I was contacted by the mortgage company for a payment, which I then paid by card transaction so effectively twice the money has gone from my account but only one payment recieved by mortgagee! So where has the other £300 odd quid gone!!! NOTE!!! this may not be correct I think my brain is just hurting from all the maths ! will update if neccessary
  7. hi nattie just got back off hols and read the newsletter, also got another set of bank statements foc plus a letter from stuart higley basically saying they are considering claims of unpaid fees paid referall fees card misuse fees unarranged borrowing fees but not account subscription fees safe custody fees or interest charges and that any payment a gesture of goodwill blah blah so should i just account for those listed or is the interest due back also as they wouldn't be able to charge this if they hadn't charged me into the red in the first place!
  8. Yes it is advantage gold but ive yet to work out the advantage
  9. Yes think so ! the letter was exactly as written on the money programme website,schedule of charges? no only the amount i had calced from my statements, one of my main problems is what is claimable , for instance interest on overdrawn amounts?
  10. Hi, new to all this so please bear with me! I have claimed for my charges back, got the fobb off letter,and had my statements sent by Mr Higley in the seemingly customery [email protected]£*ered envelope on 18/01/07. Due to work etc not had time to continue with the claim yet, is there a time limit or do I still have time to sort it out as Im going away for a week on Thursday? PS have picked up a court form but I need to know how to present it and what evidence other than my statements is needed before I submit. I am looking thro the FAQs for some of this but if i could get a brief list I think Ill be ok to next stage (owe me about £3K)
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