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  1. Hi just to let you know I received a letter from court today with Lloyds defence attached and my AQ quite annoyd about this but thought ho well lets go to the next stage. I checked my bank account on line and there it was the whole amount of cash I was claiming. So pleased it is all over now it took in total about 10 weeks. Anyone wanting to claim my advise would be get all your information ready and double check everything and GO FOR IT!!! Thank you to all of you who advise me
  2. I'm not sure if you have read my previous posts but i made a mistake in my poc section and didn't add any interest so I need to make an amendment really not sure how I can add intrest and how to do it. I have the relivant forms to make the amendments been told that I can only add interest after the date of issue which has thrown me how do I do this and at what %. Any help would be great
  3. could someone please tell me the final amount of money i'm trying to claim is £2800 do i add 8% on to this so it will be £3024. please advise if im not correct
  4. Hello after my posts yesturday I have received in the post today a letter from Avdover explaining to me that thier charges are fair the usual rubbish we all know. Because I had the ex gratia payment credited to my account yesturday and that there was supposed to be £195 charges going out tomorrow (which I had no money to cover) I was worried about what todo. Iam quoting this from paragraph 4 of my letter Generally we don't agree to adjust any of these charges, but on this occasion we are prepared to reduce the charges by repaying you £520 (ex gratia payment).We have also waived £195 in charges due 1 March and a charge of £35 for unpaid d/d. You may have read that we and other banks are discussing overdraft charges with Office of Fair Trading. Meanwhile we do consider each customer's position individually and we are making you this goodwill because we might face that cost in dealing with your complaint if you took this any further. I'm still going to reject the offer but as I made a mistake on my poc section and when the defence comes i'm going to make an amendment using forms 244 +n1 do I still add this waived fee on or not?
  5. I received my acknowledgement today by post but it was on the 23 Feb that it was acknowledged so they now have 28 days from 19 Feb to enter thier defence then it can be entered as judgment if no defence is received. Thats how I understand it anyway been onto the mcol tutorial and found that quite useful.
  6. Thanks for your reply i'll check out the letter template tomorrow been on here most of the day feeling square eyed. I've also notice that with your case they have untill 5 March to reply is that with an acknowledgement of service reply. If so i'm at the same stage and exact same dates also I've had this money paid into my account today. I haven't read about anyone else who has had this ex gratia payment.
  7. Hi there, just read your post and I'm at the stage of just acknowledgement of service which was received today 27 Feb also today I,ve had £510 paid into my account as ex gratia payment I understand that this happened to you and i'm wondering what you would suggest todo. I'm not going to except the offer but would like to know if they will take the money back or can it be spent.
  8. Yes sorry credited. I have a slight problem though, I have bank charges coming out of the account on Thursday £200 and I would of not had enough money in the account to cover it but now this has gone in it will be used up to pay this charge so where do I stand rejecting the offer. Also would it be better to wait untill I receive a letter from Lloyds before I write and refuse the offer. Lastly is this normal to have an ex gratia paid in to an account.
  9. Hi there, since logging on earlier I've looked at my bank account and Lloyds have debited £510 in to my account they are calling this ex gratia I,ve had no letter as yet and wounder what I should do about it also can I spend. Thanks
  10. Ok because I messed up my poc do I need to amend them at this point or would you suggest I wait and see what happens also I haven't sent of any schedule's so will I need to do that at this point
  11. Hello I ve filed my claim on line with mcol and was now waiting for the 14 days to be up after it was issued onto them.Today i've received a letter from the court saying i've had an acknowledgement of service filed on 23 Feb 07. Also stating 28 days of the date of service, and they intend to defend all of the claim. Could anyone tell me what this means? What should I do now? Also is the 28 days from 23 Feb 07 or 14 Feb 07 when i first issued the claim? As i've mentioned previously i've messed up my poc and need to change them been advised to wait untill they entered a defence. Should i still wait? Or any other advice would be great.
  12. Thanks for your reply I'm going to wait and see what happens from now untill 5 March hopefully I wont hear anything. Cheers Catwomen:p
  13. Do you think that if I send my amendment now that it wouldn't make a difference to my claim? Or wait untill Lloyds have filed thier defence? I don't want to risk the judge throwing it out. Also I was wanting to add an extra charge and all the interest on to my claim whats your thoughts on this? Just an added quick one do I add overdraft interest into my claim or not?Or is it the 8% I keep reading about to charge them from the date my claim was served on the bank.
  14. Thanks for your quick reply:oops: Do I down load froms N244 x3 from your link and N1 x3 print off fill in and send with £35 cheque to Northampton court. The second section in blue is that the N1 form I will fill in and send.:-?
  15. Hi, I have emailed mcol about my situation and they have replied with the following. As you haven't requested interest in the poc as filed if you wish to claim interest you can do so from the date of issue of claim. Question: I am claiming for £2726 (+ £120 court fees). How would I calculated the interest from the date of issue which was 14 Febuary 07? I've also been told that I woud need to amend my claim using a form N215 Certificate of service to re-serve on defendant and to the court. Then I have been told I need to apply on a form n244 to amend my poc which will cost £35.00. Could you advise me if this is the correct way to amend my claim and in what order do I do it. Lastly I have missed a charge out of my calculations (only realised to day)is it to late to add it on? thanks Catwomen4
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